10 Best Baby Car Seats in India 2024 (For Newborn, Kids & Toddler)

10 Best Baby Car Seats in India 2022 (For Newborn, Kids & Toddler)
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Today safety is the top most concern, be it young, adult or new born baby while you are travelling. We thought to share the top 10 best baby car seats in India for 2024. Since, India is ranked the second country in the world that hosts the largest road networks. It is next to the USA, and with China’s population, we expected China should be on top. Roads in India connects from villages to towns and towns to cities. The quality of roads in India varies on where they connect and the season you are in. It is a known fact that due to the heavily dense population in the cities the car driving can be tricky. Driving on the highways can also be eventful and dangerous if not used proper safety measures.

All said and done, and the road conditions are improving day by day; hence are safety measures to avoid any accidents. Indian auto manufacturers are coming up with high safety measures, and they have been rated the safest ones by Global NACP crash test. One of the safety measures that is required for the passengers to follow is the usage of seat belts. Seat belts are the safety measure for the occupants of the car, including the driver.

Kids enjoy a bike ride and car ride since their infancy. But for their safety reasons, they are not allowed to sit on the front side beside the driver, and they need to have a safety seat of their own for them to be in the car. This has been introduced by western countries but is an effective way and required. In this article, we will be discussing the best baby seats that are available in India. Without wasting any time, let us look into them.

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Best Buy Baby Car Seats Online In India

With additional safety measures the parents are taking for their children while driving a car, there came up with many companies that started manufacturing the car seats for babies.

Let us now look at the 10 best baby seats that are available in India.

1. LuvLap 4-in-1 Infant/Baby Car Seat & Carry Cot

LuvLap 4-in-1 Infant - 10 Best Baby Car Seats in India 2022 (For Newborn, Kids & Toddler)

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Tested and approved by Moms is the tag line used by LuvLap and the product we are talking about now is the car seat and carrycot. The product is in line with European standards and is built based on the inputs and feedback from moms. Based on the feedback for the LuvLap car seat, more than 99% moms claim that this product is safe for babies, 99% of moms say that it is comfortable for use and 99% of them say that the product is worth the money they spent to buy it. The seat is designed very carefully so that it provides the best safety to the babies.

Best Buy Baby Car Seats Online In India

It is cushioned from all the sides and hence making it a shock absorber. There is protection from the sides hence if there is any impact from the sides it does not harm the baby. For the head to rest, three adjustable positions can be used base don the height of the baby. The harness is also adjustable so that it is comfortable; it does not fit in very tight. It comes in various colours but the best one is the black one. Once the baby sits in the chair, it also has a handle that can be used to carry it like a basket. The handle can be moved to make is a rocker also.

2. Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Car Seat

Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Car Seat

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This convertible type of car seat for infants by Graco is worth a buy as it can be used for babies up to 10 years of age. The seat can withstand the weight up to 54 kgs. The steel-reinforced frame comes with six reclining options. The steel makes sure the structure is strong and intact all the times. It is easy to provide a position with just one hand usage. If you are in front of the car and the baby is behind, this option lets you adjust its position without any efforts. 10 different such positions can be adjusted.

The installation process is pretty simple and all the instructions are provided in the manual. Anyone can get it setup. The seat has an additional cushion to provide the baby with all the comfort and safety. It has a very good backrest which is very comfortable, especially for babies. The harness is also adjustable, making sure it holds the baby with the right grip.Also ensures it does not slip off or it is not too uncomfortable for the kid. The seat covers are removable and washable; hence you can keep it at the best hygiene level. There are two cup holders provided so that you can place baby’s stuff for quick access.

3. R for Rabbit Picaboo Car Seat/Cot

R for Rabbit Picaboo Car Seat - Best Baby Car seat in India under 3500 Rs

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R for Rabbit is a very unique name for a company and thus is the car seat for babies by them. The car seat also converts to a rocking chair and can be used to carry the baby like in a basket with the handle. The seat is compatible for babies until 15 months of age and can bear a weight of about 15 kgs. It is ECE R44/04 approved, which means it is a high standard product. It also comes with a canopy to make sure you save your baby from sunlight. Once you move the handle upwards, you can use the seat also as a rocker using which you can easily put your baby to sleep.

The seat looks cosy enough for the baby and can hold it with good grip to avoid too much of rocking and moving while the vehicle is in motion. The fabric of the seat is washable hence making sure you keep the seat hygiene and clean. Your baby should experience the best all the time. The seat comes in a variety of colours, making it attractive. The handle has 4 positions that you can adjust in and this helps position the seat in the right way you require to. It can also be used as a feeding chair.

4. TRUMOM Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat

TRUMOM Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat

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The seat from Trumom is said to be the most comfortable seat and looks like a seat similar to that of a sports car. Not just that, it provides great comfort with the seating type and the cushions integrated into the seats. The seat is suitable for babies to kids up to 7 years and can withstand the weight of 25 kgs. The seat is designed for double way sitting and the height of the headrest is adjustable. It has 5-point safety harness, ensuring the belt lock does not snap off under any conditions. You baby will love the comfort it would find sitting on this seat.

10 Best Baby Car Seats in India 2024 (For Newborn, Kids & Toddler) Health Guide at Daily Syrup

The seat also reclines with 3 reclining angles available for the baby to sleep with comfort. The seat is compatible with all cars hence making it a universal car seat for babies. The seat provides side safety with additional cushion and with padded side wings. The seats are easy to maintain – that means you can use a wet cloth to wash off the dirt. They have thought of all the possible ways to make the baby comfortable and enjoy the drive with their mother or father. It is truly safe and comfortable for the baby.

5. LuvLap Sports Convertible Car Seat

LuvLap Sports Convertible Car Seat

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LuvLap comes with another model of the car seats for baby which is elegant looking as it is completely black with red lining stitches. It is a sturdy seat that comes with 3 reclining positions.

best recline baby car seats in India

The seat comes in various colour but the best one is the black one. It is a certified product by European safety standards. It has a 5-point safety harness that is good in protecting your baby from multiple angles. It secures the baby from shoulders, waist and crotch. Height changes in the baby are imminent due to its growth. Hence it has an adjustable headrest which can be adjusted as per the baby’s height.

features of the best baby car seats in India

The seat can carry a baby of up to 18 kgs and is ideal for kids up to 4 years. The harness of the seat has been added with soft pads making it safe and comfortable for the baby. It is easy one-pull harness making it easy for maintenance. It has a removable and washable seat cover that ensures the set is kept clean. The carrying capacity of the seat is around 13 kgs, that is, you can convert the seat into a carry basket for the baby.

6. LuvLap Comfy Car Seat for Baby & Kids

LuvLap Comfy Car Seat

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The next one we are is discussing is also from Luvlap that is super comfortable for the baby with multiple cushion extensions. The seat is a tall one with various height adjustments for the baby’s headrest. It is compatible for babies from 9 months to 12 years of age. This is worth all the money you are paying for as this is a very long duration the seat would be useful. It is certified by European Safety Standards, making the seat a very safe and comfortable one for the baby. It provides 5-point safety harness, which secures the infant from shoulder, waist and crotch.

10 Best Baby Car Seats in India 2024 (For Newborn, Kids & Toddler) Health Guide at Daily Syrup

The headrest is the highlight of the seat as it has multiple headrest adjustment for babies of different ages. It has two armrests that are a good feature to have. The seat provides safety from the side impacts also. There are additional paddings on the harness belt to ensure the baby is feeling comfortable and also enjoys the ride in the car.

The backrest brackets are ergonomically placed to ensure the growing spine receives all its comforts and support. You can convert the seat for an older kid by completely putting down the backrest.

7. R for Rabbit Convertible Baby Car Seat

R for Rabbit Convertible Baby Car Seat

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Another one from R for Rabbit brand that comes with a convertible seat is designed to be used either for facing front or backward. Hence it is known to be a convertible seat. You can also recline the seat to 3 required positions to give the baby the comfort it is looking for.

10 Best Baby Car Seats in India 2024 (For Newborn, Kids & Toddler) Health Guide at Daily Syrup

A mother knows the best and the mother can adjust the seat positions easily without many efforts, such is the design of the seat. The seat is safety certified by European standards R44/04 Safety standards making it a reliable one to use for your baby. It comes with the 5-point safety harness that will help the baby stay embraced by the seat.

A mother knows the best and the mother can adjust the seat positions easily without many efforts, such is the design of the seat. The seat is safety certified by European standards R44/04 Safety standards making it a reliable one to use for your baby. It comes with the 5-point safety harness that will help the baby stay embraced by the seat.

To assure of the safety, it has been crash-tested and has come out in flying colours. It can bear the weight of the baby up to 18 kgs, which is at least 4-5 years of age. The additional wings on the side are designed for side impact protection. The design of the additional pads makes sure it embraces the baby’s head, hips and legs to make it comfortable as well as safe.

8. MeeMee Baby Car Seat/Carry Cot

MeeMee Baby Car Seat

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MeeMee is the brand that has a small and cute looking car seat for the babies,it is available in various colours to choose from. The seat is specially designed for babies from 6 months to 3 years to a maximum. The seats have been cushioned from the sides making it very safe and comfortable. The cushions are thick and all the right supporting cushions are at the right place. The canopy is an addition that is helpful to avoid direct sunlight on the baby when you carry the baby out on a stroll. That means you can use if like a basket to carry the baby outside.

You can completely move the handle to the rim of the seat and thus, you can use the seat as a rocker for the baby. Now you can easily put the baby to sleep without many efforts. The head support is rightly cushioned to make sure the baby’s head does not move too much when you and your baby on a car ride and the roads are bumpy. The harness belt is padded sufficiently so that the baby does not feel irritated by the belt sticking on to its body. It keeps the baby intact and safe but also makes it feel comfortable at the same time.

9. Chicco Cosmos Baby Car Seat

Chicco Cosmos Baby Car Seat

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Chicco Cosmos brand introduces the baby car seat that is as good and safe as the car seat for an actual sports car. You can see that the seat is filled with cushions enough to make the baby feel safe and comfortable. There is a small cushioned seat within the big seat that keeps the baby intact. To support this there is also 5-point safety harness that is padded well to make its use comfortable to the baby. The seat is designed to withstand the weight of up to 18 kgs and suitable for age between 0 months to 3 years.

10 Best Baby Car Seats in India 2024 (For Newborn, Kids & Toddler) Health Guide at Daily Syrup

The seat is designed spacious for larger children so that they are comfortable using it. The seat is marked with intuitive guided marks that help you in installing the seat easily. The seat can be installed on both front sides and backward. Due to its reclining capability, you can change the mode of the seats to ensure the baby is in the right position required while resting. It has been approved by the European standards ECE R44/04 for sturdiness and safety. The fabric is washable even in the washing machine, making it easy to clean it regularly. It comes in a few other colour combinations making it easy for you to choose from.

10. Little Pumpkin – Infant Car Seat/ Carrycot

Little Pumpkin - Infant Car Seat

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Little Pumpkin, as the name, suggests the last product on our list has been designed especially for infants that are for a maximum of 3 years of age. The seat is meticulously designed to make it very comfortable for the infant. For the parent, the ultra-lightweight version makes it easy to carry around the baby like in a basket. Although it is light weighted, it is sturdily made to ensure your infant is safe and comfortable at the same time. The reclining capability helps the parent to adjust the baby’s position as required to ensure it is comfortable.

The seat can be converted into a rocking chair, a feeding chair, or a carrycot when required by just changing the position of the handle. There is an additional padded area where the baby leans on to ensure it feels soft and comfortable and does not make its skin uncomfortable. The harness is designed as an adjustable 3-point safety belt to ensure it is gripped properly on the seat and does not move as the car moves around. There is an integrated canopy in the seat that can use used to ward off the sun-light or any leaves falling on the baby when you are carrying it around in the park.

Baby Car Seat Buying Guide – Features To Consider

Buying a baby car seat can get complicated and tricky. The reason could be with multiples brands that are available in the market and their promise to provide multiple features that you feel are important.

Most of these brands have the most common features, but the ultimate decision-making authority is with you. Below will help you in some ways to decide which one is the best for your baby.

Following standards

Few brands in the market have been certified by various authorities on its safety standards. These are good brands to rely on. They would have been tested by crash tests and side-impact tests to rate them. This rating should be a good cushion and information for you to rely on your baby’s safety. It is the ECE R44/04 safety certification that you should look for.

Convertible Seats

Look for seats that are convertible into multiple forms, and hence it will avoid you having multiple such seats for different uses. The rocking chair is important to put your baby to sleep. So, make sure the seat you are choosing does have this feature.

The reclining option is an important one to have as you can adjust the baby’s seat to the required position, so you can adjust between sitting or sleeping position. The carry handle converts the seat into a carrycot making it easy to move the baby around, in the park or the mall.

Padded Seats and Comfort

The pads are important features in the car seat. It is the main reason for the baby to be safe from the impacts. The side-impact safety is important and hence the car seat needs to have a winged structure.

The harness needs to be padded to make sure it does not irritate the baby in anyways instead make it feel comfortable with its softness. Additional pads on the back-resting part mean additional comfort. As it is a baby and its skin are so soft, bones and muscles still developing it are important to have a seat padded properly to make sure it keeps the baby safe and comfortable.

Usage Duration

How long do you want to use the car seat? How old is your kid when buying it? These are some questions you need to ask yourself when buying the car seat. The car seats are available, which can be used for kids up to 12 years of age.

So, if you are looking for longer usage, then make sure you buy the right one where you can adjust the seat based on your baby’s height and age. Some seats available can be used only until 3 years of baby’s age, so be careful before you buy the car seat.

Baby Car Seats Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use a car seat for a newborn baby?

Yes, the safest way to travel with your baby is by using the baby seat. The baby seat will ensure that the baby’s posture is correct, and it will also enable the child to lay flat on the seat. The seat has enough security measures to protect your baby in case of any misshaping. You need to ensure that you have all the harness installed correctly and the baby should also be appropriately latched so that he doesn’t move during sharp turns and sudden stops.

Should the car seat be placed behind the driver or the passenger?

Ideally, You should neither place the baby car seat behind the driver, and it should nor be placed behind the passenger. The night position to place the baby seat is in middle of the rear seat. There is a reason for this recommendation. There are chances that the seats may get pushed back in case of an accident, and if the baby is behind the driver or the passenger, then the baby may get injured. Moreover, some of the cars may have rear airbags or the side airbags. Placing the child in the centre would prevent him from any impact or any compression of airbags.

Can I use two baby car seats in the car?

Yes, you can use two baby seats in the car. However, you will not be able to place them in the middle of the rear seat. You will have to use the two rear seats on each side of the back seat. There has to be an anchoring point in the seat, and there has to be a small gap between the two seats. You might be surprised to know that it is even possible to use three baby seats in the car and the babies can be comfortable while travelling this way.

How can I improve the safety of the baby in the car while travelling?

If you have installed the baby seat in the car, ensure that you are travelling with your partner. The baby should be under constant supervision to ensure safety. In addition to this, you can put a “Baby on Board” sticker on the car. The advantage of having this sticker is that the emergency services would first rescue the baby in case of an accident. You must also read the baby car seat’s user manual to understand the right way to use the baby car seats.

Can I go for long road trips after installing a baby seat?

Most of the brands do not recommend using the baby seats for longer than 2 hours in 24 hours. There are multiple reasons for this. One such reason for not using the baby seat for longer is that the sat may strain the spine of the baby. Another reason to restrict the timeline is that the more extended duration travels would increase the chance of baby falling asleep with head flopped on the side. The tilted head may restrict the airflow of the baby. So, in the initial years, you must avoid going for long road trips with the baby.

Is baby car seat useful in India?

Because car seats are expensive, many parents choose not to buy one. However, studies clearly show that car seats are the safest option for your baby and toddler when travelling by car. In fact, in many countries it is mandatory to use a car seat. It’s best to buy a car seat soon after your baby is born.

Which baby car seat is the safest?

The best and safest newborn car seats for your baby 2022

Which brand is best for baby car seat?

There are many brands for baby car seats you can consider Mee Mee or Luv Lap which are quite reliable as we have did extensive review research on Amazon.

When should I buy my baby car seat?

To summarize, buy your infant car seat by 32 weeks into pregnancy and a frame stroller sometime during the third trimester. You don’t need to buy a convertible car seat or umbrella stroller (or jogging stroller) while pregnant.


Your baby’s safety is the utmost important thing in your life, hence do not risk it by not using the car seats. They have the best safety measures you can find when compared to just the car seat. As Indians, we do not have the habit of buying a car seat for our babies as you might feel it is an additional expense and something which can be managed without.

There have been crash tests that have been conducted on these car seats, and they have fared very well depicting safety of the occupant of the car seat. Hence it is advisable to have one for your baby and don’t ever give a second thought to it.

We have tried our best to list the top 10 best baby car seats for baby and we are sure you would be happy to choose one of them that would meet all those features you are looking for.

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