Free Online Counselling in India

We have seen ourselves coming out of situations where we once thought to be impossible to come out. We have all faced some sort of Mental, Physical, Psychological Dilemma at some point in our life. Be it because of heartbreaks, emotional breakdown, disturbances in our family or financial situation. These are some internal and external factors that have disturbed our minds at some point in time. I am not alone who walking in such a phase, the thing that I realized while growing up was no proper channel to help yourself in such a mental situation.

Free Online Counselling in India

When you have a fever, even your cousin is smart enough to recommend you Paracetamol but was someone ever thought the same way for your mental health. I guess not many. Over a period of time, I always thought to do something at my personal level to at least help someone during their bad time when they are having mental conflicts. We all have counselled our best friends or younger ones sometimes or the other which have surely helped them a bit if not much.

This situation was further aggravated during the COVID-19. There were many cases people were not able to meet their loved ones. They were not bid farewell or attend last rites. This also created huge mental stress during Covid-19 Second Wave, not just in India but around the world. The situation was worsened in India because of the Stress on Health Care facilities and the lack of psychiatrists and therapists.

So it was a small part from my side I think I can play, I can at least give free counselling for fraction of my day to someone who may really need to come out of mental stress.

We have created a form you can fill details, initially, we will be able to give Free 30 Minute counselling sessions since we want only people who really need to be benefitted. In due course of time, we will add professional Psychologists who can take proper interventions if we come across quite serious mental health cases.

It will be a verbal therapy initially where we would help you with what you should do to better yourself, which point is creating mess unlike giving you positivity. There is more on the internet about people talking positivity but very rarely does someone notice a faulty pattern that actually creates the mess in our life. So we are here to intervene in that part and make you feel light so you can have fewer mental heath issues.

Please Note: If anyone is seeking any mental help, we’ll make sure it’s all confidential, we have nothing to do with your name, caste, religion, gender.

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