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Daily Exercise for Hernia

Daily Exercise for Hernia

Exercises I’m doing: (All exercises doing when laying on my back and of course when there are no intestines coming out through the hernia.)

1.) Doing a massage of the hernia place with one hand. Doing small circles, first right hand to the right and then left hand circles to the left. About one hundred times. Then massaging with both hands from down the belly upwards fifty times. Then I do bigger circles around my stomach, about 25 to 50 times, this I’m doing because the last few weeks I had stomach pain (probably because of stress and this helps.)

 _/\___o     Feet on the ground, legs like picture, then lifting up head and chest. I started with twenty times then adding more as much it felt comfortable coming to two hundred, but now doing only 50 or 75.
3.)  Then I do one round of EFT with tapping the EFT points with the affirmation: “I am in perfect health. My hernia, heart, stomach, teeth and throat are completely healed.” 
4.)  Same position as above and I lift up straight one leg into the air and then the other: _/\___o     \___o 
I started with ten times each leg, went to one hundred and now I’m doing fifty.
5.) Then another round with EFT“My abdomen is in perfect health. The cells of the tissue and muscles are very active rebuilding and enforcing my abdomen.”
6.) Then laying flat on my back, legs lifted up about 15 cm: then lifting up both legs as high as possible and then putting them down but not on the ground but keeping them up about 15 cm from the ground. I started with fife times and slowly went up to sixty, now I’m doing fifty.
7.) Another round with EFT. I do: “My teeth are in perfect health. The missing ones are growing and the rotten ones and all infection and caries is completely healed.”
8.) Since two weeks I started with a yoga exercise which is called ‘ship’. Lifting up legs and upper body and holding this position as long as possible, breathing normal. I started with fifteen seconds, now I’m at half a minute.
9.) Another round of EFT. I had a ‘writer block’ and did: “I am motivated to write and I’m inspired and guided.” And I continued with this even when the block had disappeared.
10.) Then I do a yoga exercise which is part of the series called ‘crocodile exercise’ I learned forty years ago from Swami Dev Murti. Laying on my back, legs like the first exercise, arms spread out, moving both legs together to one side to the ground and head and upper body into the other direction. I did up to two hundred times, now one hundred times. 
11.)  Another round of EFT whatever is needed.
12.)  The same position as 10.) only knees touching chest, then moving legs to one side to the ground and upper body to the other side, etc. I started with twenty, went up to one hundred and I’m doing now fifty.
13.)  The same massage like l.)
14.)  Last round of EFT” I’m in perfect health, full of energy and in a good mood.”
15.)  Last exercise: Lifting legs and arms into the air and shaking them strongly several times. Letting legs and arms fall relaxed down and repeating one time more the shaking. 
Then putting on my trust and getting up.

The reason why I have reduced the number of movements is that I was told by a friend who healed himself from an inguinal hernia, that it is more important to do the exercises in an anaerobic way, that means as strong as possible and of a short time. I read this also from Dr.Berrnard but he is suggesting weight lifting and jumping, what tells me that for sure he never had an hernia. It is said that anaerobic exercises build up the muscles in the fastest way. 

 If there is a accumulation of fat in the abdomen, then this might have caused the hernia, as with this the tissue and the muscles are weakened. Also fat is where the toxins are stored and this for sure contribute to the condition. To create favorable conditions for the healing you should consider a fasting and maybe also a liver cleans.

I would lay on my side and lift the upper half to exercise the sides of my abdominal muscles. Then I would lay on my back and do crunches. A crunch is not a full sit up. You simply lift and curl your shoulders towards your pelvis. Also, to exercise the lower abdominal  muscles is not easy. I learned there apparently a way though. Bend your knees and spread your knees wide apart. Do NOT place your feet under anything and do not have a friend sit on them. You do not want your leg muscles to help you crunch up. You want to isolate the lower abdominals so they do all the work.

I would crunch up by first lifting up a little with the back straight. Hands can be on chest. Do not use hands behind neck to help pull yourself up or you will not be using the abdominals alone. After lifting up a little, curl your chest and shoulders towards your pelvis as far as you can while keeping your lower back on the floor.

I would do this about 10 times. Each time, at the top of the crunch I would hold it for a count of 10 while really squeezing the abdominals. Concentrate on using the abdominals. Really think ‘abs’, ‘abs’, ‘abs’. You can move up and down a little to really feel the ‘squeeze’ in the abdominals. I could really feel the ‘burn’ while doing the last few reps. The numbers I give here are not so important. You have to do it yourself to find out how many to do in order to give your abdominals a good hard workout without overdoing it. You don’t want to over strain your abdominals. I was concerned that this exercise might over strain my hernia, but it didn’t. No strain at all.

This is hard to believe, but I only did this two times when the hernia bulge went away for good!  I had learned it is important to rest muscles in order for them to grow. Rest means time between workouts. Of course, we all have to move our bodies everyday and therefore use those same muscles, but hopefully not as strenuously as during a workout.

I had gotten to the point in my workouts where I was resting a group of muscles for two weeks between workouts with very good results. Each workout I was much stronger and could lift more weight. So, why work so hard when you can get good results by exercising intelligently?

The first time I exercised my abdominals was March 30, 2006. The second time was April 15, 2006. It was sometime during the third week of April that the hernia disappeared and did not return.

This is very important. I had been taking in extra protein while lifting weights. I learned from personal experience that extra protein is mandatory to create new muscle. How much extra? Who knows? It depends on your body, life-style, etc.

I have heard the average adult needs 26 grams daily. That is to maintain body weight and composition. Otherwise
muscle will be lost. The more a person weighs the more protein they will need. Children need more protein since they are growing. Weight lifters take in about 1-2 grams daily for each pound of body weight. I weigh about 150 pounds. That means I would take in anywhere from 150 to 300 grams daily. Now, this is for those who are trying to put on a lot of muscle all over their body. If you are only concerned about building muscle in the abdominal area you will probably not need this much protein. The best source of protein is food, but some people take protein supplements to get the large amounts of protein they want. It is cheaper and easier to take in. To take in 150 to 300 grams of protein a day would be a lot of meat to eat! I use a protein supplement because I am building muscles all over my body. Depending on how much you weigh, you could probably do well on 50-100 daily. The extra protein I am taking does not seem to be causing me any problems. Of course, if I wasn’t exercising my whole body it might. I would not need it then and maybe the body would be harmed.

Check Vitamin C

As far as what else I was doing health wise, I don’t know how much the other things helped.  I had been improving my diet over the last 7 years, quit smoking and was actively trying to ‘get healthy.’ Ironically it was during and because of what I was doing that I got the hernia in the first place. I developed the hernia due to a severe cough brought on by my body cleansing itself. Anyway, I was living more healthy than ever before and I continued to do so even after getting the hernia. Nothing I was doing seemed to help with the hernia. At least, it wasn’t enough.This is what I believe were the most important things in the healing of my hernia.  It may be that these were also essential to it’s healing.1) Wearing a truss to keep the intestine inside. Of course, it didn’t keep it all the way in, but it kept the bulge from being as large as it had been.
2) Taking large doses of Vitamin C . I took 8,000-12,000 mg. daily. Not ascorbic Acid!  I use Bluebonnet brand ‘Mega Bio-C Formula’. It is Calcium Ascorbate with Citrus Bioflavonoids. 1,000 mg. capsules  I live in USA so I don’t know if you can get that brand, but I don’t think it is important. I would not take that much Ascorbic Acid.  Too much acid. I got a little diarrhea, but my body soon got use to it, and the diarrhea stopped.
3) Properly exercising the abdominals (with adequate rest between workouts).
4) Taking extra protein

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