10 Things to Avoid Eating in Winters

10 Things to Avoid Eating in Winters
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When winter comes our desire to eat lip-smacking food increases. We get so tempted that we don’t even check what food we are eating and if that would be beneficial for our body or will have long term harm. It is believed that the human immune system works best in winter, however, despite this, people’s health often gets worse rather than improving in this cold season. The main reason can be your diet, what you are eating. The reason is sometimes we eat high-calorie food instead of low-calorie foods and since those calories are not used they get accumulated in our body as fat mostly, which can be a reason for bad health.

Hence we thought to share some surprising food that you should know to avoid eating with great fervour during the winter. Let’s know about those food and things that can make you sick, unwell or obese in winter.

Things to Avoid Eating in Winters

Tomato- Winter People do definitely taste the tomato salad and vegetables. The tomato found in this season is red in appearance only. It will not taste like tomatoes in summer. Therefore, keep tomatoes away from the plate before major damage to the body.

Strawberry- As soon as winter comes, the color of strawberry found in the market also becomes lighter. The color of strawberries has a direct relationship with phytonutrition. According to doctors, eating high nutrition food in summer is more beneficial.

Chocolate Cookies – Chocolate cookies have a great taste, but due to the high amount of saturated fat, it is better not to eat them in winter.

Red chilli– People often heard saying that eat red chilli in winter when your nose is choked, however, it is not that not much beneficial to the stomach you can replace it with black pepper.

Satmuli – Satmuli is eaten only in the summer season, but now people have started consuming it in winter too. Please tell that the Satumuli coming in this season comes from China and Peru. In the winter it can damage your immune system.

Hot Coffee- Due to drinking less water in winter, people’s body is already de-hydrated. The excessive amount of caffeine present in hot coffee causes frequent urination, which causes more and less water in the body. Its effect also starts to appear on your skin.

Green vegetables- Many times people use pre-washed and chopped vegetables to save time. But you have no idea how dangerous it is for your health. Eating it in winter can make you sick.

Red meat- Red meat and eggs have the highest protein. But during winter, excessive intake of protein can cause mucus in your throat. You can eat fish instead of meat. Although fish also contains protein, but there is no problem in health due to its consumption.

Off season fruits- Never eat off season fruits during winter season. Because of not being fresh, such fruits can be harmful for health.

Alcohol- In winter, most people drink less water, due to which the body becomes dehydrated. In winter, people often consume alcohol to keep themselves warm. But its intake de-hydrates the body too much, which can be very dangerous for you.

These are some foods, beverages you can avoid eating in much quantity in winter and let your body work best in this season to heal.

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