10 Best Baby Powders in India 2022 – Ultimate Reviews & Guide

10 Best Baby Powders in India 2022 – Ultimate Reviews & Guide
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If you are searching for the right baby powder, then we’d like to inform you that your search ends here. Baby powders help in absorbing extra moisture from your baby’s skin, especially during summer seasons. This moisture and sweat can lead to the growth of many microbes and bacteria. Hence, its prevention is very important, and it will ensure your baby‘s health. However, we do understand that there are many baby powders in the Indian market. Due to this reason, the search for the right product becomes even more tiresome.

However, stop worrying at once because our list is here to save you. In our list provided in this article, we have brought you our top ten picks of baby powders that you can easily buy in India. These powders are picked after long hours of research and have very high quality.

Additionally, we have individually described each baby powder in detail, along with their special features and ingredients. Make sure you read the description carefully before you come to a decision.

Best Buy Powders for Babies Online In India

If you are still skeptical, you can easily read their reviews on many e-commercial sites. Without further ado, let’s start our discussion –

1. Himalaya Baby Powder

Himalaya Baby Powder

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The first position of our list has been secured by the very famous baby powder by the brand Himalaya. You can select from different sizes of the product, which include the product amount of – 200 grams and 400 grams. Additionally, you can also buy a pack of two baby powders of 400 grams. This product is extremely affordable and comes in very durable packaging.

The container that the product is in is also convenient to open. This baby powder is ideal for you if you have skin conditions like – dermatitis, itchy skin, dry skin, etc. It can also be used as a baby powder for newborn babies. It is recommended by many pediatricians across the country. It is also hypoallergic and does not cause any reactions in the baby’s skin.

It has soothing properties as it starts cooling when applied on the skin. Moreover, it has many rich ingredients that include – almond oil, khus, olive oil, and vitamin E. It will surely prevent chaffing and rashes in your baby’s skin. Apart from these properties, this powder also has anti-microbial nature, which helps in preventing microbes that cause false skin odor.

You may take a small amount of the powder and apply it on your baby’s skin after bath. In this way, it will also prevent perspiration. The zinc oxide and herbs in the product also give mild sun protection. Additionally, the powder does not have harmful chemicals like – phthalates and parabens. You will never complain about clogged skin after using this powder.

2. Johnson’s Baby Powder

Johnsons Baby Powder

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A list of baby products is not completed if it does not have Johnson’s item. Johnson’s is a brand that has been serving customers for many years. They have also been the best when it comes to customer service. It is available in two sizes, which include the sizes of – 400 grams and 700 grams. It is created especially for newborn babies and only has USP grade talcum. It is a fine powder that helps in decreasing friction, thereby helping to eliminate rashes and skin irritation. Additionally, this powder also has a scent that is baby-fresh and extremely mild. As you may already know that a baby’s skin is comparatively more sensitive than adults. Hence, it is very important to use gentle baby powder. This powder does just that.

It also stimulates the sense of your baby and keeps them fresh all day long. The powder can be bought through the internet and can be shipped all across the country. You can use it on your baby boy as well as a baby girl. It also has great reviews on the internet and lasts for a long time. You can also use it on your baby’s skin if he/she is suffering from rashes created due to use to diapers. However, we advise you to use the powder away from your baby’s mouth and nose. This will help in preventing accidental inhalation of the product. It is also efficient in absorbing extra moisture and keeps the skin smooth and soft.

3. Mee Mee Baby Powder

Mee Mee Baby Powder

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Next, we have the Mee Mee fresh feel baby powder on our list. It comes in a container that has 500 grams of the product. It is priced at a very effective price and can be afforded by everyone. However, we suggest you buy the 500-gram pack only when you have tried it before. Because if you do not like the product, it will completely go wasted. It keeps your baby’s skin dry and fresh. You can use it every day after bathing your baby without worries. It is safe to use on baby’s skin regularly. The container has an adorable design, and the product dimensions are – 30.5 X 15.2 X 54.6 cm.

It is highly rated and reviewed by many parents. You can easily read these reviews on various e-commercial platforms. It has been microbiologically tested in quality labs and is safe to be used even on the skin of newborn babies. Additionally, you can also use the product after changing your baby’s diapers throughout the day. It has a very mild fragrance that does not irritate the baby’s nostrils. The product is also claimed to make the skin softer and safer in due course of time. It is also hypoallergic and contains minimum ingredients.

4. Sebamed Baby Powder

Sebamed Baby Powder

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The best feature of the product is that it is made in Germany and has high-quality ingredients that are well tested in labs. These ingredients include – Allantoin, extracted from aloe vera, which helps in soothing and calming skin. It also has olive oil, which is excellent in preventing the skin from dryness. It has a pleasant fragrance that is truly botanical. You can use it on your baby of one month or above. It has 0% irritants and does not cause any allergic reactions. Additionally, the product contains micronized titanium dioxide, which helps in reducing the effects of chafing.

The powder is so fine that it gets easily applied to the skin and does great absorption. The entire formula used in manufacturing the product is very gentle in protecting the delicate skin of babies. Like many other products on this list, this powder can also be used after nappy changes and bath time. It will soothe the already existent rashes and helps in preventing future rashes. The product has many great qualities, but we have to inform you that its price lies in the high-end. So consider buying it if you can afford it on a regular basis.

5. Biotique Baby Powder

Biotique Baby Powder

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The Biotique basil and sandalwood powder is a newly launched talcum that comes in a beautiful container. It has Disney princess prints on it that make it extremely adorable. Even though the target buyers of the product are baby girls, you can also use the product on baby boys. The amount of powder that you get in a package is 150 grams. It will last you many weeks and can be used regularly. However, we also have to inform you that comparatively the product’s amount is less and its price is more. It has many natural ingredients like – neem, tulsi, makka, red sandalwood, etc.

Basil is well known for its aromatic and curative powers. It is anti-bacterial and also soothes irritated skin in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, sandalwood has to protect properties. You can use it all over your baby’s body, including the sensitive areas like diaper area and underarms. The product has incorporated knowledge from many biotechnology science books and is great to be used at any time. The package dimensions are – 16 X 4 X 4 cm. The fragrance of the product is also great. Additionally, the baby powder is very gentle and smoothens the skin.

6. The Mom’s Co. Baby Powder

The Mom s Co. Baby Powder

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This talc-free baby powder by The Mom’s Co. is 100% natural. You can get 100 grams of product in one pack. Its formula is cornstarch based that helps in absorbing moisture pretty well. It also helps to dry the chubby folds of your baby’s skin. Talc, when inhaled, can lead to allergies and lung problems in the long term. However, this product is free from that and contains natural ingredients. These ingredients include – calendula, organic chamomile as well as jojoba. It also smoothens and soothes the skin at all times. The formula is wholly mild and does not cause irritation or dryness. One of the Best Talc Free baby powder you can buy in India.

Organic Chamomile oil used in the product is very rich. It has medicinal properties due to which it has been traditionally used in the household for many years. It works by reducing inflammation and fastens the process of wound healing. On the other hand, cornstarch in the product is added as a substitute for talcum powder. Moreover, calendula helps in the prevention of split and chapped skin. These properties must be enough for you to consider buying the product. We would also like to inform you that this baby powder is free from all types of toxins.

7. Mother Sparsh Baby Powder

Mother Sparsh Baby Powder

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Like the above-mentioned baby powder (The Mom’s Co. Baby Powder), this powder also does not contain any kind of talcum. Also, it is comparatively cheaper. It is safe to be used on the soft skin of the baby regularly. One of the main ingredients of this product is arrowroot. It helps in drying the skin from excessive moisture while soothing. The product also has lavender oil, which very well prevents red patches and skin redness. It also gives a mild and natural fragrance to the powder. Since it does not have any talcum in its formula, it is very gentle and great in smoothening the skin texture.

You only need a small amount of the product for the application. It also has great spreadability and sweat absorption features. Additional features of the product include its hypoallergic and anti-microbial nature. It prevents bad body odor and can be applied multiple times a day. If your baby has uneven skin texture, this powder is here to reduce that and provide silky and smooth skin. Since the product is anti-microbial, it helps in preventing and healing yeast infections as well as fungal infections. This product is loved by many parents and guardians dearly all across India.

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8. Forest Essentials Baby Powder

Forest Essentials Baby Powder

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You receive 100 grams of the product in a single pack of this product. It helps in protecting the baby’s skin and maintains the freshness all day. One of the best features of the product is that it is free from all sorts of chemicals that are known to cause long term skin damage and conditions. It also has a very light fragrance that feels almost natural. You can apply it on your baby’s skin after bathing him/her well. It is also free from talc and does not clog the pores of the skin. Forest Essentials is a well-known brand in India for its natural products. They have created many authentic products and been in the market for years.

This talcum powder by them is enriched by many natural ingredients. These ingredients are – kokum butter, arrowroot powder, etc. Both of these ingredients nourish the skin cells and helps in the regeneration of new skin. Arrowroot powder also smoothes the skin and is very lightweight. The product is made in India and is a blend of harmonious and exquisite infusions. However, we have to tell you that the price of the product lies in the high end. Hence, we recommend you buy the product only if it fits well with your budget.

9. Chicco Baby Powder

Chicco Baby Powder

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On number nine, we have the talcum powder by Chicco. It comes in a 300 grams container and can be used daily on babies after bath time. It is a non-comedogenic powder, which means that it never clogs the pores of your baby’s skin. Hence, it lets your baby’s skin breathe all the time and prevents unwanted bumps and redness of the skin. The product has zinc oxide for soothing action and is free from harmful substances like parabens. It is 100% vegetarian and contains plant-based ingredients. Additionally, the product contains rice starch, which helps in preventing extra moisture on the skin.

The product is also free from other toxins like parabens, which include – alcohol, dyes, and sulfates. We advise you not to apply this powder near your baby’s mouth, nose, and eyes because it contains talc. This powder is created in such a way that it softens and dries the skin at the same time. It is also very mild and does not lead to inflammation of the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you can also use this product on your body. The packaging of the product is very intact, and the package dimensions are – 12.2 X 12.2 X 28.4 cm. It can last many months and is claimed to be one of the best baby powders available in the market.

10. Mee Mee Baby Powder (Liquid)

Mee Mee powder

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The last position of our list has been secured by the Mee Mee baby powder. You would be surprised to know that it is a liquid powder. It gives a velvety smooth texture to your baby’s skin and comes in a tube that contains 150 grams of the product. If you do not want the velvety smooth version of the product, you can also select the regular option which comes in a pack of two products. The liquid talc is created as such because powders, when inhaled, can irritate the nasal passage.

It remains in liquid form in the tube, but when you apply it on the skin, it converts to talc. Then it starts drying the excessive skin moisture like regular talcum powder. The formulation of the product is very gentle and has olive oil. Olive oil is well known for its soothing properties. It also helps in preventing extra dryness that talcum without olive oil can cause. This product is manufactured with high safety standards. Due to this reason, this powder can also be used on newborn babies without worrying. Buy this product now for an exceptional experience.

How to Choose the Best Baby Powder?

Keeping a baby’s skin free from rashes and infection is one of the most important benefits offered by baby powder. However, only the best could offer such extensive benefits, today, as you have seen it is not easy to pick the best from the long list of products on the market.

If you want the best baby powder then consider the factors listed below.


There are different brands on the market today that manufactures and markets baby powders. However, not all of them are reputed and have the quality that a parent would expect. In the past few months, we have seen some poor-quality baby powders that did more harm than good, this is one of the reasons why we recommend not to go for generic or less reputed brands. If you consider purchasing a baby powder from a reputed brand, the quality would be guaranteed and commonly all reputed brand maintains a consistent quality of their products.

Customer reviews 

When it comes to consumer products like baby powder, a customer cannot simply predict the quality without actually using it. In the same way, the declaration made by the manufacturer cannot be trusted. This is why you must consider reading the customer reviews and attain maximum information from it. Remember, only the customers who have already used the product could give you accurate information on the product.

Powder designed specifically for babies only 

Most of the brands that manufacture and market baby powders also deals with adult powders. This could often cause trouble and confusion while purchasing the product. If you are a beginner, then you must know that there is a great difference between baby powder and regular powder. You must consider purchasing powder designed specifically for babies.

Neglect harsh powder 

There are baby powders that are available on the market today that are designed to serve a specific function. However, such baby powders tend to have harsh ingredients in it that might cause some side effects in the future. This is why you must consider purchasing a baby powder without any harsh ingredients. Most commonly, top brands consider manufacturing and marketing such simple and pure baby powders.


Most customers these days consider purchasing baby powders with a very strong fragrance, however, this is a very dangerous trend that should be avoided. For the strong fragrance, harsh ingredients have to be added, these harsh ingredients could be dangerous for your baby. Therefore, it is best recommended that you avoid purchasing baby powders with a strong fragrance.


A baby’s skin in 4 to 5 times more sensitive than an adult’s skin, this is one of the reasons why a parent or a guardian should be very careful while purchasing anything for the baby. When it comes to baby powder, you must remember to purchase a powder that has passed a hypoallergenic test, such baby powders are known to cause comparatively very less irritation and rashes.

FAQs on Choosing the best baby powder

Which baby powder is best?

There are lot of best baby powder however you can consider Johnson’s Baby Powder and Himalaya Herbals Baby Powder.

Why is baby powder not recommended?

Per the organization’s Red Book, its reference guide to pediatric diseases, “parents should not use talc-containing products for infant and child care.” It may cause pneumoconiosis, a lung disease caused by the inhalation of dust – which the AAP notes may happen if a baby powder container accidentally spills.


Baby powders are an essential part of baby care regime. Hence, always consider buying one if you are going to be a parent. They help in skin protection in hot and humid weather in many ways. But buying a baby product in India can be tough. Due to this reason, we were inspired to prepare this list. We tried to describe each product in detail to help you choose the best.

We also took the utmost care while doing so because we understand that a baby product must be qualitative at all costs. We truly hope that our article helped you in many ways in coming to the conclusion of buying a baby powder.

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