Top 5 Best Alternative to Sugar

Top 5 Alternative to Sugar
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Sugar is something we find nowadays too often in our diet. Sugar is good in natural form but it has certain health implications when take in form of Refined Sugar. Refined sugar is not good for body. Thus we brought you with the best natural and healthy sugar alternatives.

Best Sugar Alternative

Below are some of the best sugar alternative.


Honey is one of the best and healthiest substitutes for table sugar. It is soluble in nature and contains regular sugars, fundamental vitamins, minerals, proteins and great measures of water. This characteristic fluid expands blood stream, declines circulatory strain, and secures you from hacks and colds notwithstanding cleansing blood. Adding Honey to refreshments or sweets improves the taste as well as applies positive consequences for wellbeing.


Jaggery, called as gur in hindi is one of the closest options for white sugar notwithstanding being sound and more delicious than the typical sugar. It can be utilized as a part of a comparable way to typical sugar as it is accessible in robust structure, yet can be utilized as a part of both powder structure and fluid structure. Jaggery is known to be a restorative sugar since it helps in curing different wellbeing issues like acid reflux, obstruction and hacks.


Stevia, known as meethi patti in hindi is a herb that goes about as an able substitute for sugar to satisfy your sweet desires. It is generally suggested for individuals experiencing diabetes and those on weight control plans for weight loss, as it is low in calories. This medicinal herb is accessible in powdered structure under distinctive brand names in India. It secures against tooth rot, diminishes stomach acridity and brings down pulse.

Dry Fruits:

Dry foods are really the best solid option when you have a solid sugar desiring. You can include these nutritious and solid dried products of the soil to nourishments that require simply a clue of sweetness set up of sugar. You can utilize dry products of the soil like dates (khajur) for making dates chutney or sauce; throw your sustenance with raisins (kishmish), crunch on a modest bunch of figs(anjeer) and include prunes (sukha alubukhara) to greens or sweet dishes.


Foods grown from the ground, for example, mangoes, bananas, carrots, papaya, fruits and watermelons can go about as a solid substitute for sugar. They not just contain sugar in a less thought structure, however are stacked with a heap scope of helpful supplements. Devouring products of the soil satisfies sugar prerequisites, as well as enhances glucose control alongside helping in weight loss.

FAQs Sugar Alternatives

What is the best replacement for sugar?

Coconut Sugar, Sugar Cane Raw Sugar, Honey, Dates are some of the best replacement for sugar.

What is the healthiest sugar to use?

Coconut Sugar, Sugar Cane Raw Sugar, Honey, Dates are some of the best replacement for sugar.

Is jaggery better than sugar?

Jaggery contains iron, fibre, and minerals in addition to calories, in contrast to sugar, which just provides calories and no other nutrients. While jaggery is nutritionally superior to sugar, it is essential to consume it in moderation due to its high-calorie content

What is the healthiest alternative to sugar in India?

Honey. Raw organic honey is undoubtedly one of the best substitutes to white sugar as it’s rich in antioxidants, disease-fighting flavonoids and vitamins. It is great for managing cholesterol, boosting immunity and keeping weight in check

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