Food to Avoid in diabetes in India

Food to Avoid in diabetes in India
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Diabetes is common nowadays. A few years ago we used to think that only elderly people get these diseases. But now due to wrong diet and habit diabetes patient increasing in number.

Diabetes may occur once blood sugar level increases to high which comes from food sources. Primary symptoms of diabetes are frequent urinating, weight gain or loss, and feeling intense thirsty and hungry.

According to Ayurveda if you maintain a good diet and do exercises or yoga, there will be high chances to reduce taking insulin injection or the even complete disease itself, even doctors suggest the same.

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Hence, I have decided to prepare the top food list which diabetes patient strictly avoid. There are a lot of junk foods which good in the test but are extremely harmful to health. This list will be beneficial for people those want to healthy and stay away from such disease; especially Patient with Diabetes Should Avoid Six Type of Foods listed below.

1. Chinese Junk food
Chinese junk food contains a lot of fat, sodium, calories, and carbohydrates which increases the sugar level in the body. Also, these food uses lots of spices and oil which is unhealthy.

2. White rice
White rice increases the risk of Diabetes type 2 and if someone already has it then there will chance to worsen the situation. White rice actually contains too much of carbohydrates which our body does not require although it harmful. Moreover, according to a recent study, 90% of the patient has type 2 diabetes which is one of the main reason white rice can increase. Hence, it is advised reduce the white rise intake as much possible.

3. Bottled fruit juice
Stay away from Soft Drinks and bottled juice. Even sugarless soft drinks are not advisable. According to Swami Ramdev from India who is well-known Yoga guru once rightly said; soft drink means “toilet cleaner”. So especially for Diabetes patient, it’s true.

Also, be care full while taking fruit juice from outside since they add too much of sugar. I suggest you have fruit directly instead of juice.

4. Sugary Foods
Any food which contains white sugar should be avoided. There are few fruits as well which not advisable listed in next point.
Foods such as cake, chocolates, cake, candy, soda, or cookies are should be strictly prohibited. There are few dry fruits also diabetes patient should avoid.

5. Banana, Oranges, and Watermelon
We have heard a lot of health benefits for these fruits but it works opposite for diabetes patient. Banana, Oranges, and Watermelon actually contain sugar which increases blood sugar level as well; as result, you will have to rush for insulin if you continue taking such fruits.

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6. Milk or Dairy products
Diabetes patient should avoid all dairy products including milk, yogurt, cheese, or ice cream. Not only that, any sweat or chocolate made by milk should also be avoided. These products have a lot of fats which causes a problem for insulin resistance.

Do not worry, you may be thinking your most of the favorite foods are listed above which is harmful to diabetes and you are not feeling well.

All you have to do is to make a habit. Once you do that it is easy to avoid such foods. Also start doing some exercise for diabetes if you are prone to rise in sugar level

And remember; Life keeps moving !!!

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