Walnut a treasure of beauty

Walnut a treasure of beauty
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Walnut is a great beauty tonic, which removes common problems like dark circles, dry skin, pimple. The vitamins and other nutrients present in it add new life to the skin.

Beauty applications of walnuts to solve most skin problems.

If you are using walnuts for the first time, then it would be good to do a patch test. Do this for every new product you use, whether it is domestic or branded. 

This shows whether your skin is accepting that thing or not. However, the use of walnuts is especially beneficial for these skin problems.

1. Prepare a scrub by grinding the walnuts beneficial for wrinkles. You can use this scrub of walnuts to remove unwanted lines and wrinkles of the face. Using this scrub twice a week removes these unwanted lines.

2. For the problem of acne, make a paste by mixing milk in walnut powder. Wherever you have pimples or if you have acne scars, apply this paste in all those placesDo this twice a week. The benefits will start showing soon.

3. For unwanted facial hair, if you are troubled by more hair on the face, then walnut paste can prove to be very beneficial. Apply the paste of walnuts from bottom to top and after some time remove it by gently kneading it. By doing this, the hair growth will start decreasing.

4. Lack of sleep is a major reason for dark circles to remove dark circles, so it can also happen due to eating and drinking irregularities. Walnut paste is very beneficial to reduce these dark circles under the eyes. It cools the eyes as well as keeps the blood circulation right. This causes the dark circles under the eyes to lighten.

5. You can get freedom from stains by using walnut paste twice a week for black spots. Along with cleansing the face, it also works to improve the complexion.

Hope these benefits of Walnut would surely impress you.

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