Best Vitamin A Tablets in India | Vitamin A Supplements

Best Vitamin A Tablets in India | Vitamin A Supplements
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Of all the minerals that influence the human body, Vitamin A finds the pride of place at the top of the heap. It is a wonder mineral which not only is vital for many of the functions but also helps the body grow a strong immunity against diseases. Vitamin A is found abundantly in many food items. However, there are times when due to various reasons, the body does not get the required amount of it. It is then the need for Vitamin A tablets arise.

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Vitamin A Deficiency

Some of the Vitamin A deficiency symptoms are as follows:

  • Dry Skin: One of the reasons for smooth and glowing skin is Vitamin A. Lack of it turns it rough and dry instead.
  • Dry Eyes: It is one of the most prominent of Vitamin A deficiencies. Dry Eyes can also lead to permanent blindness in extreme cases.
  • Infertility: Vitamin A is a vital cog in the reproductive system for both men and women. Lack of it can give rise to infertility or improper development of the fetus in women.
  • Stunted Growth: Another grave outcome of improper Vitamin A balance is the lack of proper growth of the child.
  • Immunity: Vitamin A is vital for the immune system. Throat and chest infections rise exponentially because of the lack of it.
  • A decrease in the rate of wound healing: Lack of proper Vitamin A levels in the body lead to poor wound healing.

However, there is also the case of excess Vitamin A, flooding the body. Vitamin A is usually stored in the liver and Hypervitaminosis A/ vitamin A toxicity may lead to vision changes, swelling of the bones, dry and rough skin, mouth ulcers and confusion due to brain fog.

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Hence, it is pertinent to keep the levels in balance. Providing this said balance to us are Vitamin A tablets which are easily available in the market. Here in this article, we will talk about the 3 best vitamin A tablets available in India.

List of 3 Best Vitamin A Tablets Available in India

Healthvit Vitamin A Dry

Healthvit Vitamin A Review

This is a vegetarian product and promotes a balanced Vitamin A supplement to the body. It is also responsible to improve good eye health, better immunity and greater antioxidant activity. One of the best aspects of this supplement is that it is gluten, soy and dairy-free.

For those who are intolerant to these three components can freely use it. These are dry tablets which need to be swallowed with the help of water. Healthvit Vitamin A Dry 5000 IU 60 Capsules are filled with micronutrients which help the body fortify itself.

Now Foods Vitamin A

NOW Vitamin A Review

This is a Non-vegetarian product since the source of it is Fish Liver. It is in the form of soft gel capsules and needs to be swallowed with the help of water. Fish Liver oil is known to be a potent source for Vitamin A and a whole lot of other micronutrients.

These together help the body in building immunity, improve bones, get better eyesight and smooth and glowing skin. However, since these are prescription drugs, care needs to be taken regarding the dosage. Follow the instructions as per the doctor’s advice. Each serving consists of 25000 IU vitamin A. There are a total of 250 soft gels in the pack. For a non-vegetarian, this is the best Vitamin A supplement available in India.

However, there are few side effects to it. Thinning of hair is one of the possible reactions for having it in large doses.

Solgar Dry Vitamin A

Solgar Vitamin A Review

One of the most popular of supplements, Solgar, has been selling Vitamin A tablets for a long time. They have a huge customer base and people trust their brand. The Magnesium tablets from the house of Solgar too has a large customer base. The Solgar, Dry Vitamin A,100 Tablets, is a vegetarian product with 5000 IU of vitamin A per serving. It comes in the form of tablets that needs to be swallowed with the help of water.

The Vitamin A tablets help in fighting acne and there are many success stories told by users, who swear by the Vitamin A tablets sold by Solgar. For vegetarians, this supplement is a boon since it does not contain fish oil. Also, Fish Liver oil has a higher percentage of retinyl palmitate, which may be toxic to some. The Solgar, Dry Vitamin A,100 Tablets, improves the immunity of the body as well as helps better eyesight.

Vitamin Supplements FAQ

Which is the best Vitamin A tablet in India?

Now Foods Vitamin A is the best vitamin A tablet you can buy in india.

Which is the best Vitamin A supplements in India?

Health Vit A vitamin Tablets are good vitamin A supplements in India.

Final Take on Vitamin A Supplements

There are plenty more Vitamin A supplement manufacturers in the market. The three mentioned above are the best in terms of quality and trust. One cannot go wrong with any of these three brands as they have been market leaders for many different products. We have classified them on three bases, one can make a decision based on these three categorizations.

  • Budget-friendly Vitamin A supplement- Healthvit Vitamin A Dry
  • Best if you’re a non-vegetarian ignoring the budget limitations- Now Foods Vitamin A
  • Best if you’re a vegetarian ignoring the budget limitations- Solgar Dry Vitamin A

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