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Health Benefits of Amla
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According to Ayurveda, Amla has countless benefits. It is not only beneficial for skin and hair but also acts as a medicine for many diseases. Amla can be used as juice, powder, pickle etc.  Rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients Amla is just priceless. Let’s know about the 27 Amazing Benefits of Amla.

Amla is considered to be the king of nutrients. All those essential minerals and vitamins are found in amla, which not only keep the body healthy but also works to protect many types of diseases. Amla can be included in the diet in many ways. You can eat it raw, drink its juice or you can eat it by making pickles or jam. Amla is going to benefit you in every way.

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What is Amla?

Amla is called Amritphal or Dhatriphal in Ayurveda. It has been used as a medicine since the Vedic period. It is considered to be the best of the Rasayana.  Amla is mentioned in Charaka Samhita. Its beneficial in-

  • Aging ailments.
  • Reducing fever, 
  • Curing cough 
  • Eliminating toxins
  • Leprosy. 
  • Hair Problems 

Similarly, in the Sushruta Samhita, the medicinal properties of amla have been mentioned. Amla helps in removing the toxins of the body through feces. Amla is used for digestive diseases and jaundice. 

Name of Amla in other languages

The botanical name of Amla is Phyllanthus emblica L. (Pylanthus emblica). It is from the Euphorbiaceae clan. Amla is known by different names in the world, which are: –

  • Hindi- Amla, Amla, Aonvara, Ambala Aura
  • Urdu-Anwala
  • Assamese-  Amla, Amluki
  • Kannada-  Nelli, Nellikai
  • Gujarati-  Amla, Amli
  • Tamil-  Nellimaram 
  • Telugu-  Usirikai
  • Bengali-  Amla, Amlaki
  • Marathi-  Anwale, Aawalkathi
  • Malayalam-  Nellikka, Nellimaram


The use of Amla has countless benefits

  • Cleanses the blood
  • Provides relief in diarrhea
  • Diabetes
  • Burning sensation. 
  • Jaundice
  • Hyper-acidity
  • Anemia
  • Nose bleeding 
  • Gout
  • Hemorrhoids 
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Cough
  • Eyesight
  • Arthritis

Indian gooseberry helps in balancing the Vata, Pitta and Kapha of the body. It also acts as a pain reliever.

27 Amazing Benefits of Amla

Amla Benefits in hair problem 

  1. People of all ages struggle with hair graying. Applying a paste of Amla mixture makes hair black within a few days. Take 30 grams of dried Amla , 10 grams of Baheda, 50 grams of mango kernels, 10 grams of Loh Bhasma. Soak them in an iron pan overnight. Apply this paste daily. Hair starts to darken in a few days.
  2. Make a decoction by mixing Amla, Reetha and Shikakai. Apply it to the hair. After drying, wash hair with water. This makes the hair soft, thick and long.
  3. Grind amla fruit, mango kernel marrow together. Applying it on the head strengthens the hair roots and turns the hair black.
  4. Grind Loh Bhasma, amla powder with hibiscus flower. Apply this mix to your hair for a while before bathing. Wash it with water. This helps in hair greying.

Benefits of Amla in Cataract 

Many people suffer from cataract with age. To avoid this, mix Rasanjan, Honey and Ghee with Amla. Applying this mixture in the eyes provides benefit cataract.

Benefits of Amla in eye disease 

  • Putting 1-2 drops of Amla in the eyes provides relief from eye pain.
  • Grind Amla seeds and apply it in the eyes. It provides relief in eye diseases.
  • Crush 7 grams Amla with barley and soak it in cold water. After two to three hours squeeze the gooseberries. Soak new amla again in the same water. After two to three hours, then squeeze it out. Do this three or four times. Putting this water in the eyes reduces the swelling of the eyes.
  • Apply Amla leaves and fruit mixture in the eyes. It gives relief from eye discomfort.

Amla Benefits in Nose Bleeding (Epistaxis)

The problem of nose bleeding can be due to many reasons. Amla is beneficial in this. Finely grind Java plum, mango and Amla along with kanji. Applying it on the forehead provides relief in nose bleeding.

Benefits of Amla in sore throat 

There is usually a sore throat whenever the weather changes. In such a situation, amla powder is very beneficial. Mix ajwain, turmeric, amla, yavakshar and chitrak in equal quantity. Have 1 to 2 grams of this powder with 2 spoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of ghee. It gives relief in throat problems. 

Benefits of Amla for Indigestion

Sometimes indigestion occurs due to untimely eating or junk and spicy food. Use cooked Amla for this. Add the appropriate amount of black pepper, dry ginger, rock salt, roasted cumin and asafoetida. Dry it and consume. It increases appetite, relieves problems like constipation and indigestion.

Benefits of Amla for IBS

IBS causes frequent diarrhea. Make a decoction by mixing amla leaves with fenugreek seeds. Drinking 10 to 20 ml twice a day is beneficial.

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Benefits of Amla in constipation 

Due to today’s sluggish lifestyle and junk food, everyone is troubled by constipation. Consume 3-6 grams of Triphala powder with lukewarm water before going to bed. It provides relief in constipation.

Benefits of Amla in diarrhea 

Grind 10-12 grams soft leaves of Amla and take it twice a day with buttermilk. It is beneficial in diarrhea.

Amla Benefits in dysentery

It becomes a serious problem when blood starts coming with feces. Mix 10 grams of honey and 5 grams of ghee in 10-20 ml amla juice. Consume it, and then drink 100 ml goat’s milk. Do this three times a day. There will be relief. 


Mix 5-10 grams Mishri in 10-20 ml Amla juice and consume. It stops hiccups and vomiting. Drinking 5-10 grams of Amla powder with water also helps in vomiting.

Amla Benefits in Hyperacidity 

Acidity or hyperacidity has become a common problem nowadays. Anyone, from children to old people, may have this problem. Soak 10 grams of Amla seeds in water overnight. The next day grind the seeds in cow’s milk. Drink it with 250 ml cow’s milk. It provides benefits in acidity.

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Benefits of Amla in Piles 

Piles is generally caused by constipation. Often people who eat spicy food have this problem. The use of Amla benefits for this.

If there is excessive bleeding in piles, take 3-8 grams of gooseberry powder with curd cream. Do this two or three times a day.

Benefits of Amla in diabetes

Take Amla, Harad, Baheda, Nagarmotha, Daruhaldi and Deodaru.  Take an equal quantity of them and grind to make powder. Consume 10-20 gram of this with water every morning. It helps in diabetes.

Amla for Skin Disease

Take neem leaf and amla with ghee. It is beneficial in boils, injury problems, Pitta problems, itching etc.

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Amla Benefits in Jaundice

The skin turns yellow when jaundice occurs. It can be severe if not treated in the initial stage. Make Amla chutney and mix honey in it. Taking it is beneficial in liver disorder and jaundice. Consuming 1-2 pieces of Amla powder with 125-250 mg of Loh Bhasma. Its beneficial in jaundice and anemia.

Amla Benefits in Leprosy

Make fine powder by taking equal amounts of amla and neem leaves. Every morning consume 2 to 6 grams of this daily with honey. It also benefits in severe leprosy.

Benefits of Amla in Spermatorrhoea

Take 10 grams of amla powder without kernels. Add double the amount of mishri to it. Drink it continuously for 15 days with fresh water. It definitely provides relief in nightfall and spermatorrhoea etc.

Benefits of Amla in gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Mix 2-5 grams Amla powder in a glass of water. Drink it daily, also wash the infected area with this water. This pacifies swelling and burning sensation. Wound is cured slowly and the pus stops.

Amla Benefits to Get Relief from Arthritis

Arthritis causes joint pain and swelling. Most elder people suffer from this problem. Take 20 grams dry amla and jaggery each. Boil it in 500 ml of water. With 250 ml water left, filter it and drink it in the evening. It is beneficial in arthritis. Do not take salt during this time.

Amla Benefits to Get Relief from Fever

Make decoction of Motha, Indra jau, Harad, Bahera, Amla, Kutki and Phalsa. Consume around 10-30 ml. It provides relief in fever caused by Kapha dosha.

Uses of Amla for Hiccup

  • Mix 10 grams of khaand and 1 teaspoon honey in 2-2 grams powder of peepal, amla and dry ginger. Consuming it is beneficial in hiccups and asthma.
  • Mix two spoons honey in 10-20 ml amla juice and 2-3 grams powder of peepal leaves. Taking it twice a day provides relief in hiccups.

Amla as Anti Aging Rasyana 

Amla slows down aging. According to Ayurveda, amla is considered a rasayana. It increases immunity. Consumption of rasayana helps in preventing degenerative activity in the body. 

Benefits of Amla in strengthening bones 

Amla being a rasayana gives nutrition to all the dhatus of the body. Therefore, it also nourishes Asthi Dhatu and strengthens bones.

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Amla beneficial in blood cleansing 

Consuming Amla in any form helps in cleansing toxins from the blood. 

Use of Amla to prevent cancer

The consumption of amla is also helpful in preventing the spread of cancer. It contains anti-cancer elements. Amla being a rasyana increases the immunity.

Healthy Heart

Amla intake helps in keeping the heart healthy. The consumption of Amla helps in lowering the cholesterol. Vitamin-C found in the Amla prevents the blood vessels from contracting. It also normalizes Blood Pressure.

Other Health Benefits of Amla

Amla is rich in vitamin C, which works to increase immunity and metabolism. Amla does not allow viral, bacterial infections in the body other than cold, phlegm. Amla also contains such elements that work to fight cancer cells. According to Ayurveda, Amla juice balances all the processes of the body and eliminates Tridosha i.e. Vata, Kapha, Pitta. Let us know in what other ways does Amla benefit the body.

Useful in mouth ulcers – According to a health experts, Amla juice is very beneficial for cough and flu as well as mouth ulcers. Amla can be used as an effective home remedy. Mixing two spoons of honey in two teaspoons of amla juice and drinking it daily helps a lot in cold and cough. To get rid of mouth ulcers, gargle with a teaspoon of gooseberry juice mixed with water.

Keeps cholesterol right – Drinking Amla juice regularly reduces cholesterol level and keeps the body healthy. Due to the amino acids and antioxidants found in it, the heart works smoothly.

Beneficial in Asthma– Amla controls respiratory diseases like asthma as well as diabetes. The digestion system is also perfect with amla.

Keeps the liver safe – Amla has all the ingredients to keep the liver safe. It removes all the toxins from the body.

Nutritional drink– In addition to vitamin C, amla is also found in large amounts of iron, calcium and phosphorus and can also be drunk as a nutrition drink.

Beneficial for hair– Amla works like a medicine for hair. The composition of our hair contributes to 99 per cent protein. Amino acids and proteins found in amla increase hair, prevent loss and make it stronger than roots.

Removes blemishes – Amla juice is also useful for skin treatment. By soaking Indian gooseberry juice in cotton wool, the spots of the face are removed and the face glows.

Amla Health Benefits

Amla immunisation boosters rich in vitamin C and antioxidants are being used at this time of the corona epidemic. A large number of people are drinking Amla juice, eating marmalade or consuming raw amla as a fruit. The astringent and sweet-flavoured Amla is rich in a lot of nutrients and also protects against diseases like ulcers and cancer as well as weight loss. But there are also some side effects of this amla, which is considered to be a superfood

Amazing Benefits of Amla Murabba on Skin, Hair and Health

Amla murabba is an ayurvedic herb and Indian method used for gastric problems and as a general fitness tonic. It is rich in Vitamin C and different necessary nutrients and antioxidants. Amla and its different compounds are used in ayurvedic and herbal remedies for several times.

Amla murabba is also nutritious, but amla nutritional value can reduce if it is not prepared with a common method. Amla murabba improves immunity, focuses the mind and increases power level, so it is a large energy medicine in Indian history.

Amla murabba benefits to manage piles, manages stress, preserves insomnia, protects the body against free rebels, helps to prevent cancer at bay, strengthens and rejuvenates one’s body, manages early graying and holds the hair shiny, focuses the mind and is recognized as a great energy tonic in the Indian culture.

Let us Explore More Benefits of Amla Murabba in Detail:

  • It Helps Fight the Common Cold :

The vitamin C in amla is absorbed added simply by the body related to store-bought supplements. Mix couple teaspoons of amla powder with two spoons of honey and have it three to four times a day for immediate relief when you have a cold or a cough or use once regular for permanent protection.

For natural beauty tips

  • It Enhances Eyesight :

Regular consumption has more been connected to an increase in overall eye health as amla can decrease cataract problem, intraocular stress as well as prevent reddening, itching, and watering of eyes.

  • It Improves Skin :

Amla is the best anti-aging fruit. Drinking amla juice with honey every day can give you blemish-free, fresh and gleaming skin.

  • Increases the Immune System :

Amla murabba improves and strengthens the immune system of an individual. Due to the presence of an ample amount of vitamin C, it also has strong antioxidant qualities. It is antibacterial and can work on the common cough, illness and other chronic diseases.

  • It Reduces Pain :

Be it arthritis-related joint twinges or severe lips sores, amla can provide support owing to its anti-inflammatory qualities. For ulcers, you simply need to thin amla juice in half a cup of water and rinse with it.

  • Negotiates Anemia :

Amla murabba is a valuable source of metal content and can improve haemoglobin levels. Amla murabba can remunerate for iron loss and is helpful for ladies with large menstrual bleeding. It can also reduce menstrual cricks.

The business of amla was at $35.39 billion in 2018 and throughout the forecast period from 2019 to 2025 it will grow at a CAGR of 4.9%.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the harm caused by consuming Amla?

Generally, no side effects have been observed by using Amla. Still due to its cold, it should be avoided in winter.

How to consume Amla?

Amla is a fruit that you can use in any way at your convenience. It can be used as fresh fruit, juice, as powder, tablets or capsules. You can use Amla jam. It is the main ingredient of Chyawanprash. You can check out the best amla juice syrup in India

Can Amla cause constipation discomfort?

Amla is a good source of fibre. While consuming adequate fibre helps relieve the problem of constipation, if too much fibre is consumed, the problem of constipation can worsen. Not only that, those who do not have the problem of constipation can also get constipation if they take more fibre. Also, there may be problems with flatulence and stomach cramps.

Should we avoid eating amla with low blood sugar?

However, much research has revealed that Amla can treat diabetes as it has anti-diabetes effects that reduce blood glucose levels. But if a person has a low blood sugar problem and is also eating medicine for it, such a person should not eat Amla. Because Amla will further reduce the sugar levels in their bloodstream, causing hypoglycemia to the person.

Should one avoid Amla during pregnancy?

However, there is no research or scientific fact to prove that eating Amla can cause any complications during pregnancy. But it is not yet proved that Amla is completely safe in pregnancy. Therefore, it is better for pregnant women to consult their doctor before eating Amla. Also, eating in large quantities can cause constipation and diarrhoea.

Can we eat amla in cold?

The effectiveness of the Amla is cold and reduces the body temperature. Therefore, if amla is consumed when it comes to colds, it can worsen the symptoms rather than improve it. So use Amla as triphala when it comes to colds. When Amla powder is consumed with warm water and honey, it is not a problem.

Should people having bleeding disease consume amla?

Since anti-platelet properties are found in Amla, if too much Amla is consumed, it can dilute the bloodstream and prevent blood clotting. When we get hurt or skin is cut, blood clotting causes blood to stop. If the blood is diluted, there will be no blood clot. People who have any bleeding disease should also not consume Amla.

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