27 Amazing Health Benefits of Peepal Leaves

Health Benefits of Peepal Leaves Tree
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There would hardly be any person who doesn’t know about Peepal. Peepal trees are always seen on the side of roads, in temples or gardens. Still, people have very little information related to peepal. Did you know that there are amazing Health Benefits of Peepal Tree? 

Peepal in Ayurveda

The Health Benefits of the Peepal trees are mentioned well in Ayurveda. It enhances the complexion, relieves wounds, swelling, and pain. It cleanses the blood. The bark is beneficial in urinary-vaginal disorders. Bark also cleanses the digestive tract. 

Peepal also enhances sexual stamina and helps in conceiving. Amazing Health Benefits of Peepal Tree also work in gonorrhoea, Kapha Dosha, diabetes, leucorrhea, respiratory diseases. Not only this, you can also use peepal in many other diseases.

Health Benefits of Peepal Tree

Use of People

Use of Peepal Leaf Cure Eye Disease

Eye diseases can be cured by Peepal Leaf. Applying milk (akshir) from peepal leaf in the eye cures pain of the eyes.

Peepal Tree Uses in Dental Problems

Mix equal quantities of the bark of peepal and banyan tree. Boil them. Gargling with this water cures dental problems. Using fresh peepal datun makes teeth strong. This kills bacteria and reduces inflammation of the gums. Apart from this, it treats bad breath or halitosis.

Peepal benefits in stuttering 

Peepal also gives relief in stuttering. Mix honey in half a teaspoon of ripe Peepal fruit powder. Taking it in the morning and evening provides relief in stutter.

Peepal Benefits in Cough

40 ml decoction of the bark or giving 10 ml juice thrice a day is beneficial in coughing.

Peepal Tree helps in Asthma

Ayurvedic experts believe that Peepal helps in respiratory disease. It is beneficial for you to be around the peepal tree. The peepal tree keeps the air pure and releases more oxygen than other trees. Apart from this, you can use it as a home remedy for respiratory diseases such as asthma. Let’s know how to use

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  • Grind equal quantity of powder of peepal bark and ripe fruit. Taking half a teaspoon three times a day is beneficial in asthma.
  • Grind dried fruits of peepal and take 2-3 grams it with water twice a day for 14 days. It provides relief in respiratory disease and cough.

Use of Peepal to increase appetite 

If you have a weak appetite then the Peepal is of great help. Consumption of ripe fruits of peepal cures the problem. It also helps in Kapha dosha, bile, blood disorders, poisoning, burning sensation and vomiting.

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Health Benefits of Peepal Tree

Peepal Leaf Cures Abdominal Pain

The benefits of peepal leaf cures stomach ache. Make a tablet by grinding two and a half leaves of peepal. Mix it with 50 grams of jaggery. It should be consumed 3-4 times a day

Use of Peepal tree to overcome physical weakness 

Taking half a teaspoon powder of peepal fruit with milk thrice a day.  It gives sound relief in physical weakness.

Benefits of Peepal Leaf in Constipation

Consume 5-10 fruits of peepal regularly. Constipation will be eased. Make a decoction of Peepal Leaf and soft Koplas. Drinking 40 ml decoction cleanses the digestive tract.  This helps in constipation.

Peepal plant benefits in dysentery

Mix the soft twigs of peepal, coriander seeds and mishri in equal portions. Taking 3-4 grams daily in the morning and evening is beneficial in dysentery.

Peepal Leaf Uses in Jaundice

Take 3-4 fresh peepal leaves and mishri. Grind and mix in 250 ml water and filter. Give this syrup to the patient two times. Use it 3-5 days. It is a panacea for jaundice.

Peepal Tree Benefits in Controlling Diabetes

Drinking 40 ml decoction of the bark of peepal is beneficial in diabetes. It also benefits all Pitta Doshas. 

Use of Peepal in urinary disease

Drinking decoction of peepal bark provides relief in the problem of intermittent urination.

Peepal benefits in syphilis

Take ash of peepal bark. Sprinkling this ash on the affected area is beneficial.

Importance of Peepal Tree in Infertility

The benefits of the Peepal tree benefits in infertility. After the end of menstruation, drink 1-2 grams of peepal fruit powder with raw milk. Consuming up to 14 days helps in the infertility of a woman.

Peepal for Cracked Heels

Apply juice or milk (akshir) of peepal leaves on cracked skin. It benefits.

Benefits of Peepal in Skin Disease

Eating soft tender peepal buds ends with itching and skin diseases. Drinking 40 ml of this decoction is also beneficial.

Peepal for Itching Problem

Take 50 grams of peepal bark ash. Make a paste by mixing lime(choona) and ghee as required. Apply this to the affected area. You will get sound relief.  Make a decoction of peepal bark. Drink 10-30 ml daily in the morning and evening. It cures itching.

Peepal Leaf for Boils

The amazing Peepal also benefits in boils and pimples. Grind Peepal bark in water. Applying it on boils and pimples is very beneficial.

Uses of Peepal Leaves in Wound Healing 

The use of bark and leaves of peepal trees is beneficial in skin problems. Peepal has the property of quick healing of the wound.

Let us know how to use peepal in-home treatment of skin diseases or wounds:

  • Grind the powder of peepal bark and mix it with ghee. Applying it on a wound caused by burns or injury stops bleeding.
  • Sprinkle the powder of peepal bark on the burn wound. It heals.
  • Take the inner bark of the peepal and grind it with rose water. It heals the  old and non-healing wounds.
  • Mix honey in a paste made of peepal green bark and green leaves. Applying it cures mouth sores.
  • Grind 21 peepal leaves with jaggery. Make tablets. Taking it twice a day for 7 days provides relief in pain caused due to injury.

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Peepal Tree for Blood cleansing

Consuming 1-2 grams powder of pipal seeds with honey twice a day cleanses the blood.

Peepal Benefits in T.B. 

Make modak (laddu) of peepal root. Taking it is beneficial in TB disease (Rajyakshma).

Peepal Leaves useful in curing fever

Taking 10-20 ml decoction of Peepal leaves is beneficial in fever.

Peepal Uses in Typhoid

Taking 1-2 grams powder of peepal tree bark with honey in the morning and evening. It provides relief in typhoid.

Peepal for Sexual Stamina

Cook the fruits of peepal, root bark and akshira. Consume it after by mixing mishri and honey. It increases stamina.

Mix equal quantities of peepal fruit, root, bark and dry ginger and cook it in milk. Mix mishri and honey in it. Consume regularly in the morning and evening.  It cures physical weakness and provides strength.

Benefits from the Peepal tree in impotence 

Take half a teaspoon of Peepal fruit powder with milk thrice a day. It helps in impotence and also benefits in sperm disorders.

Peepal tree is beneficial in Piles and Fistula

Grind the inner bark of peepal in rose water. Applying this on piles wound helps in healing. It also benefits in fistula.

Beneficial Part of Peepal

Stem bark, The fruit, Leaves, Milk, The root.

How Much to Consume Peepal?

Brew – 50-100 ml ,Powder – 3-6 grams ,Milk – 1-20 ml.

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