Betel Leaf benefits

Betel Leaf benefits
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There would be hardly anyone who doesn’t know about Betel Leaf or Paan. People across the country enjoy paan. Betel Leaf is also used in auspicious functions, pooja path etc.  Let us know about other Betel Leaf benefits.

Betel Leaf also acts like a herb. As per research Betel Leaf has many medicinal properties. 

Betel leaf also benefits in the following diseases- 

  • Headache
  • Eye disease
  • Ear pain
  • Mouth disease
  • Cough and Cold
  • Heart disease 
  • Respiratory diseases.

According to Ayurveda, you can benefits from the medicinal properties of betel leaf in following-

  • Inflammation
  • Filariasis
  • Impotence
  • Physical weakness
  • Wounds
  • Epilepsy
  • Fever
  • Snake bites

What is a Betel Leaf or Paan?

Betel Leaf or Paan is also called Nagaballi, Srivati, Amalvati, Amlaarsa. It has been used for many years, in auspicious works and celebrations. It has been used as an aromatic mouth-cleanser, and taste enhancer. 

Its stems are smooth, strong, and small roots climb upwards. Its leaves are as big and wide as the peepal leaves. The colour of betel leaves is green. 

Betel Leaf’s botanical name is Piper betle Linn. It is from the Piperaceae family. We also get to know by these names: 


English- Betel leaf (betel leaf), betel vine.

Sanskrit- Nagavalli, Nagavallari, Saptashiri, Tambulavalli, Tambuli, Nagini, Tambool, 

Medicinal Properties of Betel Leaf or Paan

The Ayurvedic qualities of deeds and effects are: –

It is Pungent, warm, sweet, alkaline, astringent in nature. The old betel vine is very juicy, tasty, aromatic, sweet, and pungent. Its also aphrodisiac, laxative and acts as mouth freshener. 

Betel Leaf Benefits and Uses

Benefits of Betel Leaf  in Relief from Headache

Use of betel is beneficial in headaches. Tying betel leaves around the ear provides relief from headache.

Eye Disease

Mix equal amount of honey in betel juice. Applying it on the eyes like kajal is beneficial.  Betel juice is beneficial in night blindness.  Contact the nearest Ayurvedic doctor for more information.

Ear Pain

Betel leaf is also beneficial in ear pain. Putting 1-2 drops of juice of it in the ear provides sound relief. 

Betel Leaf Benefits for Oral Disease

Take 3-3 grams of Rumi Mastagi, Betel nut and Khadir saar. Grind it with cooked Betel Leaf. Its dental powder is beneficial in the pain and swelling of gums and root of teeth.  Chewing the root of the betel makes the voice mellow.

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Benefits of Betel Leaf to Treat Cold in Kids

Children benefit from the use of betel leaves even in winter. Heat the betel leaves. Put castor oil in it and tie it on the chest. It works.

Cough and Cold

Adults can also take advantage by the use of betel leaf in winter. Grind betel root and liquorice. Consuming it with honey provides relief in cough and cold.

Betel Leaf Benefits in Fighting with Whooping Cough

Betel juice helps in reducing the swelling and makes the cough come out easily. Mix 3-5 betel leaves juice with a little lukewarm water. Gargle with this mix is also beneficial. Mix of 5-10 ml betel juice with honey also benefits in dry cough.

Respiratory Disease

Heat betel leaves and tie them on the chest of the patient with respiratory diseases.  In diphtheria disease, consuming betel juice reduces swelling of the throat.

Heart Related Disorder

Consumption of betel leaf is beneficial in heart weakness and heart disorders.  Drinking betel syrup increases the strength of the heart, cures Kaphaja.

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Betel Leaf benefits in Constipation

High amount of saliva is released when the betel leaf is chewed. It helps in digestion by increasing digestive fire. Betel Leaf Juice helps in upset stomach. 

Breast Swelling

Sometimes women are not able to breastfeed. As a result there is swelling in breasts. Heat the Betel leaf and tie on breast. It helps.


You can also treat impotence with the medicinal properties of betel leaf. Tying betel leaves on the penis provides relief in impotence. For better benefits, consult an Ayurvedic doctor.


Betel Leaf also benefits in filaria. Take seven Betel Leaves and make a paste. Add a little rock salt to it. Drinking it with lukewarm water is beneficial in filariasis.

Benefits of Betel leaves for Wound Healing 

Tie the Betel leaves over the wound. Wounds heal quickly with this.

Betel Leaf Uses to Treat Epilepsy

Consumption of Paan or Betel leaves is beneficial in the case of epilepsy. Women should drink 5-10 ml betel juice mixed with 100 ml milk when they have epilepsy.


Take 3 ml extract of Betel leaves and heat.. Feeding it 2-3 times a day cures fever. If the fever is not cured, it is beneficial to eat ghee cooked with grated betel leaves.

Reduces Swelling

If there is swelling or abscess in any part of the body, You can cure it with betel leaf. Heat and tie the betel leaf on the swelling or abscess  It cures swelling and pain.

Beneficial in Insect Bite

Betel Leaf benefits in insect bites. Apply betel juice to the bite area. This reduces the damage. 

Beneficial Part of Betel Leaf 

Leaves, The root, The fruit, Oil.

How to use Betel Leaf?

It should be used in such quantities: –  Juice – 5-10 ml

Betel Leaf Side Effects

Consumption of Betel leaf can cause these disadvantages: –

Eating betel leaf is also an addiction. Eating them for the first time may have some effect on the brain like some dizziness, nervousness, restlessness etc. All these complaints gradually go away once it becomes a habit. Chewing the betel leaves a high amount of saliva, which helps in digestion. However, the consumption of betel leaf along with tobacco and betel nuts is harmful.

Overeating betel leaves reduces hunger, so they should be eaten in moderation. Consuming a high amount of catechu (Kattha) with betel leaves causes lung problems. Excess of lime with betel spoils the teeth. 

Before using Betel Leaf, please consult an Ayurvedic doctor.

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