10 Best Baby Food Nibblers in India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Best Baby Food Nibblers in India 2022
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Do you want to get your baby a comforting toy during the non-feeding hours? Well, baby food nibbler is the most preferred choice, and it can help your baby feel comfortable by chewing the food inside the silicon nibble.

No doubt that pacifiers come in handy and provide a range of advantages, but if you want to add food into it and want to have something to eat, then food nibblers are effective and efficient in all kinds.

You might be thinking that, are such products available in India? Well, it was, and it is. Many brands established a conquering market in India and selling food Nibbler from half a decade, which can make you consider it for sure.

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The best thing about this product is, babies can chew on food for a couple of minutes, and when there is nothing to extract, they will automatically leave it. This method is highly efficient and provides the advantage of in taking calories from soft food. You can choose several types of easy to chew food.

The primary advantage of a food nibbler is, it let you baby extract the juice from food and not chocking by swallowing by mistake. They can have food nibbler in the mouth for hours, and it is an efficient choice in all kinds, which makes sense.

Over the past couple of years, teaching your baby to chew food is easy, that’s why you can prefer it. Make sure that you choose a product that is highly reliable, let your baby chew food, and eradicate common issues like swallowing food by mistake. High-quality food nibblers are the best choice to go with.

Are you feeling confused in such a huge variety? Worry not because we bought you a list of top 10 best food nibbler in India of your choice.

We did the research part and looked into all the quality products based on their design, built quality, effectiveness, easy to use feature, and durability.

Baby Food Nibblers in India

We also talked to people from the forum and consulted with experts to arrange all the products on this list so that you can make an easier decision.

Let’s begin by exploring the top choices available in the Indian market

1. Fisher-Price Ultra Care Food Nibbler

Best Baby Food Nibblers in India 2022

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With the two-in-one purpose design and astonishing build quality, Fisher-Price Ultra Care Food Nibbler is an easy to prefer choice. It is not only a fruit only, but it is also a teething toy at the same time, which can help your baby chew it for hours and getting a comforting feel when their teeth are growing.

It has the smart and anti-choking design so that the tiniest food pieces go inside the baby’s mouth one by one so that they don’t choke at all.

The design is up to the mark, and it is attractive at the same time, which will ensure that you are going to avail of an impressive deal. One more thing to talk about is built quality, and it is remarkably good enough to prefer.

Having a 100% BPRA free product means safety, and you can expect great durability, which is kind of awesome to spend your money.

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2. Fisher-Price Food and Fruit Nibbler

Fisher-Price Food and Fruit Nibbler

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Putting the same brand in second place can ensure that Fisher-Price is a credible brand so far. They offer great design and color options. This time, you are spending a way less amount from the first product and getting silicon made food nibbler. It is also a BPA-free product, and it is safe for your baby to nibble at.

The size is reliable, and you can add fruit or veggies to chew on. It Will be easy for your baby, and you are most likely to prefer the built quality.

These are two impressive things. One more thing to add here is, the price is considerably lower, and you get three different color options. Due to this, you will feel that it is not only a safe but highly reliable product.

The minimum recommended age is six months for your baby. After that, you can consider the purchase without any problem.

3. Mee Mee Fruit and Food Nibbler

Mee Mee Fruit and Food Nibbler

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For a similar price point, our next nibbler of choice is Mee Mee Fruit and Food Nibbler. It is a well-made product with the use of BPA-free material to serve the exact need in an effective manner. The soft silicone sack is easy to nibble on, and your baby can learn to chew food and veggies in an effective manner.

The size is small, and it is lightweight at the same time. The cap is easy to unlock, but the only issue is, you can’t remove it completely, which might be a problem. Apart from that, everything is great for the price point.

Even this food nibble comes for an affordable price point, which will fulfill your needs in an effective manner.

This brand is quite popular for its design, and they have so many other products like pacifiers and more, which can ensure that you are going with a quality brand.

4. Honey Boo BPA-Free Silicone Food Nibbler

Honey Boo BPA-Free Silicone Food Nibbler

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Quite an impressive design to attract your baby and make them play with a food nibbler is Honey Boo BPA-Free Silicone Food Nibbler. It is completely safe to use and BPA free.

The primary quality is attractive and colorful design so that your baby loves playing with the same for hours.

The built quality is up to the mark, and you can easily add food into it. There is a small ring at the back part so that your baby can hold it near the mouth as well as play with the same. You can easily remove the cap and offer it to your baby. One more thing, there are several color options to choose the desired product for your baby.

The impressive design and slightly higher prices are going to worth what you are spending on this small nibbler.

5. Safe-O-Kid- Food and Veggie Feed Nibbler

Safe-O-Kid- Food and Veggie Feed Nibbler

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Coming to our next product, you can get something better for the price with a great design is Safe-O-Kid- Veggie Feed Nibbler. There are 12 different color options here, and the best part is, all of them have vivid and impressive colors to make your baby feel comfortable with the same.

Due to having an adequate size and a small handle at the back part with stars, your baby will love to hold it with ease.

The use of non-toxic and quality material is the primary quality to impress your baby toward the use. The silicon is also nice to chew on, and it is also great to play for long hours.

These qualities with an affordable price add glory to the same deal, and you can consider the purchase for sure.

6. Chic Buddy Baby Fruit Feeder or Nibbler

Chic Buddy Baby Fruit Feeder or Nibbler

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Going straightforward, the primary factor which is quality, Chic Buddy Baby Fruit Feeder is a BPA free product with genuine build quality. It has a unique design, but not that much. You can notice that it is slightly compact, and your baby won’t be having any issue holding it or using it.

The main thing is, it has three different color options, and all of them are reliable and provide all the essential looking qualities. It can be used as a pacifier, but the only issue is, it has a poor quality cap, which might break in the first couple of weeks.

Apart from that, there is nothing to worry about. If you looking Feeding Bottles for your baby, Read also another post: Best Baby Feeding Bottles In India 

One more thing to add, it is easy to wash, and you can prefer hand-wash as well as dishwasher option.

7. Beebaby Silicone Food and Fruit Nibbler

Beebaby Silicone Food and Fruit Nibbler

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Due to having an extra silicon mesh and a similar price to the previous product, you are not going to feel about the purchase of Beebaby Silicone Food and Fruit Nibbler.

There is a small-cap, and you can use it easily except that it starts getting lose after a couple of uses. You can add fruit or veggies into the mesh under a couple of minutes.

The built quality is up to the mark, and there are color choices. You can choose between three different colors, which will be good enough to prefer. After saying that, you can find that there is two sized silicon mesh, both are good in terms of quality, and they are worth spending a few extra rupees.

Considering all this and durability of this nibbler, you will feel that it is a steal for the price point.

8. NEPEE Silicone Baby Fresh Fruit Food Feeder

NEPEE Silicone Baby Fresh Fruit Food Feeder

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One of the cheapest products in terms of price is NEPEE Silicone Baby Fresh Fruit Food Feeder. With that said, you might think that the quality must be compromised by the manufacturer, but it isn’t.

For the price, the quality is near to our top pick, and the design is also good enough to go after.

There are four different color options offered by the manufacturer, which will help you choose the desired color. Or, you can buy two products of a different color so that you have one nibbler always ready to feed your baby. There is BPA-free material used in manufacturing, and it ensures the safest product of choice.

Adding more into the same, the print is of good quality, and you can find the branding at the cap, which looks quite decent.

9. Luvlap Silicone Food/Fruit Nibbler

Luvlap Silicone Food

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A playable product that offers a genuine quality is Luvlap Silicone Food/Fruit Nibbler. It is a quality made product, and there is BPA-free material used in manufacturing, which can ensure long-lasting durability.

It is a kind of unique design, and you can place it upside down where the cap will be at the bottom.

The handle is impressive, and it shinnies with small balls inside so that your baby can play with food nibbler. Coming to functionality, adding food into this nibbler is easy, and you can tight it under a couple of seconds.

The holes are of adequate size, and you are not going to face any issue with the usability, which is clear from the reviews.

Having color choice can help you figure out a great deal, and this is the reason that Luvlap Fruit Nibbler is great here. You can choose from five different color options.

10. UNIH Food Nibbler Silicone Feeding Pacifier

UNIH Food Nibbler Silicone Feeding Pacifier

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The cleanest looking design with minimalistic patterns is UNIH Food Nibbler Silicone Feeding Pacifier. It is a premium looking pacifier or feeder, which seems slightly overpriced, but it isn’t.

Looking at the built quality and having an in-hand feel will help you understand why this product is a great deal at such a high price point.

There are three different color options here, and you can find that it serves two purposes; the first one is of a pacifier, and the second is of the feeder. Your baby will chew on food without applying too many efforts.

On the other hand, this product is made up of premium quality BPA-free material so that you won’t have to worry about safety-related aspects.

You can add food conveniently due to the impressive locking option. All this ensures that you will spend your money on a nice product.

Baby Nibbler buying Guide, Cleaning Instructions

How To Choose Right Baby Food Nibbler

Below are some of the points that you must consider while buying a baby food nibbler. Check out the list below.

Non Choking Parts 

The first and the most critical part while looking for a food nibbler is to ensure that there are no choking parts in the food nibbler. The food nibbler should be made of relatively bigger parts which do not separate to form smaller pieces.

The problem with the smaller parts is that the baby might end up inserting them in his nose, or he might try to swallow them and choke himself.

Easy to Clean 

You will often be filling the food nibbler with fruits, ice or other things. In such a case, it becomes essential to clean the food nibbler properly. Ensure that the nibbler is easy to clean.

You can even check out for the models that can be sterilized in the microwave. It is certainly better to buy dishwasher safe nibblers, but it is also necessary to check that the nibbler is clean before giving it to the baby.

Soft Material 

Some nibblers are made of hard material, and that can cause bruises in the baby’s mouth if the baby is too aggressive with it. The best-case scenario is to buy a nibbler that is made of soft material like silicone.

Silicone is very soft, and it is also resistant to bacterial growths. In such a case, you must try and check the material before you make the purchase.


The baby would love to play and use the nibbler only if it interests him. The nibbler should be colourful, and it should have something that rattles. This feature will ensure that the baby is always interested in playing with the nibbler.

It will also help you when the baby is teething, and the nibbler will relieve the baby massively in such cases.


We have already talked about the material’s softness, but you also need to ensure that the material is safe. Look at the material’s constituents and ensure that it doesn’t have BPA or any other toxic material that can harm the baby.

Steer clear of cheap Chinese products that can harm your baby instead of helping the baby. Choose the material carefully, and we are sure that you will find several options available for your baby.


The price is yet another thing that you must consider while buying the nibbler. You can see the number of nibblers available in the pack as well. You will find a lot of options in less than Rs 300.

You can also check if the nibbler comes with an extra mesh so that you can replace the mesh instead of replacing the whole nibbler after every few months.


The last thing to check is the availability of the cab with the nibbler. Ensure that the nibbler comes with a cap, and the material of the cap should also be safe to use.

The cap should be easily washable, and you must be able to secure the cap to avoid any leak, especially if you are using the nibbler of keeping a candy or a fruit.

FAQs on Best Baby Nibblers

When can I give my baby a nibbler?

You can give nibbler to baby when baby is 6 months .

Is food nibbler good for baby?

Almost everyone considers nibblers as an essential part of their baby’s journey to growth. It is completely safe for the baby to use a nibbler. Since they can’t chew and bite at a tender age but still need all the nutrients to grow. For this reason, a fruit nibbler is the best choice for babies.

What fruits can be given in nibbler?

A. Apple, melon, mango, pear and peaches can be used just sliced or pureed and frozen, great for teething!. Potato, sweet potato, parsnip and carrot fully cooked and sliced or mashed.

Are fruit feeders good for babies?

Baby food feeders are a great tool for helping babies six months and older get the hang of solids—offering a safe, easy way for them to nosh on new foods.

The Final Verdict

When your baby starts growing teeth, getting them a quality made food nibbler is a better choice. Looking at the essential factors we mentioned will ease up the work, but you can go a little deep and consider reviews related aspects.

Checking reviews will help you understand more about a product; it harnesses detail related to the built quality, durability, and safety.

Going through the safety of the product is also essential, and you can check whether they follow the quality standard and regulation or not. A cheap quality product might serve the need, but having unsafe material used in manufacturing can cause several issues.

We hope that this guidepost will come in handy to find yourself the best food nibbler. Also See, 10 Best Baby Massage Oils In India Expert Review & Buying Guide

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