DailySyrup is an Idea to create daily awareness. To help you in making you well.

Journey to Start Daily Syrup

How we started

I hope you are fit and healthy, if not don’t worry you will surely going to be. Welcome to Daily Syrup! My name is Apoorv Agrawal, I created this online health space to share some amazing health benefits of fruits, vegetables, etc. that we consume on a daily basis yet we often neglect their importance of nutritional value. I thought to also share some insights which can help you find the best reviews of health equipment and supplements.

I have had DailySyrup.com since seven year off-late started this blog to share health updates and guide only after facing the Covid19 Setback. We saw our earth facing in turmoil the people near and dear ones succumb to deaths. I realized the importance of food and diet along with improving our lifestyle in this digitally ahead world.

I would also share how I sucessfully lost nearly 7-9Kg of weights with healthy diet. Make sure to keep on checking dailysyrup. We would also add a lot of Healthy Stuff soon so do stay tuned.


To help people with credible knowledge available in the online world.  Daily Syrup aims to provide quality health & Wellness related updates to make your life healthy. 


Our vision is to provide information in Wellness Industry to help individual cater its need to keep itself healthy. Our main objective is to provide information and awareness related to various health problems so that we can help you to mitigate those by minimal hospitalisation. 

Apoorv Agrawal

Fitness Enthusiast

If you’re ready to change your relationship with food for the better, follow me @dailysyrup for daily meal plans and updates.


We are relatively new but would shape the information shared when it comes to Health, Wellness & Fitness.

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