Baby Soap Vs Baby Body Wash: Which is Better?

Baby Soap Vs Baby Body Wash: Which is Better?
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Parenting is the world’s happiest feeling. Yet, many challenges will come your way. As the baby grows, you have to take care of various aspects. For maintaining proper hygiene, a baby bath is necessary. Also, mothers love to make their baby’s bath. It is a way of emotional and physical connection with the baby. These little things develop the love bond of the mother towards her child. However, when bathing your little one, it is essential to choose the right product. You must know about things like your baby’s skin type, allergies, and others. Thereafter, you can decide the right bathing products.

Baby soap and baby body wash are the two most popular bath products these days. If you are a new parent, choosing between these two might appear confusing. Both of them have their part of advantages. However, just like your genetic composition is different from each other, the baby skin also reacts to different products in a varied way.

Therefore, we are here with a detail guide that will help you choose a better product among baby soap and body wash. So, without any delay, let us begin:

Baby Soap Vs. Baby Body Wash:

Which is more hydrating?

If you want to take care of the all-over hydration of your little one, body wash is better suited than a soap bar. Soap bars are effective against germs but lack in providing hydration to your baby. It is essential for maintaining the turgor of your baby’s skin. Otherwise, it will appear dull and dry.

Which one will fight against the germs?

Both of the soap bars and body washes are effective in fighting against germs. However, the larger impact is on the formulation of whichever product you use. Also, soaps are slippery on the body. Hence, they fall on the floor/drain/other surfaces. But, there are less chances of body wash to get contaminated.

Which one will form rich lather?

Was it a dream to make your baby bath in a way they advertise? Rich lathery bathing session is all you need. Baby soap bars have more tendency to form lather in contrast to the shower gels. However, again it depends on the ingredients.

Skin type of your baby:

The skin type of your baby is another concern for choosing among these two bath products. For excessive dry skin, you can use bath gels (body wash) with oil extracts in it. It helps to keep the baby’s skin supple and soft. However, if your kid has allergy-prone skin, consulting a physician and opting for whatever they suggest is ideal.

Which will provide intense moisture?

Moisturization of your little one’s skin is necessary. If winter is approaching, makes sure to select a soap bar with moisture-retaining formula, such as shea butter. You can also opt for body wash with lavender, lemon, and rose oil.

Do these have Ph balance?

Ph plays a vital role in maintaining your baby’s smooth skin. Any deviation from the normal ph of the baby’s skin will manifest. Most of the soap bars come with alkaline pH formula. We recommend you to choose a body wash or soap bar that has ph similar to baby’s skin. It will help in retaining the lost moisture of the skin.

Which product will make my baby smell good?

We do not recommend going for a product with high fragrance. Though, who doesn’t want the baby to smell good? But, a delicate fragrance is all we require. Going for organic formulations will help you to select an ideal shower product. Look for creams in soap bars and oil-based formulas in body wash.


We hope that you will be assured about choosing an ideal bath product for your little munchkin. However, make sure to avoid formulations like paraben and triclosan.

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