Health Benefits of Lemon| Lemon Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Lemon| Lemon Health Benefits
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Lemons have numerous health benefits. Lemon is rich source of vitamin c. Vitamin C is great for immunity.

  • Flush out unwanted materials
  • Decreases wrinkles and blemishes
  • Relieve tooth pain
  • Relieves respiratory problems
  • cures throast infections
  • Excellent for weight loss
  • reduces fever
  • Blood purifier

Lemonade is all the rage now days. Much to the surprise of many lemon water health benefits is absolutely beneficial.

Many restaurants are serving it routinely, while some people have started taking lemon water instead of tea or coffee.  No doubt, lemons are delicious, but what does drinking lemon water does to our body. Little scientific research has been done to identify the impact of lemon water in our body as a whole.

Following are Few Benefits of drinking Lemon Water.

  1. Promotion of hydration

Regular consumption of lemon water keeps you hydrated all day long. The dietary reference intake of water is around 91 to 125 ounces, according to the Food and Nutrition Board. Lemon being a good source of vitamin can keep your body in good shape.

  1. Helps to treat Indigestion

Drinking lemon juice can help you to cure constipation and indigestion. Just add a few drops of lemon juice in your dish, and see its magic! It acts as a blood purifier as well as a cleansing agent, thus assisting in the process of digestion. It is always advisable to have a glass of fresh lemon soda (also called as fresh lime soda in many places) after dinner or lunch, because of its digestive properties.

  1. Good source of vitamin C

Lemon is a citrus food which is very high in vitamin C. It is primarily an antioxidant that helps to protect cells from damaging the free radicals in the body. If your body consists of low level of vitamin C, there is a higher chance of you getting a heart stroke, especially obese men with high blood pressure. Vitamin c is a vital nutrient for our body as it helps to prevent or check the duration of common cold in many people.

  1. Dental care

Lemons are frequently used in dental care. The appliance of lemon juice on the area of a toothache can help you in getting rid of pain. If you are having problem of gum bleeding, all you can do is massage few drops of lemon juice on the gums. By doing so, it will bring some relief to the affected area as well as eliminate the bad odors that can arise from different gum conditions and diseases.

  1. Treats Fever

Taking lemon juice is quite beneficial for people who suffer from fever, flu or common cold. It assists in decreasing the fever by increasing the perspiration level of the body.

  1. Skin Care

Lemon juice is a natural antiseptic medicine, which can be used to cure complications related to the skin. Apply the juice to reduce the pain of sun burns and it also helps to ease the pain of bee stings. Lemon juice can also be used for eczema and acne. It acts as an anti-aging remedy, thus removing blackheads and wrinkles. 

  1. Hair Care

Usage of lemon juice for the treatment of hair is no more a secret. Apply the juice directly to your scalp to treat problems like hair loss, dandruff and other problems related to the scalp and hair. This also gives your hair a natural shine.

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