10 Best Baby Creams In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

10 Best Baby Creams In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide
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A baby’s skin is extremely delicate and needs protection and care all the time. The surroundings can also dry their skin out. Due to the moisture loss from the skin, they need extra moisturization. If they don’t, they will start developing dry skin with cracks. Healthy and well-balanced skin is the one that is hydrated 24 X 7.

Baby cream is designed to do the same. However, before you go on to buy a baby cream for your child, we have to tell you that it is a very tiresome job. This is because there are many options available in the Indian market these days.

Some of these products even contain chemicals that will cause more harm than good to your baby’s skin. Due to these reasons, we have come up with a list of our top ten picks of baby creams.

You can use these creams on the face as well as the body of your babies. We have tried to describe each product in extra details exclusively for you. If you are a new parent, our list will surely help you a lot.

Top 10 Best Baby Cream in India

Best Baby Cream in IndiaBrand Name Price 
Sebamed Baby Protective Facial CreamSebamedCheck Price
Himalaya Baby CreamHimalayaCheck Price
Johnson’s Baby Cream‎Johnson & JohnsonCheck Price
Mamaearth Milky Soft Natural Baby Face Cream for BabiesMamaearthCheck Price
Cetaphil Baby Daily LotionCetaphilCheck Price
Aveeno Baby Daily Moisturising Lotion for Delicate SkinAveenoCheck Price
Mee Mee Baby Lotion With Fruit ExtractsMee MeeCheck Price
The Moms Co. Natural Baby LotionThe Moms CoCheck Price
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Nourishing Baby LotionDoveCheck Price
goodnessme Certified Organic Moisturizing Baby Face & Body LotionGoodnessmeCheck Price

Best Buy Creams For Babies Online In India

We have taken the utmost care while preparing this list because we understand that you would only wish to choose the best products for your baby.

Let us now start discussing these products 

1. Himalaya Baby Cream

Himalaya Baby Cream

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On number one of our list, we have a top-rated baby cream by Himalaya. You can buy this cream in three sizes that include sizes of – 50 ml, 100 ml, and 200 ml. The key ingredients of the product include – vitamin E as well as olive oil. Both of these ingredients help in softening the skin and also provide an extra layer of protection. County Mallow, another component of the product, is a kind of antioxidant. This ingredient helps in nourishing the skin as well as keeping it soft and smooth for an extra-long duration. To apply this cream, just use it on your baby’s skin after bathing him/her.

Additionally, this cream has been infused with the goodness of many herbs like licorice. Licorice soothes the baby’s skin if he/she is suffering from pre-existing rashes. It also makes the skin extremely supple.

The best quality of the product is that it is free from all kinds of parabens, synthetic colors, and mineral oil. All these substances are known to cause rashes and allergies in the sensitive skin of babies. You can use this baby creams on your baby’s face, nose, elbows, cheeks, and knees. It is a cream that can be used in summers as well as winters. It is well hydrating and serves the purpose of moisturization very well.
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2. Johnson’s Baby Cream (Milk and Rice)

Johnsons Baby Cream

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Our list would have been incomplete if we did not talk about this baby cream by Johnson’s. Johnson’s is a well-known brand worldwide and has been taking its customers seriously for decades.

All their products are excellent, and their Milk and Rice baby cream is no exception. You can buy this cream in three sizes, which are – 30 grams, 50 grams, and 100 grams. Additionally, you can also buy the product in a pack of two or a pack of three. This baby cream is the one that doctors recommend all over the world. The pH of the cream is well balanced, and it does not cause any allergies in your baby’s delicate skin.

The two main ingredients of the product are Milk and Rice. Milk helps in soothing the skin, and the proteins in the milk help in creating a protective barrier. On the other hand, rice is rich in nutrients and Vitamins. It helps in the daily nourishment of the baby’s skin and is very mild. It can be used for newborn babies and is free from all kinds of parabens, dyes, and sulphates.

Moreover, each ingredient is well tested for 12 months. This ensures the extra safety of the product. This baby cream also meets the European and US Standards and has been passed through five levels of safety. Buy this baby cream now to help your baby is getting a healthy skin.

3. Aveeno Baby Cream

Aveeno Baby Cream

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This 227 gram of baby cream comes with an entirely fragrance-free formula. The brand Aveeno is pediatrician recommended and has been claimed to be very mild. Their baby cream is enriched with natural colloidal of oatmeal extracts. It is a gentle ingredient that has been incorporated in famous creams and moisturizers for decades.

The best quality of this product is that it is excellent for healing eczemas in babies. It can be applied to sensitive skin for long durations and does not create any itching. It also hydrates the skin for almost 24 hours.

Before you buy a product, make sure that it is adequately sealed. This will make sure the genuineness and the strength of its formula. The product dimensions are – 4.8 X 7.6 X 21.2 cm. Aveeno has been known to be the number one brand in creating genuine personal care goods in the United States of America.

The oatmeal used in creating the product is rich in many ingredients like – lipids, enzymes, vitamins, and proteins. All these ingredients deeply nourish the skin without irritating it even a little bit. However, the price of the product lies at the high-end. But the product is free from all kinds of phthalates and parabens.

4. Johnson’s Baby Cream

Johnson Baby Cream

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This is the second of Johnson’s products that we have included on our list. Their products are exceptionally genuine and qualitative. This baby cream by Johnson’s can be bought in three sizes, which are – 30 grams, 50 grams, and 100 grams. The price of the product varies with its amount.

This cream has been tested on 5.5 Lakh volunteers to prove its safety. It is free from sulphates, dyes, and parabens. Additionally, it also has a well-balanced pH and is recommended by many health practitioners worldwide. You can use this baby cream to nourish your baby’s skin for up to 24 hours. 

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We recommend you use this cream on your baby every day after baths. It will never disappoint you and serve its purpose well at all times. This cream is enriched with glycerin as well as coco glycerides. Both these ingredients soften the skin as well as act as the building blocks for new cells.

The product also contains extracts of maize, which has been proven to maintain the supple nature of the skin. This is the most well-known baby cream in India and has been claimed to be the best by many parents. Moreover, buyers have posted many positive reviews of this baby cream on the Internet.

5. Mamaearth Baby Cream

Mamaearth Baby Cream

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This baby cream has been manufactured using 100% natural ingredients. All these ingredients are free from toxins and do not contain any chemicals that can be harsh to the baby’s skin. It is priced at a very cost-effective price.

The ingredients of this product include milk protein, shea butter, and murumuru butter. The milk protein helps in hydrating the skin; it also locks the natural moisture very well and has many healing properties. Shea butter and murmur butter help in calming irritated skin. These ingredients are also well known in toning the skin as they have anti-inflammatory properties.

You can use this product on your baby’s face and body. To get the best results to massage it very in different directions in the skin. Additionally, you can also use this baby cream if your baby is suffering from chapped and dry skin.

The sunflower seed oil and milk proteins in the cream are very useful in softening the outer layer of the baby’s body. The best quality of the product is that it has been dermatologically tested and has been passed through many safety checks. Moreover, this cream is also free from all kinds of parabens and silicones. The product dimensions are 5 X 7 X 6 cm and come in very sturdy packaging.

6. SebaMed Baby Cream

SebaMed Baby Cream

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You get 200 ml of product in a single pack of this baby cream. The contents of the SebaMed baby cream have 42% allantoin (derived from aloe vera), chamomile, and natural lipids. However, we advise you that while applying this cream, you should only use a small amount.

This is because the cream is very rich, and it can feel very sticky if you use it in a huge amount. But you can use it up to four times per day. This product has been manufactured in Germany and comes with instructions that explain to you the correct application of the cream. The cream is a nurturing emollient and is protective to the skin at all times.

The product dimensions are – 6.3 X 5.8 X 17.8 cm, and it has a pH value of 5.5. Moreover, the pH is maintained slightly on the acidic side because the natural pH of a baby’s skin is on that side as well. The cream is so fantastic that it does not clog pores and lets the skin breathe well. You can also apply this baby cream on your baby’s buttocks if he/she is suffering from diaper rashes.

The product also helps in preventing the entry of many bacteria that can be harmful. Additionally, the cream also helps in regenerating irritated skin and improves rough skin as well as erythema. It will show effect in just a matter of eight weeks.

7. Chicco Baby Cream

Chicco Baby Cream 10 Best Baby Creams In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

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The rich baby cream by Chicco is very gentle and mild. It is packed in an adorable white tube, which is completely leak-proof and seals well. Due to this reason, it becomes easier for you to carry this baby cream around when you are outdoors with your baby. It comes in a 100 ml tube, which makes the product perfectly fit in your bags as well as baby stroller organizers.

This baby cream is enriched with the goodness of vitamin E as well as shea butter. You can use this product on your baby’s skin for well-nourished and velvety skin. Additionally, you can use the product all year long that too in any season.

It does not feel sticky and is free of parabens. The shea butter in the cream can deeply penetrate and provide moisture balance to the skin.

This product has been manufactured using 100% vegetarian ingredients and comes with an extremely rich formula. It also contains omega-3, which has been known to have antioxidant properties. The product is also free from all kinds of alcohol, dyes, and parabens. The moisture barrier is not destroyed even when the weather is hot. You can use this hypoallergic product to prevent any allergies on your baby’s skin.

8. Lotus Herbals Baby Cream

Lotus Herbals Baby Cream Best Baby Creams In India

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You can buy this cream either in a combo pack with body lotion or in an individual package. The product contains almost 99.% of natural ingredients and is recommended by many pediatricians across the country.

It does not contain any harsh chemicals and is enriched with the goodness of rare plants and herbs. These plants and herbs are handpicked and are completely safe to use. It is well suited for the sensitive and soft skin of babies and absorbs within seconds of application. It gives a smooth texture to the baby’s skin. However, the smell of the product is not that pleasant.

You can use it a couple of times during the day and even after the bath time of your baby. It also does not contain any harmful chemicals like – PEG, sulphates, mineral oil, and petroleum. It is very light, and a small quantity of the product will always suffice.

Buyers have claimed that the product did not irritate or create rashes in their baby’s skin even after a long time of usage. It will be more beneficial if you buy this product with the baby lotion as it has a very gentle formula and moisture-locking features. Many buyers have reviewed this product on many e-commercial sites, and almost all of them are extremely positive.

9. The Moms Co. Baby Cream

The Moms Co. Baby Cream

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On number nine of our list, we have the baby cream by the brand The Mom’s Co. It has rice bran oil, which is rich in tocopherols, vitamins, and tocotrienols.

All these contents help in hydrating the skin. It is hypoallergic and is well suited for allergic skin. Additionally, the cream helps in balancing the pH of the skin. It contains organic jojoba oil as one of the main ingredients that prevent extra oils on the skin and keeps it nourished.

The product is great in preventing dry skin and has many vitamins like vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin F. This cream is also free from suplhates, parabens, and mineral oil. Its dimensions are – 6.1 X 4.1 X 13.2 cm.

You can also use this cream to prevent rashes that your baby may get from wearing nappies. It locks moisture very well and can be used daily on your baby’s face. This cream also contains ingredients like apricot oil. This oil acts as a great moisturizer and leaves the skin soft and smooth after the application of the baby cream.

10. CURATIO Baby Cream

CURATIO Baby Cream

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Lastly, on our list, we have the CURATIO baby cream. This cream is available in a pack of two cream tubes and is priced at a very affordable rate. The quantity of each tube is 200 grams, and the color of the tube is the beautiful pink color.

The packaging is created with durable plastic, which makes it easier for you to carry this cream around without worrying about any mess. You can use the cream if your baby is under the age of 5 years.

However, we advise you to avoid any contact of this cream with eyes as it can be irritating. The tube has dimensions of – 15 X 6 X 6 cm, and the product can be used for both boys and girls. It helps in providing all day long moisturizing to your baby’s skin and is entirely non-irritating.

Buy this amazing baby cream now to maintain the soft and smooth skin texture of your baby. However, we have to inform you that this product does not have many ratings on the e-commercial platforms.

How To Choose The Right Baby Creams

Below are the points that you should consider while purchasing baby cream.

Safety & Ingredients

You should start by checking the ingredient of the baby cream. Even if the brand markets the cream as a natural cream, you should still go ahead and check the ingredients. The baby cream should not have phthalates or dye in it.

The cream should not be petroleum-based as they are also harmful to the baby. You should check the ingredients and ensure that the baby cream has naturally derived ingredients in it. The cream should also not have parabens or mineral oil in it.

pH Balance

Always look out for the information on the pH of the baby cream. The acidic or alkaline baby cream will not only lead to dry skin, but it can also irritate. The baby cream’s pH should be close to 7 as it is considered a neutral pH cream.

Baby Skin Type

Each human is different, and hence the baby cream used by your friend might not be suitable for your baby. You need to review the skin type of your baby and buy the baby cream accordingly.

If your baby has dry skin, then buy a cream that has high moisturizing content. If your baby has oily skin, then you can purchase something that is not very greasy. All these factors are critical when you are considering the baby cream.

Skin issues

The next point to consider while looking for baby cream is to understand if your baby suffers from skin issues. Is your baby suffering from eczema? Or is your baby facing any other problem? If your baby has any skin issue, then you must first consult your baby’s doctor and buy the baby cream that he recommends.


The baby may suffer from allergies because of baby cream so you must also check for the hypoallergenic cream. The hypoallergenic cream would be made of ingredients that are safe for the baby.

If your baby is already suffering from any allergy, you should also check regarding those things in the baby cream. You can also do a patch test before you use the baby cream regularly.


The next point to consider while choosing the baby cream is to ensure that the baby cream is gentle on the skin. The baby cream should nourish the baby skin, and it should make it soft.

The cream should not cause any rashes to the baby. You must also ensure that the baby cream is unscented as this would help your baby stay away from allergies.

Quantity & Price

The quantity & price of the cream is also very important. You can set a budget, and you must look for the price per gram. Some of the packs may look cheap, but they may also have a less quantity of cream.

We always recommend using the best quality baby cream for your baby even if it means spending a few hundred extras.


The last thing to check before buying is the expiry of the baby cream. Many parents miss out on checking the cream’s expiry, and they end up with a baby cream with a lower shelf live. Reviewing the expiry date will ensure that you are getting a fresh product.

How to Use Baby Cream?

As we learned earlier, baby creams are great for providing hydration and moisture to the baby skin. However, the using method requires accuracy to avoid any rash and reaction. There is a proper method that you must take into consideration while applying a baby cream to the baby’s face. Here is a complete guide on how to use baby cream.

What steps should follow?

Baby products are specially formulated for the baby’s sensitive face. Some might have confusion that baby cream and baby lotion is the same. In actuality, both contain different ingredients.

If you are not sure about how to use baby cream, then follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step: 1 Wash your baby’s face

Before applying lotion and cream, make sure the baby’s face should be clean.

  1. Use special baby soap or you can use chemical-free soap or use that soap which is recommended by the child specialist doctor.
  2. After applying baby soap, rub gently and use soft hands for washing.
  3. Then use lukewarm water for proper cleaning.
  4. The soap may irritate and burn in baby’s eyes if the soap is entering into baby’s eye. So be careful about that.

Step: 2 Use a soft towel for drying

  1. After completing the washing process, you should use a clean towel for drying the baby’s face.
  2. Make sure, the towel should be clean well and made with soft fabric.
  3. Always give soft hand touch to babies for pat dry. As baby’s skin is over delicate and softer too.

Step:3 Applying a baby Cream

  1. After well cleaning of face, your baby’s skin is ready for applying a cream
  2. Before applying the cream check all ingredients and the quality of the product.
  3. Baby cream should be clinically tested or recommended by a child specialist.
  4. Take a little amount of cream at your hand’s fingers and circulate it well, then apply it over your baby face.
  5. Then massage it well with soft hands.
  6. Don’t rub too much. Make sure the cream should be applied in a circular motion.
  7. An adequate method of applying will proper moisturize and hydrate your baby’s skin. It can make your baby’s skin softer and glowing.

Additional Tips:

According to the child specialist, baby cream should apply by using the tap-tap method. It is an adequate method of applying baby’s cream. It keeps your baby’s skin smoother and moisturised.

FAQs on Baby Creams

If you still have some questions we have lsited some most commonly asked questions below.

Which is the best cream for babies?

Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream is the best baby cream availble in India

Is Johnsons baby Cream safe?

Clinically proven to be mild. A 100% gentle care formula that is suitable for use from day 1. Keeps the baby’s skin soft all day long. Recommended by doctors and contains no parabens, sulphates, or dyes

Is Himalaya baby cream good for face?

Himalaya Baby Cream filled with the goodness of country mallow, olive oil, and licorice, helps in keeping the baby’s skin soft and protects it from losing moisture. It can be applied on the delicate areas such as knees, elbows, and face after bathing.


Being a parent is a tough job, but even after that, we know that you will always put your baby first. You will always be extra careful in choosing any product for them. Our list here has been prepared after hours and hours of research. We did that because it was our motive to bring only the quality products to you.

Also, all the products have been picked after considering many aspects regarding their nature and viability. Baby creams will prove to be an excellent investment in taking care of your baby.

These creams are exclusively created for the soft and sensitive skin of babies. They prevent loss of moisture as well as skin drying. Also, because of the harsh atmosphere these days, they have become essential.

So, choose only the best for your child.

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