9 Best Baby Potty Training Seats In India 2024 – (For Kids & Toddler)

9 Best Baby Potty Training Seats In India 2022 – (For Kids & Toddler)
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The concept of potty training is quite an important milestone for the development of your kid. It is essential to have the right potty training seat that would ensure your kid’s confidence while doing something out of his comfort zone for the first time. For the kids who are between 20 to 30 months or 1.5 to 2.5 years of age, is more likely not to notice less wet diapers. It is then assigning those signs clearly that your baby needs potty training.

But being a new parent, you may wonder which type of seat is the reliable one. That is why the Indian market is the best option where you shall get some exceptional range of training seats of great quality. Also, there are so many different types with special specifications.

When you start doing research on the potty training seats in the Indian market, it is important to look for safety and comfort as two primary factors. Look for the chair version of the seat that can be put in the middle place of the home. This should allow your kid to obverse and even touch before it can start using the product.

This may seem to be the daunting task, but it is a fancy that your kid will be able to at least get a better hold of being independent at quite an early stage. Every toddler needs to handle the surrounding things on their own, whatever it is. But coming to potty, they should not reach the waste, and the same should not be visible to kids.

Advantages Baby Potty Training Seats

The reason why you must go ahead and choose a durability potty chair is because of some of the benefits for the parents to enjoy, such as:

  • It is extremely portable. These means be it from one room to another or from one place to another, it is always much convenient for you to carry it. Being light in weight and extremely small, you can have short trips without any problem.
  • The toddler-size potty chair is made considering the kid’s size in mind. This means not just the toddler but the kid, which is why you can use it for a long time. Some seats can even be attached to the bigger toilet so that parents can train the kids better without compromising with the hygienic condition.
  • There is no risk for your kid at all. At times your kid may get worried about falling in the water. But this trainer seat is so comfortable and in control that your kid will not have any risk of falling at all.
  • There is no risk of your kid to tangle off the legs. This chair is extremely close to the ground. This means your baby can hang it out comfortably until something happens.

Best Baby Potty Training Seats Online In India

If you are planning to buy the right type of potty training seat for the kid, but don’t know which option to choose, then you are in the right place.

Listed are some of the top-notch products which are trending in the Indian market today that you might want to have a look at.

1. R For Rabbit Tiny Tots Adaptable Potty Training Seat 

R For Rabbit Tiny Tots Adaptable Potty Training Seat  9 Best Baby Potty Training Seats In India 2022 – (For Kids & Toddler)

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R for Rabbit is a popular toy store and baby care products company which only specializes in creating safe and usable products for the baby. Talking of which R For Rabbit Tiny Tots Adaptable Potty Training Seat is one of the finest examples. It has a comfortable seating arrangement designed in such a way that for the first time learners, it could be a great scope to learn sanitary habits.

Besides, the back structure is quite sturdy in terms of construction. It allows the baby to get the needed training, which is why there is no risk for your baby to fall from the backside.

Safety is the primary concern, which is why this tiny tot potty training seat is designed to be clamped along with the adult’s toilet seat. This is a much better way to give your little ones a good training.

R For Rabbit Tiny Tots Adaptable Potty Training Seat  9 Best Baby Potty Training Seats In India 2022 – (For Kids & Toddler)

You can wash it easily and has the cover, which would make sure the foul smell will not spread across. It is time to buy such incredible products from tiny tots that ensure that every baby care product is designed considering the baby’s comfort in mind.

Of all the best part is, it is extremely light in weight and which is why you can carry it anywhere while traveling too. You can store it conveniently post its usage and thus get the work done without much hassle at all. Get this training seat today, which can help your baby grow at the same time learn new sanitary tricks in a much safe manner.

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2. Luvlap Baby Potty Training Seat 

Luvlap Baby Potty Training Seat  9 Best Baby Potty Training Seats In India 2022 – (For Kids & Toddler)

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Luvlap is a well-known brand from where most parents prefer buying quality baby care products. The company earned its reputation solely due to the incredible quality which they have nowhere compromised at all. The company has recently launched the potty training seat in two colors, i.e., yellow and orange, to make a choice.

Luvlap Baby Potty Training Seat 

This training seat has been designed to meet the European Standards: EN 71, and needless to say, it is extremely comfortable too. There is an inner bowl that can be detached easily. Besides, it comes with the lid, which can often be washed and cleaned to maintain the hygienic condition.

For first time users, to teach their kids, a potty training can be a tedious task, but with Luvlap Baby Potty Training Seat, things can be a lot simpler. It easily attached to the adult toilet seat and even detaches to make sure the storage is convenient too. Besides, it is compact, light in weight, and easy to carry too. You can also attach it to the adult toilet seat if training your kid in that way is comfortable.

Luvlap Baby Potty Training Seat 

Being light in weight, you can carry it during traveling. This is the safest and hygienic product made from non-toxic materials, which are why to rest assured that your little one will be given the training for potty in the safest environment with comfort features too.

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3. Mee Mee Soft Cushioned Potty Seat 

Mee Mee Soft Cushioned Potty Seat

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The best part about this soft cushioned potty seat is the handles. The handles ensure your baby gets support while getting up and eating. This way, the level of confidence gets maintained too. It is highly durable, and since it is made of non-toxic PVC material. You can be rest assured that even for the most sensitive skin, it will not cause any harm.

The non-slippery base makes it further safe. There are many colorful characters display which ensures your kid gets more comfortable and have a friendly surrounding to relax. Besides, this seat is comfortable too.

Mee Mee Soft Cushioned Potty Seat

The handles of the seat offer a maximum gripping solution. This way, your kid can sit and get off comfortable too. Besides, there is a hanging hook that makes sure you can store it easily without confusing much of the space.

Moving further, the pee shield can be detached and cleaned. It is available at great pricing and is a safe product. Mee Mee Soft Cushioned Potty Seat with Support Handles is a well-known training product by Mee Mee, which has always been to date providing the customers with quality based baby care range. It is time to give your little one another push to achieve and be independent with this toilet seat training solution.

4. Panda Baby’s Duck Potty Sheet with Handel (Blue)

Panda Babys Duck Potty Sheet

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Panda Baby’s Duck Potty Sheet with handle is available in blue color. The prime reason to opt for this toilet training is the safety and comfort which a first-time learner needs. This type of option is best for both baby girls and boys and is available at great pricing too. Panda is a well-known company that has been in the market for quite a long time.

This potty training can be of great support for the kid who is above 9 months of age and furthermore. The training tool is best for the baby as long as you teach it with the right instructions that are given in this tool. Be it getting up, sitting down, and even washing hands, each is given with the right training to you.

Panda Babys Duck Potty Sheet

Panda has always been providing a wide range of products for baby care considering two primary things in mind, and those are comfort and safety, which your little bundle of joy, of course, would need. It is important at the crucial age and which is why, make them grow innocent.

Panda Baby’s Duck Potty Sheet with Handel can be of great use to you. If you are planning to buy it, then surely you must understand that it is made of toxin-free material and is free from harsh chemicals. But if you are still unsure, then customer’s reviews will give you a clearer window on the same.

5. WHISKEY Bunny Shape Toilet Training

WHISKEY Bunny Shape Toilet Training

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WHISKEY Baby is a well-known brand that earned its reputation in the market solely because of the incredible product range it has been providing the customers. This potty trainer is light in weight and portable option, which comes without any sharp edges that could harm the baby.

Since the baby has got the fragile skin, it is quite understood to have a non-toxic product. The trainer seat is designed considering this baby need in mind. It is harmless since there are no chemicals present in it.

The seat has different integrated music as well, which grabs the attention of the kid. It helps the parents to get the stress out since this seat is easy to be used. It is environmentally friendly and has a high adjustment patter too.

WHISKEY Bunny Shape Toilet Training

Thanks to its proper position, your little ones can comfortably seat and get the right training. The focus of this company is to let the little ones get the training for the potty done rightly.

This is an amazing urine holder with an easy assembly solution. Thanks to the comfortable seating solution, the first time learners will stay confident only. Besides, you can use this potty seat and chair both at one time, which plays different music. Since it is light in weight, you can handle it with ease. Thanks to smooth finishing, this training solution is safe.

6. Pumpkin Panda Baby Duck Potty Sheet

Pumpkin Panda Baby Duck Potty Sheet

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Pumpkin Panda Baby Duck Potty Sheet With Handel – Pink has been specially designed to offer your little one with a comfortable surrounding while getting training for sanitary conditions. This is one of the best options that any parents can consider buying for their kids.

It is one of the most incredible options to choose from where the kid can take its first step to learn on becoming independents. The sanity need of every kid can vary and which is why it is important to be careful with the right measures that need to be taken.

This potty trainer is designed for both girls and boys. It is the most convenient option that comes with the removable bowl for easy cleaning. The product is easy to use and has a sturdy constitution for this reason; it is durable for lasting usage. It has the back support which is foldable and can maintain better hygienic conditions too. There is a splash guard and backrest as well which is comfortable for the kids to use.

7. Tupperkart India Ferrari Car Designed Baby Potty

Tupperkart India Ferrari Car Designed Baby Potty

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Tupperkart India Ferrari Car Designed Baby Potty is the best option for your kids to get trained for potty. It is available in a bright color, which is why your kid would find itself to be in comfortable surroundings. The potty bowl is removable, which makes it easy to be cleaned and thus maintains the hygienic condition.

There is a wide seat with a high back, which makes it more easy and comfortable for you to use it for the baby. This baby potty solution comes with smooth edges; that is why there will not be any risk for your baby to face the trouble.

This potty training solution can also be used as a chair. It has the side seat for your kid to stay relaxed. The parents can also conveniently teach their kids on how to maintain hygiene. There is a removable potty bowl that ensures a better cleaning solution too. Thanks to high-grade plastic which is free from harsh chemicals, it is suitable for the delicate skin.

8. R for Rabbit Cucu Baby Potty Training Seat

R for Rabbit Cucu Baby Potty Training Seat

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R for Rabbit brings you the most amazing baby potty training product. The company has earned maximum happy customer reviews which is why it not just a random company but now has turned out to be a huge brand. It only produces the baby care range of products which is why if you use it you will not be disappointed at all.

R for Rabbit Cucu Baby Potty Training Seat

The design is quite smooth and has the finishing smooth which makes the environment for the kid to get trained safe and comfortable too. This potty training seat has been made without any kind of sharp edges and that is why it looks quite elegant too. It comes with a removable potty bowl which is why parents will not have trouble while cleaning it.

The compact designs and light in weight making it easy and convenient for you to handle during traveling without any hassle.

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9. Baybee Baby Potty Training Seats

Baybee Baby Potty Training Seats

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Baybee Baby Potty Training Seats come in a great color to make the choice. Of course, the pattern is designed considering kids’ age in mind and that is why the concept is extremely creative. This training seat comes with a kit that is EN 15883 Certified. It ensures there is a safety standard met.

Considering the minor need in mind, the seat is made free of chemicals and is safe to be sued too. This potty seat comes with the most incredible material that ensures your kid is comfortable the entire time during it gets its first training of becoming independent.

Baybee Baby Potty Training Seats

The material used for making Baybee Baby Potty Training Seats is Virgin PVC plastic. It is a chemical-free high grade and durable. The best part is there is no odor issue that you shall be facing at all. This trainer seat allows your kid to shift from diaper to potty toilet seat at a faster state.

There is a stable armrest and has the baby grip which makes it further safe for the baby to use it. Thanks to being light in weight and thin, this portable seat can be used at home or anywhere you shall be planning to go. Besides, it is best at the time of traveling for your baby, considering the safety and hygienic condition in mind.

Baby Potty Training Seat Buying Guide – What To Look For it?

It is always important that you check the height and size of the potty chair. This needs to be noted while buying it for your kid so that your kid would safe for the first time when it gets on the chair.

Be careful in understanding if the size of the chair is too small or too big for the kid.

  • Stability is another important factor to be considered. Keep in mind that the base of the potty chair or the seat that you are planning to buy is stable. The more it is wobbly, the more will your kid lose the confidence too. It is important to reduce any risk of accidents and this could be one primary step.
  • Make sure the convenience for your kid to get on and off from the chair is possible. There are different chair that comes with small rods. It is important to keep your kid well entertained when he is doing its business. There are many chairs with integrated music too which will keep your kid busy all the time.
  • Many chairs have sharp edges. These edges are harmful and that is why choosing the potty chair, which comes with different parts that can be easy to clean and have smooth edges too. It is always better to choose the potty seat which you can maintain easily.
  • If there are any kind of detachable parts you need to look if they can be easily assembled and can be cleaned or not. Since the hygienic condition is uttermost important, you should not be compromising on this factor either.

There are so many different types of fancy potties that are available in the Indian market today. Look for the potty training seat that comes with a handle on both sides and is cushioned as well.

Best Baby Potty Training Seats FAQs

When should I start giving potty training to my baby?

You can start giving baby training for potty in baby potty training seats only when it attains an age of around 1.5 or 2-years old, and you should not give baby potty training to the baby less than that. Remember, the muscles on the baby’s feet are under developing stage at this age, the longer you wait, the best. However, most commonly, 1.5-years is the minimum age experts recommend.

How often should I give my baby potty training?

As you know, once you take off the diaper at the age of 1.5-years or 2-years, you need to start baby potty training. However, the frequency of the training every day should be based on your baby’s nature. The minimum frequency is 20 to 30-minutes.

However, as a parent or guardian, you should know when the baby needs to poop. You should continue training the baby for a month at least and then start reducing the frequency to 1-hour or more.

Is there any signs that should be noted to find out if the baby is ready for potty training?

Yes, there are 4 common signs that show that the baby is ready to be potty trained. They are, hiding to pee or poop, pulling off the diaper, try to sit down, and awakening without pooping in the diaper.

While all these are common signs that should be noted, it is important not to hurry. If you think that the baby’s feet and muscles are not developed yet to undergo the training, do not do it.

Is there anything not to do while baby potty training?

While potty training is something that every baby should be trained in, it is very important to be careful while training. Here are some of the things that should not happen and if any of these things happen, consult a doctor immediately.

No poop and urine after hours, has blood in urine or poop, shows symptoms of pain and strain while trying to poop or pee.

How to train the baby to tell me if he/she needs to go potty?

There is no specific training that could be given. However, if you watch closely, you could find out some signs.

Most commonly, experts recommend, parents watch the baby closely for a week and they could easily identify the signs. Remember, the baby or kid should not feel like he/she is being watched.

Which is the Best Baby Potty Training Seats?

As mentioned in this list all are well searched and researched with good reviews.

Final verdict

With so many different potty training seats and chairs that are available, you might want to go with the one that has integrated fun variations. But it is always important to keep in mind that your kid should not be so distracted that he will forget what is supposed to be doing.

Never force your kid to use the potty seat. Since it is merely a way to train your kid on sitting, you would need a lot of distance being patents and for which the reattempts might be needed.

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