10 Best Baby Body Wash in India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

10 Best Baby body wash In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide
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Are you looking for the good quality baby body wash in India? Let us help you!

Baby body wash are soapy formulas that help in giving bath to babies and newborns without damaging their delicate skin. They can also be used to clean and wash your baby’s hair and scalp. These mild soapy liquids are better than baby soaps. They replenish the baby’s skin as well as help in locking moisture. However, there are not many options for baby body wash in the Indian market.

Due to this reason, we came up with a list of top ten baby body wash that you can consider buying. We have discussed all these products separately and in vivid detail. Our product description has all the details about the features and advantages of the product. Apart from that, we have also included a buying guide at the bottom of our list for first-time buyers.

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Let us now start our discussion for the top rated baby body wash available online in India –

1. Himalaya Baby Body Wash

Himalaya Baby Body Wash

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On the top position of our list, we are going to discuss this exclusive body wash by the very famous brand Himalaya. Himalaya has been a household name in India for years. They are known very well in serving people with the best self-care products. Their baby body wash is nothing less. You may buy this gentle baby wash in four sizes. These sizes may have – 40 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, or 400 ml of the product. The price of the product varies with the amount of the body wash. All you have to do is simply mix a small amount of the body wash into warm water and mix well.  However, we advise you to check the temperature of the water before letting your baby in.

This body wash is enriched with herbs and natural ingredients such as – milk, honey, castor oil, and sunflower oil. It also helps in alleviating itching and rashes from the skin. The formula of the body wash is entirely soap-free and is very effective on the skin of babies. Additionally, the formula has a balanced pH and can be used to bathe babies from head to toe. This body wash also does not make the eyes of your babies tear up or get irritated. The best quality of the body wash is that it is free of harmful chemicals such as – SLS, parabens, and synthetic colours. You may also use this product as a shampoo to clean your baby’s scalp.

2. Dove Baby Body Wash

Dove Baby Body Wash - Best Baby Body Wash in India

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When thinking of gentle brands, what better brand to think of than Dove? Dove makes gentle products even for adults. Due to this reason, there is no doubt that their baby products will be extra gentle. The body washes we have discussed here is available for purchase in two sizes. These sizes are – 200 ml and 400 ml. The body wash is so mild that it can even be used for bathing newborn babies. The product does not contain sulphates, parabens, or phthalates. These chemicals are proven to cause skin irritation and drying, which is why Dove has eliminated them.

You can bathe your baby from head to toe with this body wash; that too from his/her day one. The formula used in the product has a balanced pH and is entirely hypoallergic. It will never cause any skin irritation. Additionally, the formula has been tested by pediatricians, ophthalmologists, and dermatologists to make it even safer to be used on babies. This rich-moisture body wash also helps in retaining moisture in the skin for a more extended period. Moreover, the product contains some nutrients that are known to be found in the skin naturally. The product comes in a beautiful white and blue container. Since the product is gentle, you are advised to store it in a cool and dry place.

3. SebaMed Baby Body Wash

SebaMed Baby Body Wash

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You can buy this baby body wash by SebaMed in two sizes. These sizes have a different amount of product that is – 50 ml, 200 ml, or 400 ml. The formula of the product is very mild and helps in cleaning the baby’s skin very well. The emollient formula balances the moisture and helps in maintaining the delicate skin. This gentle body wash can be used every day for bathing your babies without worrying. It contains squalene and allantoin (derived from aloe vera) to help soothe the texture as well as soften the skin. The pH of the formula is well balanced at 5.5 and is sugar-based.

Additionally, the product is fortified with lipids that are claimed to have similarities with vermix (found in the womb of the mother).  This gives extra skin hydration and protection. The product is also free from any irritants that can cause skin irritation. It contains 100% botanical ingredients that make the chances of an allergic reaction diminish. Moreover, the formula of the product does not have any formaldehyde and does not cause tears to form in the eyes. The pleasant fragrance and the mild nature of the formula make the body wash suitable even for newborns. The product is made in Germany and also comes with instructions that explain how you can use the product well.

4. Mamaearth Baby Body Wash

Mamaearth Baby Body Wash

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This affordable yet effective body wash by Mamaearth is available in a 200 ml bottle. The Coconut based formula of the body wash makes it an all-time favourite product for moms across the country. It can be used as a shampoo as well as a body wash for babies. Mamaearth is the first Asian brand to be approved by MadeSafe. They use natural products that are not harmful to the skin in any way. Additionally, the product does not contain any toxins or chemicals that are proven to cause harm. The product also does not cause any allergic reactions and is entirely hypoallergic.  Experts have clinically and dermatologically tested this baby body wash.

It contains many natural ingredients such as – Aloe vera extract, jojoba oil, orange essential oil, etc. It also does not irritate the eyes and is free of SLS. Orange essential oil is present in the product because the vitamin C in the oil is known to enhance immunity. Whereas jojoba oil is known to be rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin B. Additionally, the formula does not have any synthetic fragrances. The test-center where the product is tested is located in Europe. Before the product reaches you, it is passed through rigorous tests there. You never have to worry about the quality of the product as Mamaearth only serves you with the best.

5. Mom and World Baby Body Wash

Mom and World Baby Body Wash

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On number five of our list, we have the 200 ml baby body wash by the brand Mom and World. The formula of the product is claimed to be tear-free and rich in cold-pressed Argan Oil. Argan Oil is known to have a high amount of vitamin E that helps in softening and renewing the skin. It also gives extra hydration and a silky smooth texture to the skin. Additionally, the formula of the product also has sweet almond cold-pressed oil, which is rich in emollients and many essential vitamins. The product is cruelty-free, which means that the brand did not use any animals for testing the product.

Moreover, it does not contain any sulphates, mineral oil, parabens, or other toxins. The oat extract in the body wash acts as a skin protestant and gently removes the dead skin cells. This body wash is also claimed to be hypoallergic, which makes it even better. It is specially created for everyday care of infants and has been loved dearly by many parents across the country. It has also been passed through many clinical examinations by experts and is a product that is well-reviewed by customers on the e-commercial sites. The lather workup of the product is commendable. It will create sufficient lather even with a small amount of the product. Buy this product now to make bath time playful and safer for your baby.

6. Mothercare Baby Body Wash

Mothercare Baby Body Wash

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This 300 ml baby product comes at a very affordable price and can be shipped to all across India. The skin of babies is extremely delicate, which is why you have to be very careful with the baby products. Mothercare baby body wash is a very mild product that contains many natural extracts such as- extracts from chamomile and olive oil. These ingredients help in eliminating any dirt or impurities from the body. They also moisturize and hydrate the skin very well. Additionally, all the contents in the formula of the product are such that they never cause any skin allergies and irritation. This baby body wash is also an excellent and suitable choice for bathing newborns.

You can apply the product to your baby’s hair as well without worrying about them tearing up. The product is manufactured under the supervision of experts that have been trained for many years. The aroma of the body wash will leave babies smelling good for the rest of the day. Additionally, the bottle that the product comes in is made of durable plastic. It does not cause any wastage or leakage of the body wash. This body wash has been tested and passed by expert dermatologists and a midwives panel. The product is very mild, but if it causes any reaction, we recommend you to stop using it immediately.

7. Life & Pursuits Baby Body Wash

Life & Pursuits Baby Body Wash

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The seventh position on our list has been secured by the baby body wash by Life & Pursuits. This baby product is available for purchase in a 200 ml bottle. It is great for pampering your babies with a lukewarm bath. The product contains natural extracts of aloe vera and jojoba oil. Additionally, Coconut has been used to create the base of the formula. These ingredients are known to nourish the skin without depleting it of already present moisturizing factors. The formula has a balanced pH which matches the pH of the natural skin of babies.

Moreover, the formula of the body wash has been certified by NATRUE (in Europe) and is safe to be used on the sensitive skin of babies. The formula is also enriched with extracts of organic neem that helps prevent dry skin and scars. The additional tulsi and turmeric extracts help in calming the skin and improving its texture. The body wash has a sweet fruity aroma that remains with babies for hours and keeps them fresh. This baby body wash can also be used by children who are diagnosed with skin allergies and irritations. However, the product is not supposed to treat and heal these already existing skin conditions. The package dimensions are – 15.2 X 5.4 X 5.3 cm. Moreover, the product has been well rated and reviewed by many customers.

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8. Palmer’s Baby Body Wash

Palmers Baby Body Wash

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The formula of this body wash contains cocoa butter as well as shea butter. These two ingredients are known to be extremely nourishing for the skin. They are also known to replenish skin cells and help in creating a barrier from harmful allergens. The product comes in a 300 ml bottle made from plastic. The bottle is light yellow and does not cause any leaks because of its tightly closing head. Due to this reason, you can also take this body wash with you while you are travelling with your baby. The product also contains Vitamin E, which is known to fight and provide protection from harmful free radicals on the skin.

Moreover, this body wash does not contain any harmful chemicals such as – sulphates, phthalates, and parabens. You may also use it as a shampoo to clean your baby’s scalp thoroughly. The formula has been approved by dermatologists. It is hypoallergic and does not cause any rashes on your baby’s skin. The lavender and chamomile extracts in the formula also help in soothing the skin. Additionally, the product does not contain detergents. A detergent containing body wash creates a lot of lather but also causes dry skin; this body wash does not do that. It also helps in softening the baby’s skin. However, the price of the product lies at the high-end, so we do not suggest you buy it if it does not fit your budget.

9. Pigeon Baby Body Wash

Pigeon Baby Body Wash - Best Baby Wash in India

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This body wash is the most affordable and cost-effective product on our list. However, the amount of products is huge i.e., 500 ml. So we recommend you buy it only if you have tried it before. Otherwise, the product will get entirely wasted if you do not like it. Like other products on this list, this product is also hypoallergic and suitable for use as a shampoo. Its formula has a balanced pH, which helps the skin in absorbing moisture well. Additionally, the product is suitable for a newborn and is also non-irritating. This mild baby body wash helps in preventing dry skin and moisture loss.

The formula contains the perfect blend of natural ingredients such as – rosehip, olive, and chamomile. These ingredients help in strengthening the barrier of the skin of babies. These ingredients also have antimicrobial properties and help in fighting microbes as well as oxidants. The body wash can also help alleviate the symptoms of already existing skin irritation to some extent. The skin also remains healthy and free from dryness after bathing. Moreover, the body wash has a very mild fragrance that can last for a couple of hours after the bath. The product dimensions are – 10.2 X 5.3 X 19.8 cm. It has also been reviewed by many parents and guardians and also has a very high rating.

10. Forest Essentials Baby Body Wash

Forest Essentials Baby Body Wash

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On number ten, we have the baby body wash by the well-known and luxurious brand Forest Essentials. It comes in a 200 ml bottle, which is very easy to open and close. The product can be used on the hair and scalp of your baby. It has a no-tear formula that is free from sulphates. This body wash helps in replenishing natural moisture. It contains derivatives of coconut oil that promotes hair growth on the scalp and acts as an excellent skin moisturizer. Other ingredients of the body wash include – reetha, aloe vera, and neem. The shelf life of the product is almost 12 months and can be used daily.

Other main ingredients of the product include pure ghee, also known as clarified butter. It helps in maintaining the skin moisture all day long. Forest Essentials is known to use Ayurvedic formulations that are available in ancient scriptures that date back to a thousand years (some even more than that). Moreover, all the ingredients of the product are organically grown. The product is made in India, and the brand has incorporated all the traditional ways to manufacture it. The body wash weighs 281 grams, and the product dimensions are – 17.6 X 5 X 5 cm. However, the price of the product lies at the very high-end.

How To Choose The Right Baby Body Wash – Baby Body Wash Buying Guide

Here are some important things to consider while choosing a good baby body wash for your child:

  • Consider the ingredients: When it comes to a baby’s body wash, this aspect becomes the most important. Before you buy a product, always check its ingredients. Ingredients that are nourishing and non-comedogenic will always be the best. The body wash must also not cause any tears. Also, consider buying the body wash that has natural ingredients.
  • Consider if the product is toxin-free: There are many harmful chemicals that are proven to cause an allergic reaction as well as skin irritation. Apart from that, these ingredients also take natural moisture away from the skin. These ingredients can be sulphates (SLS/SLES), phthalates, and parabens. Before buying a body wash for your baby, never forget to consider checking this.
  • Consider the quality: The quality of the product can be determined by checking whether experts have tested it. A good baby body wash is the one that has been passed through rigorous testing. It is also the one that has been approved by pediatricians, dermatologists and ophthalmologists. If the product that you have shortlisted fulfills all of these requirements, then you may continue your purchase.
  • Consider the price: You may not think about the price too much when you are buying products for your baby. However, you should not forget that certain products in the market have extremely basic features and still cost you a lot of money. Think carefully and buy the product that fits your budget perfectly. This way, you will be able to use the product regularly without fail.
  • Consider the amount: Before you go on a buying spree, consider the amount of product that you will be getting. Sometimes we tend to believe that the product is very affordable. However, the amount of product we get is very less. This is a famous marketing strategy which can disappoint you extremely. Hence, always check the amount of the body wash.
  • Consider the packaging: You should consider the packaging to the body wash as it will help you a lot. It will give you ideas about whether the packaging is travel-friendly or not. In our experience, baby wash bottles that have a pump are not supposed to be taken while travelling. Hence, whenever you are buying a body wash, consider this aspect.
  • Read online reviews: There must be people who would have purchased the product before you. Their reviews will help you get a better understanding of the product. If the product is not as good as it is claimed to be, you will get to know it through their reviews. Reading reviews should be your habit as it will save you from disappointments.

How To Use Baby Body Wash?

You will need a bathtub or bucket of warm water, body wash, body lotion, sponge and fresh clothes before you start bathing the baby. Follow the steps below to begin the process.

  • Fill the bucket or the tub with water and check the temperature of the tub. Ensure that the water is not too hot, and it is not too cold.
  • Now, hold the baby parallel to the ground and splash some water on the baby’s neck and chest using the sponge.
  • You must also wipe the eyes of the baby using the wet cotton ball. Go back to chest and start bathing his body. You can now take the body wash and form lather in your hand.
  • Apply the lather to your baby gently and do not over bath the baby. Do not try to scrub the baby while you are using the baby body wash.
  • Now, you can need to use the warm water to rinse the body wash from the baby. Ensure that you are not splashing the water on the baby’s face and head.
  • You should keep the baby warm by splashing the warm water on the baby during the bath. Also, ensure that you are cleaning the neck and back of the ears of the baby.
  • If you want to clean the baby’s hair, then save it for the last and clean the baby’s head at last. You can go ahead and shampoo the baby’s hair now and rinse them. You should wash the hair at the end so that the baby doesn’t feel cold.
  • Now, wrap the baby with the towel and dry him using a separate towel. You can conclude the bath by applying a baby moisturizer on the baby.
  • You can also use this time to massage the baby as it calms down the baby. Be gentle with the baby and do not twist the arms or legs.
  • Once the baby is dry, you can sprinkle baby powder and then conclude the bathing session by putting on the baby’s fresh clothes.

This is the right way to use the baby body wash, and you must not use it directly on the baby. Ensure that you are rubbing the body wash on your hand and then applying to the baby. Bathing the baby would often cause dryness, so ensure that you are using a good baby body lotion for a massage before concluding everything.

Baby Body Wash Frequently Asked Questions

How often does a newborn baby need a bath?

Usually, you should not give a bath to a newborn baby every day. If you are doing it too many times, the sensitive skin of the baby can get dry and cause damage to the skin. So, you should be very careful about giving a bath to your baby. You should avoid it as much as possible at least the umbilical cord dries and the baby is comfortable to take bath.

Is a sponge bath good or tub bath good for the baby?

If it is for a newborn baby, you should always make sure that you are keeping them away from the bath as much as possible. You should clean them immediately after changing, feeding them, and keep the burp clothes also clean from time to time. If you think it is necessary, you should go for a sponge bath. You can use warm water and baby body washes and clean the baby. The sponge is easy for the parents of newborn babies compared to the tub bath.

Is baby body wash safe for newborn babies?

You should not use any kind of a wash for babies in excess. The skin is very sensitive and makes the skin dry. Just make sure that you are using it only when required. Most of the baby body wash is made without the use of chemicals and toxins and hence they are safe. But it is again your responsibility to make sure that the baby body wash that you are picking is safe.

My baby’s skin folds get dirty. How should I clean them?

It is a very common problem with most of the newborn babies. The skin folds are present near the neck, chin, and thighs. The skin in these areas is very sensitive and hence you should not rub those areas too much. Take the baby’s body wash and mix it with water and clean the skin folds. Make sure you are just wiping off the dirt and not rubbing.

Can I use baby massage oil before using baby body wash?

Yes, it is very good to give body massage to the baby before you take them for a bath. There are many advantages of massage. Babies sleep well, it helps in the proper growth of the baby, the hands and legs get strong with massage, and also their skin will become smooth. So, it is good to give body massage to the baby before body wash or bath.

How can I know which is the best baby body wash?

There are many brands available in the Indian market and so it is tough to give just one name or brand that is best for your baby. You will have to do some research about the baby body wash available for you and make sure that you are picking an option that does not have availability issues in the future. As it is a baby product you cannot keep changing from time to time. Also, check the list of ingredients; especially if the baby is allergic to any ingredient, you need to be very careful.


Buying a baby body wash can be difficult because you are always skeptical about the quality of the ingredients in the product. Many brands claim that their product is the best. However, you may have a different experience. But even after all this, you should stop worrying. We are saying this because we have made our list after hours of research and reading reviews of many people. We recommend you read the product description carefully before making a purchase.

You should also read our buying guide and eliminate the products that do not meet your requirements. We hope that our list helped you in choosing the best baby body wash for your baby.

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