0-6 months New Born baby | Summer Newborn Baby Checklist 2024

0-6 months New Born baby | Summer Newborn Baby Checklist 2022
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Hii mommies and daddies!  “I am a summer baby, So I usually have my birthday as a good summer memory” – Sloane Crosley.

Remember that summer season when we used to wait for holidays in our childhood. Free from studies, books, enjoying mangoes, playing outside all day, our mom’s care, and much more. And now the time has changed a lot. This time we are facing Covid19 is difficult. But we have to deal with it. ‘Even if time changes, mother’s care always remains the same.’ 

So If you are planning for a summer baby or already having a summer baby… Here is Summer newborn baby Checklist 2024 which helps you a lot and makes your summertime with Lil munchkin easy. So check this out and go pamper your baby?

I am sharing a full list of summer newborn baby must-haves from clothing to feeding. Also, I will share some of the best products for you and your baby.

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Summer newborn clothes checklist – Clothing Essentials

  1. Newborn Baby Sleep Suits
    • Sleepsuits are very comfortable to wear.
    • It covers the full body of baby which can prevent them from mosquitoes.
  2. Top & Pants
    • You can buy pure cotton pajamas and buttoned shirts and cute cotton frocks are also available on Amazon.
  3. Nappies
    • You can add cotton nappies or can make DIY nappies from old clean cotton bed sheets.

NOTE: Cotton clothes are a must-have for newborn babies. It is very comfortable for newborns with sensitive skin. Use only pure cotton clothes for newborns after 1 wash.  

Bedding Essentials

1. Cotton Mats 

  • Cotton mats are generally called (बिछौनी or गोदड़ी) in our home, on which we put our baby all time.
  • There are 2 layer cotton mats available in the market. You can make DIY cotton mats also.

2. Dry Sheets

  • Dry Sheets are made so that the liquid can be absorbed. It prevents the bed from getting wet when the baby pees. 
  • You can place the dry sheet under a cotton mat. Good quality dry sheets and bed protectors are available on Amazon.

3. Cotton Blankets & Swaddle

  • Do not overcover your baby during summer. 
  • Use soft cotton Blankets while using an AC or cooler.
  • Soft muslin cloth swaddles are available in the market for covering your newborn baby.

4. Baby Crib & Mattress

5. Mosquito Net

Keep this prior in your Summer Newborn Baby Checklist 2024

  • It’s very important to protect newborn babies from mosquito bites, especially at night. It can irritate your baby so much.
  • You can get a portable umbrella mosquito net, which you can carry anywhere. 
  • You can also use a king-size mosquito net on the bed which protects you and your baby both from mosquitoes. 

6. Baby pillow

  • Head shaping pillows – which are U-shaped pillows or mustard seeds pillows available on Amazon. 
  • It supports your baby’s head from all sides. You can also make DIY rai pillows at home.

Diapering Essentials

1. Diapers

  • Avoid using diapers in summer. If necessary, change the diaper every 2-3 hours. 
  • You can also check for cloth diapers. 
  • I prefer pampers range and super bottoms cloth diapers.

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2. Diaper Rash Cream

  • Diaper rash cream is a must to prevent babies from diaper rashes. Apply the cream before diapering.
  • Use good quality diaper rash cream for the sensitive skin of your baby.

You can check the best Diaper Rash Cream

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3. Baby Wipes

  • Use chemical-free natural baby wipes. 

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Grooming & Bathing Essentials

Newborn babies are so delicate. We have to handle them with care.

  • Babies’ nails grow very fast in 2-3 days. So Use baby nail cutters/scissors available in the market.

 1. Baby Massage Oil 

  • Choose massaging oils wisely in summers. Because skin rashes occur easily during summers and when we massage our baby body temperature also increases. 
  • I prefer Coconut oil. It is the best oil in the summers. It is nonsticky and gets absorbed easily. 
  • Do not use mustard oil, it’s very sticky. You can use olive oil instead if it suits your baby.

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2. Baby Wash or Soap

  • So so many skincare products are available in the market. While choosing baby products make sure it is chemical and toxins free. 
  • You can get either soap or baby wash. See the ingredient list before buying. 

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3. Baby Towel 

  • For wrapping your delicate lill baby after bathing. A soft cozy towel is needed.
  • There are hooded towels available in which you can wrap the baby easily.

4. Bath Tub

Breast Feed Essentials

1. Formula milk 

  • Starting a few days after delivery, if you are not having enough milk or whatever the situation is. Doctors give formula milk to the baby. It has all the nutrients. 
  • You can store formula milk for extra or emergencies also.

2. Feeding Bottle 

  • A feeding bottle is essential if you give top feed to the baby. Use a good quality feeding bottle as it goes under the sterilization process several times.
  • Use BPA-free bottles. There are plastic, steel, glass bottles available of many brands. You can choose at your convenience.

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3. Breast Pump

  • There are electric and manual pumps available in the market.

Hygiene Essential

1. Multi-purpose Cleanser

  • Maintaining proper hygiene can prevent babies from getting infections.
  • The multi-purpose cleansers are made chemical-free for cleaning, feeding bottles, nipples, pumps, etc.
  • You can also use it for cleaning baby toys, utensils.

2. Laundry Detergent

  • Choose baby’s laundry detergent which is toxin-free, chemical-free to avoid rashes or any kind of allergy to the baby’s skin.
  • Any mild detergent can also work for a baby’s clothes.

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Medical Aid & Instruments

  1. Thermometers
  2. First- Aid
  • Consult your pediatrician if your baby needs any medication.
  • Generally, D3 drops are given to the baby for about 6 months. You need to give it daily. 

Learn more about D3 drops – which one is best and other information about nutrients.

So your New born Baby Summer Checklist 2024 is ready. I think I have covered all about What to buy for a summer newborn baby? which will eliminate your unwanted stress and save your time. 

Summer is great but it can be tricky sometimes for your new baby. Here is the complete guide on How To Take Care Newborn Baby In Summer 2024?

Happy Summer!

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