Top 10 Health Benefits of Chironji

Health Benefits of Chironji
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Chironji, also known as Charoli is commonly used as a nut. All over India Chironji is used in all mouth-watering sweet dishes. Ayurveda describes the health benefits of Chironji in detail. Chironji is very useful in increasing strength and sexual ability.

The little chironji is also very helpful in health conditions like 

  • Constipation
  • Rashes
  • Infertility
  • Headache
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Mouth Ulcers

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What is Chironji?

The Chironji tree is about 12-18m high having thick and rough barks. Leaves are around 12-20 cm in length and have a reticulated end. Its fruits are oval and spherical of 8-12 mm. The kernels that are extracted from inside by breaking these fruits are called Chironji.

Nutritional Value

Chironji is a good source of protein and fat while its low in calories. A 100 gm of Chironji has around 50-59% of fat. It has abundant Vitamin B1,B2,B3 and C along with Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron. It also contains flavonoid and tannin.

Health Benefits of Chironji and Uses

Let us know in detail about the health benefits of Chironji.

Chironji Benefits for Headache 

Using Home Remedies for headache is way better than using pain killers. Mix the almond, dates, cucumber seeds and sesame seeds with Chironji. Taking 5gms of this mixture with milk or water fixes the headache.

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Chironji Benefits in Cold and Cough

Chironji seeds have ample antioxidants. Daily consumption of Chironji seeds in a measured amount gives relief from cold. Secondly inhaling steam of Chironji oil mixed in hot water loosens the mucus. 

Similarly fry around 5-10 grams of Chironji in ghee and grind them. Boil it in 200 ml of milk. After boiling, mix  500 mg of cardamom powder and Mishri and the drink. This gives relief in cough and cold. 

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Chironji Benefits in Dysentery

Grind bark of Chironji with goat’s milk and honey. Drinking this gives relief in dysentery (blood with diarrhea). Consumption of 1-4 grams of Chironji Moola powder stops diarrhea.(1)

Chironji Increases Sexual Stamina

Grind 5-10 grams of Chironji seeds with mishri and consume with milk. Its regular intake nourishes semen and increases sexual capacity.

Benefits of Chironji in Arthritis  

Take sesame, Chironji, mulethi, lotus stem and grind them in goat’s milk as needed. Applying this mix to the joints  gives quick relief in pain and swelling.

Chironji Helps in Healing of Wounds

Chironji has antimicrobial and anti biofilm properties.(2) Grind manjistha, turmeric, gargi, haritaki, Copper sulphate, talispatra,  priyal and cook them in oil. After cooking, filter it and apply to the wound. This heals the wound quickly.

Chironji Help to Relieve Itching 

Grind Chironji in rose water and mix it with Suhaga or Borax. Applying this mix to the affected area gives sound relief in itching.

Home Remedies for Cholesterol 

Chironji Helps in Acne Problems

If you are suffering from acne again and again then try Chironji once. Grind Chironji in rose water and apply it to the face. It will treat acne for sure.

Benefits of Peepal 

Chironji Helps in reducing Nose and Ear Bleeding

Many people get the problem of nasal, ear bleeding in summers. Intake of milk cooked with Chironji  fixes the problem of nasal and ear bleeding.

Chironji Improves Body Strength

Chironji is beneficial for physically weak people. Eating fresh Chironji or chironji kheer gives strength and nourishment to the body.

Useful parts of Chironji 

According to Ayurveda, Fruit, Leaves, Stem bark, Gum, Seed oil, Roots of Chironji are useful for health.


Usually the decoction of chironji bark should be consumed around 50-100 ml. If you want to use Chironji as a home remedy for a serious illness, consult your doctor strictly.

Side-Effects & Allergies

Individuals with weak digestion may suffer loss of appetite however its oil stimulates the digestive system. Some may suffer frequent urination also.

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