10 Best Baby Walkers in India in 2024 – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

10 Best Baby Walkers in India in 2022 – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide
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Baby walkers assist your babies in standing and walking on their own. The walker has a wheeled frame and a seat where the baby can be placed. He/she can then move the walker with feet to move around the house.

These walkers aid in strengthening the leg and back muscles of the baby, thereby helping in having more muscular legs and walking faster. They are generally recommended for babies between 6 to 24 months of age. In India, people give massages to their baby with oil, which is a great regimen for muscle strength. Adding a walker in the same regimen will give even better results.

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Nowadays, such walkers have become very advanced. The demand for this product has also increased in the Indian market. These walkers have great design and provide extra comfort as well. Moreover, some walkers also have entertaining features so that your baby does not get bored and stop using the walker after some time.

The walkers are also passed through many safety and hygiene tests so that they cause no accidents or hurt your baby. This ensures the extra safety of the product. The price of the walker depends upon the quality of the material and the number of features in it.

Best Buy Baby Walkers Online in India

Here, we have come up with a list of top ten baby walkers that you can purchase in India. We have discussed each product individually to help you with your purchase. Additionally, the price of these walkers lies at different ends ranging from high to low.

The range will help you choose a budget-friendly baby walker for your child. As you proceed, you may also come along a buying guide at the bottom, which has been created after extensive research. Without further ado, let us start discussing these products in detail –

1. Mee Mee Baby Walkers

Mee Mee Baby Walkers

This adorable baby walker by the brand called Mee Mee is available for purchase in three colours. These colours are – Blue, Pink, and Green. The walker is made from the material of premium quality and is safe and extremely durable to use. It is suitable for babies that have ages between 0 to 6 months. Additionally, the walker can carry almost 12 kg of weight on it. The product will surely help in strengthening the legs of your baby and enable early walking.

The walker also passes the standards of safety and hygiene and has the dimensions of – 70 X 58 X 86 cm. The dimensions of the seat of this walker are – 16 X 14 cm. The seat is cushioned to provide the maximum level of comfort to your baby. We recommend you to use and enable the safety gates of the walker when your baby is using it. This feature will help the walker not to enter in uneven spaces of the house, such as stairs and slopes.

The wheels of the walker are made in such a way that they provide movement and rotation in full 360 degrees. The walker also has a tray that includes electronic toys that help in keeping your child entertained and cheerful. These toys require batteries to operate. Moreover, the product has a feeding section that will help parents to feed babies while they are happily playing. The Mee Mee Baby walker also enables you to increase its height as your baby grows.

The wheels glide smoothly on the surface and provide great movement. The walker also has a long pushing handle that offers easy access to the walker. You can also move the walker quickly with the help of the footrest on the product. Overall, the walker has a sturdy design and is excellent in providing comfort and use.

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2. Sunbaby Baby Walker

Best Baby Walker under 1500 rs in India Sunbaby Baby Walker

This is the most affordable yet durable baby walker which has secured the second position of our list of the top ten picks of baby walkers. You can get this amazing baby walker under a price of rs 1500. The walker is compact and folds easily. This feature enables you to store it conveniently, even in small spaces of your home. The walker is suitable to be used by babies aged between 0 to 24 months. The height of the walker can be positioned at three levels, which helps in enabling a great walking experience for your child.

The seat of the walker is soft, as well as double-stitched, to provide extra comfort and position in the walker. Additionally, the product is light in weight (2.3 kg) and is easy to move around in complete 360 degrees. It has a music button on it which can be pressed to divert and entertain your children while they are on the walker. The design is extremely robust and provides excellent support to your baby’s body. Like many other walkers, this walker also comes with the safety lock feature.

Additionally, the seat of the walker can be detached and washed conveniently. The music played on the walker has tunes of many famous rhymes that can prove to be educational to your child. There is also a provision of a backrest and a food plate. A butterfly toy on the front tray also proves to be beneficial in keeping your child’s mind away from the walking.

The product has the dimensions of – 63 X 55 X 50 cm. It is made in China and can be used by both baby boys and baby girls. You may buy the product from four different colour options. These colours are – Blue, Pink, Green, and Red.

3. Amardeep and Co. Baby Walker

Amardeep and Co. Baby Walker Best Baby Walker under 1500

On number three of our list, we have this baby walker from the brand Amardeep and Co. You can buy this product from two colour options. These colours are – Blue and Red. The product is priced at a very cost-effective rate and can be afforded by everyone. The base diameter of the product is 60 cm, while its top diameter is 40 cm. Additionally, the height of the product is 38 cm, and it cannot be decreased or increased as per the growth of your child.

The material used to make this walker is called virgin plastic. The product is made in India with the help of a high precision machine. The package dimensions are – 57.7 X 55.9 X 9.1 cm. The product is suitable for babies aged 6 to 12 months. Moreover, it has eight wheels that move smoothly on the surface. The product quality is highly stable. Also, you can easily fold this baby walker to store it in the smallest of spaces.

Keeping the safety of your baby in mind, this walker also does not have any sharp edges. The edges will never cause any cuts to your baby’s skin. The seat of the walker is comfortable enough and can endure up to 12 kg of weight. It is also stitched very well and is very wide. The walker also has a back seat and toys at the front tray of the walker. Moreover, the body of the baby walker has adorable and cute prints on it. All in all, the product is excellent for assisting babies in standing and walking. However, there are a considerable amount of bad reviews of the product on the internet.

4. Panda Baby Walker

Panda Baby Walker

You can buy this walker from three colour variants. These colours are – Red, Pink, and Blue. The colours are very light and do not hurt the eyes at all. The installation of the product is very easy, as it comes with an installation manual. The design is extremely modern and beautiful. This adorable baby walker has an animal-shaped toy right at the front tray. The frame of the product is broad and doesn’t lead to any crash or falls. Additionally, the height of the walker can be adjusted as per requirement.

The package dimensions are – 65.8 X 56.8 X 11 cm. The play tray and music tray make the walker even worthier to buy. The walker will surely help in encouraging the first steps of your baby. The seat is very comfortable and is aided with a backrest to reduce pressure on the spine of the baby. Also, the material used to make the product does not contain any harmful and toxic substances like pp plastic. It has eight pairs of wheels and can be easily stored for storage purposes. This walker is suitable for babies with the age of 9 months or above.

The music tray requires batteries to operate, which can be easily placed and removed from the tray. You may detach the seat to wash and clean it. Moreover, the walker can handle up to 15 kg of weight. If you do not like the product for any reason, you can easily return it to the manufacturer. The material used to make the walker is qualitative. However, the walker does not have any stopper. Some users have also reported that the music system does not work after some time of usage of the product. Overall, the cost of the walker lies at the high-end, but the features and functionality are great.

5. BAYBEE Baby Walker

BAYBEE Baby Walker

The fifth position in our list is secured by the very famous baby walker from the brand BAYBEE. There are many colour options available for the product. The names of these colour shades are – Winnie Blue, Winnie Green, Safari Pink, Winne Pink, and Winnie Orange. All the colours are beautiful and attractive. The walker folds so well that you can even take it with you while you are travelling. The comfortable and smooth seat allows rotation in all directions.

The height od the product can be adjusted to three levels as your baby grows in height. The best quality of the walker is that it is very strong and can endure up to 15 kg of weight. It is recommended that you use this walker for the babies aged between 6 to 24 months.  Both boys and girls can use this unisex baby walker. The package dimensions of the product are – 10 X 10 X 5 cm. Additionally, the frame of the walker is made from a durable plastic material. This product has also passed the European Standards of safety.

Moreover, the walker is designed in the U-shape. This shape never hurts your baby’s legs or ankles while he/she is using the walker. There is also a provision of a food tray and a toy bar on this product. The toy bar of this walker has to be the most beautiful toy bar from all the products on our list. It is diverse and has many kinds of toys to entertain your baby. There are six wheels on the walker, and its frame is supported very well. The back seat of the walker is cushioned additionally to provide extra comfort. It is a great product and has many positive reviews from genuine buyers.

6. GoodLuck Baybee Baby Walker

GoodLuck Baybee Baby Walker

This high-end product is brought by the very famous brand called GoodLuck Baybee. The jump seat of the walker is exceptionally comfortable to sit on for babies. It has ample padding in it and can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. It is easily detachable, and you may even wash the seat in the washing machine without worrying about any damage. The walker has music and light features to provide great entertainment to your babies for their first walking experience.

The product has passed the European Standard of safety and ensures a walking experience without any crashes or falls. The wheels can rotate in 360 degrees while the walker, on the whole, can be folded when it is not in use. The toy tray in the walker has a great variety of toys. It can be easily detached and converted to a food tray for dining. However, the product does not come in an assembled structure and needs to be assembled at home. You can easily do that by referring to the steps mentioned in the instruction manual.

Additionally, the product is available in three colours. These colours include – Light Blue, Purple, and Pink. The walker is easy to move around and light in weight. The package dimensions of the product are – 35 X 25 X 10 cm. It is made in India and can be used by both baby boys and baby girls. It is highly rated and reviewed by customers from all across the country. Moreover, like other walkers on this list, the height of this walker can also be adjusted easily and conveniently. The other colours of the product include – Orange and Yellow. However, these colours remain in high demand and are not always available.

7. Panda Musical Baby Walker

Panda Musical Baby Walker

This baby walker is great to be used by infants. It is available for purchase in Green, Red and Orange colours. It has a turtle-shaped toy at the front, which will make kids playful and cheerful when they are on the walker. Babies aged between 6 – 12 months can use this baby walker easily. The play tray on the walker keeps children engaged and happy. The height of the product can be adjusted as peruse. The design of the product is sturdy as well as compact. This walker will surely not disappoint you and aid well in the growth of your baby.

The dimensions of the product are – 20 X 15 X 5 cm. The company also provides its buyers with excellent customer service. If you have a query or doubt you may get a response within a matter of 24 hours. The walker offers the right amount of support to your baby’s body without causing any stress in the legs and ankles. The wheels run and glide smoothly on a vertical surface. This makes maneuverability of the walker extremely effective.

The toy on the walker does not require any battery to function. You should know that the walker does not have any system that could play music; to make things even more enjoyable. There is a provision of a backrest on this walker for added support. However, its price lies a bit on the high-end. Also, some of its buyers have reported that the edges of the walker are not wholly blunt. Due to this reason, we recommend you be just a little careful when your baby is using the walker. The quality of the material used for making the product isn’t 100% fantastic, but it is also not worse than local products in the market. Read Also This: Best Baby Cradle Swings In India

8. NewAge Baby Walker

NewAge Baby Walker

This pink walker comes at a very affordable price. It has the traditional design of a walker and is easy to use. Moreover, it is suitable for babies that have the age between 9 months to 1.5 years and not more or less than that. The colour is very attractive but can vary a little from the images available online. It has six wheels that provide excellent support and movement to the walker in all directions. Also, the wheels are break and crack proof.

The frame of the product is very strong and is made from durable material. Additionally, the walker can be folded quickly for storage. It will provide great support and aid to your baby in his/her walking experience. The dimensions of the product are – 33 X 20 X 15 cm. This walker has a toy panel that comes with two toy horns. There is no requirement of batteries in the toy panel of the walker. However, you should know that the walker does not come with a music system, which can be a great turn-off for some parents. But we have to remind again that the price of the product lies at the low end.

The seat of this walker is comfortable to sit in. It is stitched very well and prevents falls and crashes even when your baby is jumping and playing in the walker. This round walker has strong support rods that help in maintaining the structure of it. These rods are smooth in texture and do not lead to any cuts in the skin. The base of the walker is broad and made from a cylindrical rod. Due to this reason, the base also never causes any scabs in the ankles of your baby. The product is well-reviewed on the e-commercial sites and is loved by many customers.

9. Amitasha Baby Walker

When you look at the product for the first time, you will surely find it as attractive as we did. It has an adorable design similar to a bicycle. Your baby will like riding on it and easily change to tricycles when it is about time to upgrade. However, the product is safe for babies above 18 months of age and strictly not below that. The walker can endure up to 15 kg of weight very easily on it. However, you should know that it is not a bicycle. It has no pedals or speed control and is entirely made to help your baby with walking. There is also a provision of support wheels to give balance to the structure of the walker.

The material used to make the product is harmless to your baby’s health and completely non-toxic. Additionally, this walker can be folded whenever and wherever you want to store it. The design is very stable and unique. The multi-colored walker will not only strengthen your baby’s legs but his/her back as well. The product has the dimensions of – 13 X 9 X 2 cm. It is made from plastic material, which is very hard and qualitative.

However, the walker is not surrounded by a frame that makes babies prone to falls and crashes. Due to this reason, we recommend you to be around your baby whenever he/she is playing with this walker. The walker only provides a movement of 135 degrees. The seat is comfortable to sit on, and the product as a whole is highly durable. You should also keep in mind that the price of the product can be costly to some buyers. One of the best qualities of this walker is that it is highly rated and well-reviewed by many buyers. If you are okay with being around your baby when he/she in on this walker, you should buy this.

10. JoyRide Baby Walker

JoyRide Baby Walker

On number ten of our list, we have this walker by the brand JoyRide. Even though its price is a little high for such a basic walker, its design is truly attractive. It has a pretty pink colour and is very easy to use. The product needs assembly, but do not worry as it is very easy. Like all the products on our list, this walker is also foldable. You can also take it with you if you are going on long trips with your baby. There is the feature of adjusting the height of this walker as per the growth requirements of your baby.

Additionally, it has a music system that operates on batteries. Music can easily be played by pressing the music button on the front panel. The seat of the walker is comfortable and detachable. After detaching the seat, you can either wash it with your hands or in the washing machine for cleaning purposes. Moreover, the walker has a push handle on the back that provides parental control over the movement and direction of the walker.

The material used to make the product is plastic that is of high quality and strength. There are also a bunch of different toys on the toy panel that keep your baby engaged while walking and playing in the walker.  Overall, the frame of the walker is very strong and supports its overall structure pretty well. The eight wheels of the walker help the baby to move in all directions. Additionally, the product also has a light button. You can buy this walker for babies aged between 3 to 12 months.

Baby Walkers Buying Guide – Things to Consider 

Below is a buying guide that explains all the aspects that will prove to be extremely beneficial.

This buying guide will help many first time buyers in choosing the best walker for their babies. We have discussed many aspects that you should consider before buying the product.

Let us discuss these aspects in detail


If the walker is very heavy and difficult to move around, it will cause more damage than benefits. A good walker is the one that glides well in 360 degrees on the floor with exerting too much stress and pressure on your baby’s back.

Your baby may even get discouraged from using the walker; it does not move around well. So, consider the movement ability that includes the weight and wheels of the product. After this consideration, proceed to buy the walker.

Base Quality

 The base of the walker must be such that it does not make the walker fall or flip over if it is accidentally hit. This feature will ensure the safety of your baby when he/she is using the walker.

Generally, walkers with a broad base do not tend to cause can types of falls or accidents. A broad base can act as excellent prevention against tragic situations.


You should consider the material that is used to manufacture that walker because they may contain certain substances that may be toxic and harmful to your baby’s health.

A good baby walker is the one that does not have any hazardous content in its material. You should also check if the product has any rough edges or poor stitching of the seat as such things may hurt your baby.

Extra Features

Some of the additional features in a walker include – backrest, music button, feeding tray, and other toys at the front. These features can be great for entertaining and comforting your baby while he/she is on the walker. They may also help you in doing your chores while your baby is playing.


There are many walkers available today. However, not all of them cost the same. Some might cost you more money even when they provide basic features like other walkers.

We recommend you buy the baby walker that fits in your budget perfectly. Your child is not going to need the product for more than a couple of years. Hence, buying a walker that costs too much is just not worth it. However, do not jeopardize the quality of the product as it may also put safety at stake.

Online Reviews

Many parents must have bought the walkers that you have shortlisted way before you. Their reviews of the product will help you understand the functionality and durability of the walker in a much better sense. Sometimes we also tend to buy products that look qualitative but are not.

Reviews of the walker on many e-commercial sites will surely help you purchase the walker you wished for. After you have read the reviews, you may buy the product without worries.

Best Baby Walker Frequently Asked Questions

Is a walker safe for my baby?

Walkers are one of the best ways to teach your kids how to walk. They will not be able to stand by themselves at the early stages, and they need some support even to stand. They hold walls or other furniture to stand up straight. Once they start walking, it is hard for the kids to hold to the same furniture when they want to move forward. Parents can hold their hands and teach them how to walk. But learning how to walk with a walker is more fun. But it has to be done only under the supervision of adults as there are chances of accidents to happen.

What is the ideal age group for my baby to start using a walker?

You can start using a walker for your baby from the age of four months to sixteen months. First of all, you should check if the baby can hold the head steadily, and when they sit on the walker, their feet should touch the floor. For four months old kids, you may find it a bit challenging to pick the right baby walker.

My baby is 12 kgs in weight. Can I get a baby walker for that weight?

Yes, you will be able to find several options in the market that suits your baby’s weight. The ideal weight of the baby walker is 10 kg to 15 kg. So, any baby who falls in this range can use it. You will find walkers with other weight limits as well, but this is the common weight for baby walkers.

How can I pick the best baby walker?

It all depends on your personal preference for your baby. You will have to keep in mind a few things like height, age, strength, weight, and strength of baby before you buy a baby walker.

Till what age can you continue using a baby walker?

Sixteen months is usually the maximum age, or 15 kgs is the maximum weight till which the baby can continue using it. But as long as the baby does not overgrow, they can use a baby walker. If you are looking for further options, then push walkers are a good choice. A push walker will help in enhancing the motor skills and cognitive skills of the baby.

Are walkers good or bad?

Walkers are not dangerous for the baby. They help them have the fun of moving forward immediately after they learned to stand or sit by themselves. It helps in the muscle development of the baby. But it is good for the baby to develop muscle naturally as well, like by crawling, playing, and rolling on the floor. So, at the early stage, you should not use the baby walker for too long. It is good to use for a few minutes per day.

Where can I get the best walkers for my baby?

You can either visit the nearest store, or you can even look for options available online. You will be able to see more options when you check out online, compared to what you find at the store near you.

Bottom Line

We understand that choosing a walker for a growing baby is tiresome and tough. There are many options in the market, but not all of them have the features you want. Some walkers are also costly and take a tremendous amount of money away from you. Not many people can afford such high-end walkers.

Due to these reasons, we were inspired and driven to come up with a list of ten best baby walkers available in India. These walkers have been tried and tested well by many buyers across the country.

After many hours of research, we have come up with this list of our top ten picks of baby walkers. We have provided almost all the details about the product that describes each feature of the walker. Additionally, we have also attached a buying guide at the bottom of the list to serve first-time buyers of baby walkers. Do not forget to consider all the aspects mentioned in the buying guide before you make a purchase.

The individual details of the product are entirely genuine, and nothing has been exaggerated. We understand that you have to be extra careful while buying a product for your baby, which led us to prepare this list with the utmost care.

We hope that our list served you well and helped you in choosing the best baby walker that has all the required features for your child.

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