Best Air Purifier in India 2022 Reviews, Buying Guide

Best Air Purifier in India 2022 Reviews, Buying Guide
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Increasing air pollution day by day will definitely compel you to think about air purifiers for your home. So that you can breathe pure air inside your house at least. Hence this post is all about the best air purifier in India. 

Air pollution has become one of the major concerns nowadays. Earlier China was known as the most polluted country but now India has lagged behind it in terms of air quality. In India, Our capital Delhi is considered the world’s most polluted city. It reaches an unbearable level in October month onwards every year.

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The major factor is the crop burning activity done by the neighbourhood states farmers to clear their field. Firecrackers, vehicle fumes, construction, and industries emissions also contribute to making this situation worse.

Hence you can understand what kind of air we are taking into our bodies. According to one estimate, breathing Delhi’s air for one day can give you a similar health impact as you get from smoking 25 cigarettes. 

This toxic air can invite asthma, lung cancer and other respiratory diseases into our bodies. Thus, it is very necessary to keep our house air clean and pollution-free by these air purifiers. Before we tell you the best air purifier for home in India in 2022 lets find how does air purifier work so you have a basic idea before you buy any air purifier in India.

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How does air purifier work?

Before we move forward to the buying guide for the best air purifiers for homes in India let’s be Curious to know how an air purifier works? Check out!

Step 1 – First of all the filter of an air purifier sucks the air for the cleaning process.

Step 2 – Then the impure air that has been sucked into the filters gets rid of all the impurities before circulating the air in the room.

Step 3 – Filters play a vital role in the whole air purifying process. Once the air purifier cleans the air, the purified air is ejected out into the room.

Step 4 – Air purifiers repeat this process to keep the air clean and fresh in your room.

We are listing down the Best Air Purifiers for homes in India here for you which will definitely match up with your requirement.

List of Top 10 Best Air Purifier for Home in India 2022

In this comprehensive air purifier buying guide and reviews below are 10 Best Home Air Purifier you can find in India.

1. Philips 1000 series Air purifier

Philips is the first best air purifier available in India as it is equipped with a true Hepa filter accompanied by the activated carbon filter. Bring this air purifier at your home and be assured for healthier air always. It can purify a standard size room just in 12 minutes with a CADR of 270 M3/hour. Hence it is suitable for a room size up to 333 sq ft.

It is designed with the ultimate feature of night mode sense, especially for your bedroom. It constantly keeps the bedroom air clean. This advanced feature automatically diminishes it’s light and noise level at night to give you and your family better sleep.

This Air purifier is equipped with a unique Vitashield intelligent purification system which can effectively remove ultrafine particles as small as 0.02 um. It keeps you and your family away from harmful gases like formaldehyde, TVOC and makes your space 99.97% free from bacteria and other airborne allergens very efficiently.

It is built-in with nano protect extra-thick filter whichis specialized for its super and all-round purification. Philips is the best air purifier brand in India. This air purifier can cover the space up to 333 sq ft. Hence it is the best air purifier for your home if your bedroom size is 226 sq ft -333 sqft.

With this air purifier, You can check the real-time air quality feedback on its dashboard through its 4 step color ranging from blue to red. Another best feature of this purifier is that it alarms you to tell that it’s time to change the filter for better and smooth purification. The available smart sensor can protect the PM 2.5 level and automatically boost its purification to deal with pollution effectively.

You can be assured about Its quality because it is certified from ECARF with a 5star rating. Its filter is 100% ozone free and natural. Other features like child lock don’t let your child change in the function of purification.


  • Efficient purification
  • Real-time alert and safety features
  • Low Noise level
  • Effective for asthma and other respiratory disorder people
  • Budget-friendly with all essential features.


  • Carbon and HEPA filter is not washable.

2- Coway Sleek Pro

Coway is the global market leader, launched the first air purifier in 1989. It provides a high tech product with an innovative and modern design so with its air purifiers model AP 1009 also. If you are looking for an air purifier with high purifying efficiency then this Coway Sleek Pro Ap is the Best Air Purifier in India for you under the price range of 15000.

Like Philips, this purifier also comes with a true Hepa filter+activated carbon filter. It is a super silent operation purifier that comes with a 303 cubic m CADR can cover the area of 355 sq ft. This Korean made sleek air purifier is complete peace of mind as it comes with a 5-year warranty on the motor and 1 year on an electrical part. 

Coway air purifier is designed with a unique and superb air filtration which has 3 stages of purification:-

  1. Pre-filter (with long life)– It removes large and heavy dust particles, human hair and pet’s fur.
  2. Patented Urethane Carbon Filter (with a life of 8500 hours)-it eliminates harmful gases and bad odors like cigarettes etc.
  3. Multilayered green Hepa Filter (with a life of 8500 hours) detect particles PM 2.5, other micro dust and germs pollutants.

It is also featured with an air quality indicator that can sense you the indoor air quality and bring it on the level of cleanest and breathable air.

Pros –

  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent performance
  • Sleek design and light weighted
  • Positive customer feedback
  • Silent operation
  • Professional customer support
  • Ample amount of time warranty
  • Washable pre-filter
  • Long life of filters


  • No Night auto mode sensor available.

3.Dyson Pure Cool Link TP03 With WiFi

Dyson pure cool link air purifier is a great product with a unique design. If you are living in a highly polluted area then Dyson Pure cool link air purifier will solve your all problems. Its purification consists of two layers-first one is a 360-degree glass Hepa filter which is responsible for eliminates 99.95% harmful ultrafine pollutants as small as PM 0.1. The second filtration process is tris coated activated carbon which eliminates household odours and other harmful toxins from the air.

It is empowered with such great air multiplier technology which circulates purified air each and every corner of your room very effectively. This purifier has a low-velocity face which does not allow the ultrafine pollutants to come back into the room rather it stays trapped in the filter itself, unlike other conventional purifiers.

Dyson air purifier is the best air purifier for homes in India. Other features such as automatic monitoring of the air quality and purifying them is also a great advantage. Even you can check live air quality matrix yourself from your smartphone through its Dyson Link App.this app will notify you to change the filter also when there is a need for replacement.

It is certified by AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America). Hence this high-quality purifier is very effective and useful for asthmatic and allergic people. Its other feature like 10 airspeed setting, auto mode, night sense mode, timer as per your preference makes this purifier very handy for everyone

Pros –

  • Suitable for highly polluted area
  • Effective for allergy-prone people
  • Less electricity consumption
  • Unique and innovative design
  • Powerful air circulation
  • Capture smallest like PM 0.1-micron level particles


  • Expensive Purifier.
  • Not a true Hepa Filter

Best Home Air Purifier India

4.Honeywell 53-Watt

Honeywell is an anti-fall design air purifier available with two color options white and golden. This purifier comes with a 3 stage advanced filtration process to remove the pollutants up to 99% efficiently. It can eliminate  0.3 microns level pollutants including PM 2.5 and pollen. Look wise, it is very stylish and elegant with a highly durable poly-carbonated body. 

A high-grade HEPA filter is quite efficient to fight and remove PM 2.5, dust and other external pollutants whereas its double-layered activated carbon filter are responsible to eradicate harmful gases VOCs, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, bacteria, virus, toxic gases, and odour.

Being an energy efficient purifier, it consumes very less power which makes this product unique and the best air purifiers in India. It has an excellent clean air delivery rate of 250 M/hr which can clean 30 sqm in just 10 minutes. It is an ideal purifier for living space and bedroom.

Honeywell 53 Watt air purifier has a different presence in the market. Given air vents on both sides and at the bottom sucks the polluted air and its top vent releases the clean air. This filter is designed with 3D airflow technology which ensures the circulation of air on every furthest corner of the room.

With very low running costs and low sound operation, this purifier can give you better sleep and fresh day ahead. Its washable pre-filter prolongs the life of other filters. Polluted air first passes through a pre-filter afterwards from other filters. Pre-filter eradicates larger particles, pollutants, pet hair and soil from the air first.

If there is a toddler at your home then don’t worry Honeywell purifier is designed in such a way that no children can interrupt its function with the help of its child lock feature. This purifier has a life of 9 months if it runs  8 hrs daily.


  • Consume less power
  • Suitable for a room measuring 300 sq ft
  • Automatically switch on in case of power failure
  • Budget-friendly
  • Evenly circulation of cleaned air
  • Good built-in quality


  • No night mode
  • Not a true Hepa Filter

5- Atlanta Healthcare 7-Stage

Atlanta is a promising brand that offers the best technology purifier to keep the indoor air clean and healthy. This is the best home air purifier in India. The main highlight of this multi-talented beta 350 air purifier is its 7 stage purification cycle which eradicates pollutants from the air completely.

Stage 1: Pre-filter

It removes all coarse particles like dust, pollen, dust mite, human and pet hair. In this way, it increases the life and effectiveness of other filters. 

Stage2: Anti-bacterial filter

This filter is responsible for killing the present bacteria and viruses in the air to prevent infection.

Stage3: H13 grade Hepa

This filter eliminates fine dust, pollen, and smoke.

Stage4: Activated carbon

It eradicates bad odour and harmful gases like formaldehyde & VOCs

Stage5: Photocatalyst

It keeps away all allergens, mildew and airborne infections.


It neutralizes airborne microbes.

Stage7: Ionizer

It invalidates all suspended particles. ION is called ‘’Air Vitamins” because it improves the air quality and provides you with a forest-fresh environment.

I cluster technology is the unique air purification of Atlanta air purifier. A timer of 1-12 hours, 3 fan speed setting, and night mode is the added benefit you get with the product. Atlanta air purifier can cover 350 sq ft with the CADR rate of 170 m3/ is ideal for room, office, hospital and guest houses.

This air purifier is very effective to prevent ailments like asthma, allergy and other airborne infections. Other features such as air quality sensor, filter change indicator, Plug and play operation, multi-mode operation, and auto-switch on in case of power failure are also great advantages with this product.

Thus investing in a trusted brand like Atlanta will be a great decision. The high availability of fresh air will enhance memory level in children and other long term health benefits.


  • Advanced and reliable air purifier solution
  • Provide you forest fresh environment
  • Less noisy
  • Removes fine particles like 0.3 microns
  • Durable and portable
  • Keep indoor air free from dust (PM10, PM 2.5)


  • Not featured with child lock system

6.Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter and Smart App Connectivity

Xiaomi this purifier is the latest air purifier model that comes with the unmatched cleaning power of 380 m3/hr and coverage area up to 482 sq ft. MI Air purifier 3 is the best Air purifier for home in India that comes with a true HEPA filter and smart app connectivity.

You can check real-time PM 2.5 level, temperature, humidity level, and wifi connection.The OLED display shows you air quality index as well. Its voice control feature is really amazing. This rectangular box design will easily set at your modern home.

Having good quality plastic MI Air purifier comes with a 360-degree filter design to suck the polluted air from all 4 sides given air vents efficiently and throw it out by its top vent.

The main highlight of this purifier is the given OLED touch display and voice assistant. This touch display is an all-rounder function of this purifier with a touch button. A long press of this touch button will switch on the purifier whereas single touch will allow you to move on different operation modes.

You can control this purifier from your smartphone or voice control through the MI Home app. This feature is quite helpful when you are in bed or in another room. It is featured with a more efficient centrifugal fan which throws the clean air fastly. This purifier releases 6333 litres of clean air per minute.

This purifier comes with a 3 layer filter system with a new class 13 HEPA filter that is more efficient in detecting finer particles measuring 0.3 microns in size.coming to the life of these filters. It can last up to 6 months or depends on the use of an air purifier.


  • Support to google assistance and Amazon Alexa
  • Most Affordable Air purifier for home
  • Equipped with a True HEPA filter
  • Suitable for a bedroom size up to 484 sq ft
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Energy efficient
  • Higher CADR Rate
  • Smart Air purifier


  • Early filter replacement.

Best Air Purifier for Home in India

7. Philips 2000 series High-Efficiency Air purifier

This is the second model of Philips we are putting in the list of best Air Purifiers in India. Like the first one Philips, this model also comes with a true HEPA filter and Vitashield IPS. The main highlight of this Air purifier for home covers areas measuring up to 441 sq ft. With this air purifier, you can purify the air of your bedroom, living room and kitchen as well.

Philips’s high-efficiency air purifier ensures the healthier air always with its highly effective and dedicated general pollution, allergens and bacteria/virus auto modes. You can set the mode as per your preference and kind of air pollution. 

This advanced air purifier has accompanied with an innovative Aera sense technology which makes the invisible visible. It automatically senses fine particles even smaller than PM 2.5, indicates the real-time AQI level feedback and purifies the air.

Philips all Air purifier is featured with Vitashield IPS and nano protect filter which has an excellent clear air delivery rate 333 m3/hr. This extra-thick filter can sense ultrafine particles measuring 0.02 microns. It not only removes 99.9 % bacteria from the air but also keeps your area at bay from other harmful gases like formaldehyde, TVOC, and odour.

Philips is the best Air purifier brand and it is the best home Air purifier in India on a count of air quality it releases. Low noise level at sleep mode and adjustable light control is another great feature to make your sleep more comfortable. Philips is giving a 2-year warranty on products. 


  • 100 % ozone free filter
  • Adjustable light control
  • Higher CADR rate
  • Effective airflow
  • Ideal for medium to a large room


  • No voice assistance
  • No smart app control.

8- Mi Air Purifier 2C with True HEPA Filter 

Mi Air Purifier 2C is the most affordable air purifier yet designed exclusively for India. This purifier comes with a true Hepa filter with the capacity of removing 99.97 % minuscule particles including pet dander, measuring up to 0.03 microns.

With effective coverage of up to 452 sq ft, this purifier is not only the fastest but also the most effective Air purifier in this price range. It is very convenient to use as it is designed with DIY or Do it yourself filter replacement on this air purifier. You can change the filter on MI Air purifier 2C  your own in less than 10 seconds.

It gives you real-time air quality feedback by its infrared sensor through its green, orange, and red color indicator. Green color shows you that air is cleaned and less polluted whereas orange color presents moderate and red several pollution levels. This feature helps you to monitor the air conditioner in your household.

Mi Air purifier 2C comes with 360 -degree air suction capability which means it can take bad air from across the room and pump out the purified air to the furthest corner of the room. Mi Air purifier 2C is the best Air purifier in India under the price range of 7000.

If someone is looking to avoid allergy, dust, pollen. if you have pets at your home, MI Air purifier 2 c is your best friend. This purifier has higher CADR means clean air delivery rate which is 350 m3/hr that means it can clean air just in 10 minutes. 

Hence if I summed up then MI Air purifier 2C is the cheapest air purifier loaded with all essential features which an Air purifier should have for cleaning the air effectively. True HEPA filter, higher CADR, and higher coverage area is the main highlight of this air purifier. 

Pros – 

  • Most affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Higher CADR
  • Large area coverage
  • Filter replacement with ease
  • Effective Air circulation


  • Not a smart Air purifier

9. Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier TP04 

This is another highly effective Air purifier from the reputed brand Dyson. This purifier comes with 360-degree vacuum-sealed glass Hepa and tris impregnated activated carbon filter which has the capacity to detect microscopic allergens and pollutants as small as 0.01 in size and eliminate them up to 99.95%. Dyson is considered the best Air purifier brand in India for its highly effective performance and bladeless fan.

Dyson pure cool Air purifier can cost you a little higher but it is worth investing and value for money. Its advanced technology senses and indicates different air quality levels like PM 10, PM 2.5, VOC, NO2, and overall air quality separately. It gets updated every 12 seconds. 

This purifier has an intelligent reporting system with the Dyson link app. It is featured with WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity through which you can easily connect and pair your phone. And can see the real-time AQI graph on your smartphone screen. This Graph gets updated every 24 hours automatically.

Its powerful Air multiplier technology delivers 360 -litre clean air per second and 350-degree oscillation circulates the purified air through its side vent throughout the whole room effectively. You can personalize the angle 45 degrees, 95 degrees to 350 degrees through the Dyson link app.

This bladeless Air purifier comes with a night mode which gives you soundless operation and better sleep in dim light. 

It is certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly by Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America thus it is highly useful for asthmatic people. Its other feature like diffused mode, 10-speed settings, filter change notification on its LCD and on the app is also great Its sleep timer feature is also very useful in the night time 

Pros – 

  • Great performance
  • Detect up to 0.1 microns size pollutants
  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Higher CADR 
  • Suitable up-to 600 sqft area
  • Senses PM10, PM2.5, VOC & NO2. 
  • Easy to set up and control 
  • Super design and functionality
  • Worth the price
  • Powerful airflow
  • Low velocity
  • Silent Air purifier


  • Expensive but value for money

10. Havells Freshia Air Purifier

Havells Freshia AP-40 is the first purifier in our list covering the largest area 755 sq ft with higher CADR 350 m3/hr so far on such economic price under 14000. If you are looking for an Air purifier for a large area with a higher clear air delivery rate then Havells Freshia Air Purifier is the best Air purifier in India to give you cleaned air-breathing in.

This purifier is equipped with a high-efficiency particulate absorbing filter which can filter PM 2.5 up to 0.3 microns particles with its 99.99 removings efficiency. It comes with an AC motor which produces very less sound while its operation.

This purifier is designed with smart air technology which comprises 5 stages of filtration- Pre-Filter, Cold-Catalyst, Activated Carbon, Antibacterial and HEPA. These advanced and latest filter technology filters make this Air purifier more proficient.

Havells Freshia Air purifier is designed with ultra safety features like chile lock, sleep mode, auto mode, Automatic filter replacement reminder. Manual timer setting, 3 levels of fan speed and dust sensor. Odour sensor of this air purifier will eliminate and neutralize different odours like cooking, smoking, pet odours and others. 


  • Cost-effective
  • Noiseless Ac motor
  • Higher filtration efficiency -99.99%
  • Suitable for a larger area
  • Safe for children
  • Hassle-free operation


  • No internet integration
  • No smart App connectivity but a high performing air purifier


Air pollution is a slow poison that slowly getting into our body through inhaling and resulting in serious health concerns in the long term. Hence whether you are smoking or not your lungs are being affected on the same level. Thanks to the Air Purifier which makes this air breathable by filtering out these harmful particulates.

There is no doubt to say that Air pollution is increasing at an alarming rate which has made this air purifier a necessity for home rather than a luxury. Buy the air Purifier and give a healthy air to your loved ones.

MI Air Purifier 3 is the top picked up from the above list if you are looking economic yet loaded with all essential features along with higher CADR and larger coverage area. It is designed with True Hepa filter for purification of air efficiently and connectivity with the smart app is great to ease.

If you want an effective Air Purifier from a reputed brand then Philips 2000 series Air purifier with True HEPA Filter would be a great deal whereas for high polluted areas you can go with Dyson Pure Cool Link TP03.

Other Air purifiers are also best in their category as they have their own distinct and unique feature. We suggest you to go through our whole list of best Air purifier in India. This list will definitely make your buying decision Hassel free with great ease.

Air purifier Buying guide 

What is PM 2.5 and PM 10

PM 2.5 stands for particulate matter. It is that suspended matter present in the air that we breathe. These liquid molecules are so small that you can’t see them as they are 2.5 sizes in microns or diameter which 30times smaller than the human hair.

PM 10 is the particulate matter which has a size of 10 microns or less in diameter. It is relatively larger than PM 2.5. One PM 10 is equal to 4 Pm 2.5 particulate matter.

Effect on the health of PM 2.5 and PM 10

We keep hearing that PM 2.5 and PM 10 are the invisible and silent killers. PM 2.5 is more dangerous than PM 10. These small particles get inside our lungs when we inhale. Short term exposure with these particles can be seen in the form of eye irritation, nose running and sneezing etc.but continuous exposure can be very hazardous to our health. It brings several health problems like –

  • Lungs cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Early ageing
  • Asthma and other respiratory diseases
  • Low weight born baby
  • Premature delivery
  • Out of breath
  • Tiredness
  • Chest pain
  • Fast heart breathe
  • Increased inflammation.

Do you know Indoor air pollution is more dangerous than outdoor?

Whenever we talk about air pollution we talk about pollution from vehicles, pollution coming from industries, smoke, power plants, and construction. But in reality, pollution can be two types of indoor air pollution and outdoor air pollution. Doesn’t it sounds funny that how we can talk about a different type of pollution where the air is the same we are breathing in?

Sources of Indoor Air Pollutions:-

Do you know that indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor because of the higher level of pollutants? Indoor air pollution is more dangerous than outdoor because people, especially women and children spend more than 90% of their time at home and inhaling polluted air can make you and your family get sick and serious health concerns in the long term.

The main source of indoor air pollutants is Airborne particles, Tobacco smoke, and household odours. Airborne Particles or pollutants indoors include pet dander, bacteria, virus, pollen, dust allergens and fungi which can be responsible for asthma, nausea, difficulty in breathing, eye irritation and eye-watering whereas smoking is the prime reason of cancer.

Emissions are another major factor making the indoor air polluted no matter from where it is coming. Incense sticks and cones, mosquito coils and wood/gas stoves are the main contributors for producing black carbon emissions. It reaches the lungs and brings several respiratory and heart-related problems.

How air Purifier work ?

Air Purifiers usually consist of internal fan that pull the air in your home and pass through a single filter or Multiple filters that remove harmful particles like dust, pollen and bacteria. The air purifier pushes back clean air into the living space. This process repeats itself several times an hour, keeping your environment healthy.

Why Do You Need an Air Purifier?​

  1. Air purifiers with HEPA Filter are considered to be the best for those who suffer from asthma and other respiratory issues. Air Purifiers can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns, cleaning the air in your room.
  2. Air Purifiers ensure that your family is breathing clean and healthy air. Indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air.
  3. Air purifiers eliminate unpleasant odour. Active Carbon filters in Air purifier help to eliminate unpleasant odours so your indoor air remains fresh.
  4. Air purifier can help you to remove pet hair and pet dander from the air.
  5. Air Purifiers are designed to remove dust from the air. No matter how much you clean, dust accumulates. An air purifier helps to trap dust before it gets settled on the ground.
  6. Air purifiers can remove up to 99 percent of airborne bacteria from the air. The air is circulated through a series of internal filters. An air purifier helps to trap Air borne bacteria.
  7. Air purifiers clean the air before you breathe which keep your lungs healthy. Consistent exposure to dust, pollen, dander, and other airborne particles can cause long-term health issues for you and your family.
  8. An air purifier is advised for people who live near a construction site. The air that you breathe may be polluted due to the construction Activity. Construction activities that contribute to air pollution include: land clearing, operation of diesel machines, demolition of old buildings and using toxic materials for construction.
    Construction sites generate high levels of dust from cement, stone and silica. Construction dust is classified as particulate matter less than 10 microns in diameter, which are invisible to the naked eye. Exposure to such particles can affect both your lungs and your heart.
    Research has shown that PM10 penetrate deeply into the lungs and cause a wide range of health related problems such as respiratory illness, asthma, bronchitis and even cancer. People with heart or lung related diseases, children, and senior citizens are the most affected by particle pollution exposure.

Indoor Air Pollution Symptoms and Health Problems

Indoor Air Pollutants can cause a wide range of short-term and long-term health related problems. Exposure to high level of indoor air pollution can cause eye irritation, headaches, nose and throat irritation, fatigue, and dizziness. Long-term health problems due to air pollution can be quite serious. The person can suffer from heart problems, respiratory sickness, and even cancer.

Paint and VOCs

Paint can discharge Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air, putting you andyour family at risk. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can cause eye, nose and throat irritation, shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, nausea, and dizziness. Higher concentrations may cause irritation to the lungs, as well as damage to the liver, kidney, or nervous system.

Type of filter to purify the polluted air.

1. Pre Filter:-

Pre-filter is the first layer of a filter in any purifier. Polluted air first comes in contact with the Pre-filter. It catches large dust particles, pet hair, and mould and passes the air to the second filter either Hepa or any other one which an air purifier equipped with.

Pre-filter is a very essential feature of any purifier as it prolongs the life of the main filter True HEPA filter. The biggest advantage of pre-filter is that it can be washed in tap water anytime. Hence there is no need for replacement with this filter.

2. HEPA Filter:-

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency particulate air. This is an advanced filter technology used in an Air purifier to capture microscopic particles present in the air. These particles include:-

  • Particulate PM 2.5 and PM 10
  • Allergens & Pollen
  • Mould spores
  • Pet dander
  • Bacteria
  • Smoke & dust

Hepa filters come in various types like true Hepa, Hepa, Hepa like and Hepa type. But there is a huge difference between them. True Hepa filter is the most efficient one and best in their category. It captures the widest range of contaminants and removes the pollutants as small as 0.03 microns up to 99.97% .whereas Hepa, Hepa type and Hepa Like has the capacity to remove particles measuring 2 microns and larger.

Highlights of HEPA Filter:- 

  • Highest level of purification process
  • Remove small particles and do not release back into the air
  • Most effective

3. Activated Carbon Filter:-

Activated carbon filter is another kind of filter used in air purifiers. This filter is responsible to absorb and filter out harmful gases like formaldehyde & VOCs, fumes, chemicals and bad odours produced from smoke and cooking. This is a small piece of carbon-containing several tiny holes. These tiny holes make the surface area of carbon larger. Hence one gram of activated carbon has a surface area of more than 32000 sq ft. Higher the surface area, better the performance of Air purifier.

Carbon filters can not capture particulates like 2.5, pollen and pet allergens. That’s why it does not come alone in any air purifier rather it is accompanied by another filter like Hepa Filter to capture other impurities like dust, lint, mould spores, smoke, other chemicals, and air particles. 

The filtering rate depends on the size of the carbon filter. Bigger the carbon filter you choose, the higher the filtration rate you will get.Like Hepa filter activated carbon filter needs to be replaced once it is full of impurities.

4. Ionic Filter:-

This is a different kind of filtration system or another way to clean the air.  It is called Ionic, Ionizer and ionization. These filters work on the basis of emitting negatively charged ions into the air. When these ions come into contact with positively charged ions like pollutants, airborne particles, dust, pollen, and bacteria tends to form a bond with them.

Or we can say that these ions get attached to the impurities present in the air and which makes the air polluted. It forces these impurities to cling to the surface. Ionic filter does not remove the contaminants rather it makes these air particles heavier than normal which causes them to fall on the ground.

Few Ionic air purifiers, equipped with electrostatic collection plates are able to eliminate ultrafine particles as small as 0.03 microns or diameter.

5. UV Filter or UV light:-

UV light is a kind of electromagnetic radiation like radio waves and x rays. UV filter is a kind of  UV lamp inside the filter to inactivate or neutralize the airborne microbes and microorganisms like mould, spores, bacteria, and viruses.

Few Air purifiers are featured with UV light technology. There is a chamber of UV light after the main filter like Hepa Filter. The air passes through the Hepa filter first and then comes in contact with UV Light. And before releasing into the room air goes through with another filter.UV-C light is not directly released into the room hence these purifiers are properly safe for us.

What is CADR-?

CADR stands for a clean air delivery rate. This numeric value will tell you exactly how fast your Air purifier purifies the air or how much cleaned air your air purifier can deliver per hour. On the other hand, how the air purifier is effective to clean the air. If your room size is large then its better to choose an Air purifier having higher CADR.

AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) invented CADR. This measurement is for dust, pollen, and smoke. Hence you should look for air purifiers designed with higher CADR only for an efficient purification of your home air.

Feature you should look in an Air purifier for home

  • Filter Type:- The very first thing a consumer should look atthe type of filter used in an Air purifier. As we discussed above True Hepa Filter is the advanced filter technology you should go with. Pre-filter, Hepa filter, and activated carbon filter are the must-have filter an air purifier should have for better purification.
  • CADR Rate:- The second next factor for the best Air purifiers for home is the Clean air delivery rate which will show you how effective a purifier works. Higher the CADR, the faster it purifies the air and larger it covers the area.
  • Noise Level:- Noise level depends on the fan speed. Faster the fan speed, higher the noise level. Hence fan speed should be adjustable.
  • Price:- You should decide the air purifier from price and filter replacement cost too.
  • Air quality Sensor:- An Air purifier must see the air quality sensor so that you can review the report of an air purifier from time to time.
  • Notification of filter replacement:- With this feature, an Air purifier will notify you when its filter needs to be replaced so that you can breathe cleaned air always.
  • Mobile app connectivity:- There are some purifier comes with internet integration or app connectivity through which you can control or operate air purifier sitting in any room.
  • Night Mode:- This is another essential feature you should look for. Night mode enables a purifier to adjust the noise level and lights as per the sunlight.
  • Child Lock:- This feature will save your children and don’t let them tamper the air purifier function.

Tips for Using an Air Purifier

Choose the Best Location

Single-room air purifiers should be placed in the room where you spend the maximum time. Mostly it is placed in your bedroom or living room. As Air Purifiers are portable you can easily move them from room to other room if needed. Ensure that air purifier is at least kept 3 feet away from any walls or furniture, this will help air to circulate around the room.

Keep Windows and Doors Closed

An air purifier can’t clean the entire outdoors air. It is highly recommended that you close all windows and doors when the Air Purifier is on. This will keep the purified air inside the room.

Don’t Turn It Off

Leave your air purifier on all the time. Today’s air purifiers are energy-efficient and turn off automatically once the air in your room is completely clean.

Cleaning or Replacing Air Filter

Cleaning the filter and removing the build-up can help to increase the life of the filter and allow it to be reused.

FAQ Best Home Air Purifier in India

Which is the best air purifier for homes in India?

Philips AC1215/20 is the best Air purifier in India.

Does an air purifier help with Covid?

When used properly, air cleaners and HVAC filters can help reduce airborne contaminants including viruses in a building or small space. By itself, air cleaning or filtration is not enough to protect people from COVID-19.

Do air purifiers cut down on dust?

High-efficiency particulate air filters, known as HEPA filters, are able to remove 99.97 per cent of dust particles that are 3 microns in diameter, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. As of now, air purifiers that have a HEPA filter tend to be the best at filtering out dust from your space

Do I need an air purifier if I have AC?

Air purifier devices help you to clean the air in your room by filtering the contaminants. Air conditioners simply remove heat and humidity from your room. It has no role in removing pollutants.

Which one is better dehumidifier or air purifier?

Air Purifier is the best choice. Air purifiers devices help to clean the air of allergens, mold spores, dust, bacteria, and pet dander. A dehumidifier sucks in moisture and reduces the humidity levels in the air this helps to reduce the spread of dust mites and mold growth.

What is the frequency of filter replacements in an air purifier and How do I know when to change the filters?

It completely depends on the quality of indoor and outdoor air. Dirtier the air faster your filters will reach their maximum capacity. Normally the filter is replaced every 12 to 18 months.  Some air purifiers come with indicators that tell you when to change the filters.

What is the major drawback of having air purifiers?

Some Air purifiers release excess amounts of ions iron in the air and even ozone gas which can be harmful. Replaceable filters are very expensive

Some more Asked Questions on Air Purifiers

We have also answered some more questions apart from FAQs on Air Purifiers.

Best air purifier for home?

  • Samsung Best Air Purifier in India    
  • Kent Best Air Purifier in India
  • Aeroguard from Eureka Forbes Best Air Purifier in India
  • Sharp Best  Air Purifier in India
  • MI Air Best  Purifier in India
  • Dyson Best Air Purifier in India   
  • Philips Best Air Purifier in India
  • Honeywell Best  Air Purifier in India    

Where should I place my air purifier?

You should place the air purifier in the room you spend the majority of your time in. For most people, this place is the bedroom.

What air purifiers are best for pet dander?

You should place the air purifier in the room you spend the majority of your time in. For most people, this place is the bedroom.

Do Air Purifiers Remove Odours?

Yes, Air purifiers effectively eliminate odour from the air. The activated carbon eliminates unpleasant odour, cigarette smoke, virus, toxic gases, and other harmful gases from the air so that your indoor air remains fresh. HEPA filters are not as effective in eliminating odours as they are in eliminating pollution particles. 

What Is the Best Air Purifier in India for Someone with Asthma?

The air purifiers that come with HEPA filters and activated carbon filters are best for someone with asthma. An air purifier with both filter types will remove particles, dust, pollen, dander, unpleasant odour, cigarette smoke, virus, toxic gases, and other harmful gases pollutants that can cause asthma.

Best Air Purifier for Home  with Hepa Filter

  • Samsung Best Air Purifier for home in India with HEPA Filter
  • Kent Best Air Purifier for home in India with HEPA filter
  • Aeroguard from Eureka Forbes Best Air Purifier for home in India with HEPA Filter 
  • Sharp Best  Air Purifier for Home in India with HEPA Filtre
  • MI Air Best  Purifier for home  in India
  • Dyson Best Air Purifier for Home  in India with HEPA Filter  
  • Philips Best Air Purifier for Home in India with HEPA Filter
  • Honeywell Best  Air Purifier for home in India with HEPA Filter   

We at daily syrup thought to share this list so you can live in a healthy atmosphere at home. All the days in out with increased traffic and congestion in the city hardly any spheres are left with good air quality. To increase your health you need clean air.

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