10 Best Baby Carriers in India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

10 Best Baby Carriers in India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide
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Are you looking for the Best Baby Carriers in India for your baby? A first-time mom has a lot to go through when they have a little baby always around to look after. Carrying your baby seems fun, and it joys your baby because they love to explore the new world from your arms. Taking them out in your arms is a common way to show them new stuff, and help them learn about new things.

However, it can be nerve-wracking to carry your baby all the time, and you may want to look after alternative ways to carry your baby. So, the most common choice which can tickle in your mind is a baby carrier. There is a great variety of baby carrier bags in the Indian market, and all of them are good to go.

These small carriers bag are easy to wear, and you are able to walk easily and not to get much pressure on your arms at all. Lots of consumer reports are heartwarming and show how significant a difference it makes. So, it would be a better choice to use a baby carrier but hold on; it is not that easy.

As mentioned earlier that you can find intense variety and great color options, but it might confuse you at the same time. Grabbing a perfectly engineered baby carrier bag is not about support to your back, but it is also about great durability and easy to clean aspects. In case you are willing to buy a baby carrier, you need to be selective and paying close attention to several aspects.

To help you out, we already completed the work and made a list of top products that are reliable, easy to use, and fulfill the need in an effective manner. Our list is not only focused on the quality and usability, but we are also looking at easy to clean, easy to wear, effective padding at straps, weighing capacity, safety features, and many other parameters.

Best Buy Carrier for Babies Online in India

If it is not enough, we are consulted with experts, people from the forum, and all those people who have used these products. After testing out many products, we landed on this list which is as follow –

1. Chinmay Kids 4-in-1 Adjustable Baby Carrier

Chinmay Kids 4-in-1 Adjustable Baby Carrier

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If you are looking for the best baby carrier under 500 Rs in India then you can go for this one. It is a versatile product with sturdy material and genuine build quality are Chinmay Kids 4-in-1 Adjustable Baby Carrier. It is easy to use the high-quality baby carrier, which is available in plenty of color choices. There is a total of five different color options which are – Blue, Purple, Royal Blue, Black & Blue, and Maroon.

All the color option looks premium, and they give a genuine in-hand feeling about the product. Buckles and straps are easy to adjust, and they also maintain a gap as well as proper contact with the baby. There is hardboard support for the back, and it is totally removable to enhance the overall usability. On the other hand, it has one of the affordable prices, which can make you cease the deal without giving it a second thought.

The pads are wide, and they are easy to adjust. It has an ergonomic design, which ensures that this product doesn’t cause any issue to your support system. You will feel comfortable during the use, that’s why you can rely on the same and get rid of all the issues. The best part so far is 3.5 to 15 Kg of weighing capacity.

2. Infantino Zip Travel Carrier Black

Infantino Zip Travel Carrier Black

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Our second product of choice is the Infantino Zip Travel Carrier, which provides the finest looking design so far. The black color base with white color design makes it look premium, way more interactive, and better to consider choice till this date. This baby carrier can be worn in front as well as a backside using the safety and strap system it comes with.

There are study and small buckles which help you wear this baby carrier in a short time. You are also getting the release buckle, which makes everything easier. The straps are wide and padded, which ensures that your back gets enough support, and you don’t have to worry about a single problem regarding the same. The best part is, it has a great weighing capacity of 5.4 – 18.1 Kg, which can help with usability.

Soft padding with proper support from the base, your baby is going to feel comfortable, and the legs of your baby can easily float outside. The only problem with this product is, there are only color choices available in it, and the price is comparatively high, which can make you consider looking after any other product. Apparently, everything is positive except the color choice or price here.

3. LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier

LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier

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Based on the build quality and design, going with the purchase of LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier seems like a pretty adequate choice considering the build quality and design offered in the same. There are four different color options available, which are dark blue, black, red, and green & black. This is one of the best baby carrier under 1500 Rs in India.

Apparently, the mid-range price point for such durable build quality is the major reason that you are going to love this product over the other ones. The design is also premium, and it will give you a better feeling during the use. Keep it in mind that you should look after the safety standard, and this product follows European safety and standards. The best part so far is there are three different carrying positions available with this product.

Coming to the adjust ability pat, you can adjust this baby carrier, and it will take less than a couple of minutes to get the work done. The major quality we loved about this product is, it gives a soft and comfortable feel at your shoulder part. You are not going to feel any time of problem using the same for sure. These are some major factors, but the slightly expensive price point might be a concern.

4. TRUMOM (USA) 3 in1 Baby Carrier for kids

TRUMOM (USA) 3 in1 Baby Carrier

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Due to having a little extended weighing capacity, the purchase of TRUMOM (USA) 3 in1 Baby Carrier for kids is quite reliable for long-term use. The primary feature that you are going to love about this product is, it has side impact protection, which makes you feel safe and comfortable during the long use. The padding won’t make you feel you bad that’s why it is reliable.

It has adjustable areas which can make everything easier for sure. Having soft-touch areas on the handle makes your baby grab them and feel better as well as in the right position. There are also chest pads used in this product, which can provide intensive protection to your baby, and the usability is not a major concern after wearing the same. Quality padding is the primary feature to love about it.

Even the design is quite reliable as there are front pockets that can help with on-the-go use. There is also removable bib, which can help to keep your baby to have a healthy feel. The only problem we hate is, there is no color choice. You are getting a dark black color. No doubt that this product price is quite mid-range, but color choice matters a lot to grab the right product of choice.

5. Mee Mee Light Weight Baby Carrier

Mee Mee Light Weight Baby Carrier

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Coming up next to our list is Mee Mee Light Weight Baby Carrier. It is a widely used product due to the mid-range price point and positive reviews. Primarily, there are fifteen different color choices with a slightly different in term of build quality and design. This thing makes a huge difference from any other product, and it can increase the chances of getting the desired product.

The second thing is, it is made up of premium quality breathable material, which can ensure the safer use and higher level of comfort to your baby. Putting this baby carrier on your shoulder is easy, and it has wide straps with effective padding to make you feel easy during the long use. You are not going to face any kind of problem with this product, and it makes a huge difference here.

There is soft cushioning around the headrest portion, so if you prefer a toddler to sit in this baby carrier, then it will be supportive to the neck portion. So far, the key thing we love about this deal is, this baby carrier can be adjusted in four different positions, and it can make a huge difference when you are using it.

6. HOLME’S Adjustable Hands-Free 4-In-1 Baby Carrier

HOLMES Adjustable Hands-Free 4-In-1 Baby Carrier

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One more four positional baby carrier in our list is HOLME’S Adjustable Hands-Free carrier. It is an affordable baby carrier with genuine build quality, effective padding, and plenty of great features in the same. You can wear this baby carrier and adjust the position or fasten it using the straps. The strap mechanism is easy to use, but it might take a little time to learn the effective method.

There are dual side adjustment fits, and having the breathable material means you feel comfortable in both ways. Feeding your baby is not a major concern when you are using this baby carrier. There are sideways to wear the same, and they are good when it comes to feeding your baby. The color option is also genuine for the price, and you might not find much to nitpick for such price.

But, it could have been slightly better in terms of built at strap. The material looks slightly off the standard. Cleaning the material of this product can take hours, and it is the major reason that you should be considering the purchase over any other product. One more thing to add up, there is no color choice, and having white color as a strap means hard to clean material.

7. Smilecasters Adjustable Hands-free Baby Carrier

Smilecasters Adjustable Hands-free Baby Carrier

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One more extremely cheap priced baby carrier which can definitely fulfill your need and provide a range of advantage is Smilecasters Adjustable Hands-free baby carrier. This product is available in six different color options, and all of them are good enough to match your style and needs. It is the primary quality of this product.

Smilecasters Adjustable Hands-free Baby Carrier

The second thing, you can carry your baby in four different positions using this product. There are adjustable buckles at the side portion, and they can easily ensure you a higher level of security during the use. Material is genuine but not up to the mark because washing off this baby carrier will fade away the color, and this carrier is starting to look cheap and poor in terms of durability. So, you have to be careful with the usability and washing method.

Apparently, other features are positive here, and you can find breathable material, padded straps, adjustability, and many more things for sure. If you are willing to get a baby carrier for a short time, then we would suggest you consider the purchase based on the color you like. It can provide a weighing capacity of 15 kgs, and it is good enough to fulfill the need.

8. Baby Carrier Toyboy By Aroraonlinetraders

Baby Carrier Toyboy

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To carry your infant baby effectively but not to spend too much money on baby carriers, you can think about AroraonlinetradersBaby Carrier Toyboy. Well, this one is the most affordable product so far, and it is available in eight different color options. Among all the choices, the red1 color option is a lot more affordable. Such a low price point is hard to expect from such products.

Based on the design and build quality, you are most likely to love this product. The straps are padded with a thin layer, the product is easy to clean, and your baby is going to feel comfortable during the use. Being able to adjust the straps means you can feel comfortable, and there are four wearing position options offered. So, this factor can help you understand why this deal is quite a remarkable one.

There is a number of reviews, and the rating is around average. But we have some nitpicks here. The thin padding at strap makes it hard to wear for a long period of time. It would be better if you are buying this baby carrier for short term use or during the travel. Needless to mention that durability is the major concern because there are few negative reviews about the same that you can check out.

9. Teeny Weeny Adjustable Hands Baby Carrier

Best Baby Carrier under 500 Rs in India Teeny Weeny Adjustable Hands baby Carrier

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Coming to our next product, Teeny Weeny Adjustable Hands baby carrier is also a low-priced, sturdy, and genuine option with three different color choices. You are getting bright and beautiful colors which are dark blue, pink and sky blue. All of them have white color straps or detailing, which enhances the overall looks.

You can wear this baby carrier in four different positions, and it is going to be very comfortable. The primary reason to prefer this product is, there are four different positions to wear the same. It is easy to wear, and you will feel comfortable while using it. Over time, we loved all the essential factors like design, build quality, and many other features that can make you understand why you should prefer it.

The hardboard support to baby’s back ensures safer use. Moreover, if you are using this product for the first time, you will be saving money on the purchase and getting pretty good color choices. Durability might be the concern here, so you need to be selective when you are looking after the purchase of the best product so far.

10. My Newborn Cotton Baby Carrier

HOLMES Adjustable Hands-Free 4-In-1 Baby Carrier

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The most beautifulcolor option with a contrast-based option is offered by My Newborn Cotton baby carrier. It is a widely preferred baby carrier, and it is available in a wide range of color options. You can choose between five colors, and all the designs are similar to each other, which ensures the right product.

Being able to wear this baby carrier in four ways means you can get a versatile use. The build quality is impressive, and the straps are quite convenient when it comes to adjusting them. You can choose a different position of the baby carrier to feed your baby with ease. On the other hand, cleaning the material isn’t going to take much time, which can help you understand why we think that this affordable product is great to prefer.

The only issue that we think about this product is, cotton is used in manufacturing, and it might get slightly heavy. You might not find much difference if you haven’t tried any lightweight baby carrier before, but it makes a significant difference. SO, you should stay selective and check out plenty of products before finalizing any of the best ones.

How to Choose the Best Baby Carrier? – Buying Guide

The selection of a reliable baby carrier requires evaluating several parameters and doing some nitpicking to finalize the ideal product of choice, which can fulfill your need. To come up with the arrangements mentioned above, we created a list of crucial factors. You can use the same list so far and evaluate the essential things that you shouldn’t be missing at all. Let’s start by taking a deep dive –

Types of Baby Carriers

There is no means of buying a product until you know about the types available in the market. Once you know about the type, you can think that which one will suit you the most. Well, keeping talks apart, have a look at the top five types to choose from 

  • Wrap – In this design, you can find a long piece of fabric that is wide and strong that you wear around the body. It also goes from your shoulders, and then you can comfortably make your baby sit inside it. There is a number of ways to wear the same, and it will be easy for a breastfeeding mom to feed the baby while using the same. The con is, these consume significant time wearing, and if your baby weighs extra from normal ones, then you might feel uncomfortable in the same.
  • Sling – The second type is a sling, and it is worn across the torso and wearing it over any side of the shoulder. You create a pouch using the same, and it can be at the hip or at your front side. You can loosen the fitting so that you can feed the baby, and it is comfortable to wear. However, it also has a downside, which is, if you are carrying a heavier baby, then it can be an exhausting job. It produces extra stress on one side of the should, so you might consider keeping changing the side.
  • Backpack – So far, there was no type for heavier babies, but this one is surely going to help to carry heavier babies as well as toddlers. It has a thin metal frame and a proper cushioning so that you can wear it on your back. The best part is, mom and baby, get enough freedom, and the ability to do the desired stuff. The design is simple and easy to wear, but if you are carrying a toddler who doesn’t know how to control head or neck movement, then it might be a risky choice.
  • Soft Structured Front Carrier – Slightly similar to the backpack design, you are getting a product that is worn around the chest part. Your baby can face in both directions, inward and outward. It is lightweight, easy to use, and provides proper padding for comfort. The only downside is, it is not comfortable when it comes to feeding your baby, and you don’t get enough flexibility to move.
  • Mei-Tai – This type is also known as Meh-Dai, and it is a blend of a wrap and a soft structured carrier available in the market. There are knots used in the same, and you can’t find any buckles. There are four straps attached to the main same, and you have plenty of methods to wear it. However, it takes time to learn the method of wearing the same, and it might make you avoid using the same.

Learning about the type can narrow down the list of products, but there are many other parameters to help to figure out the right one. Every type has its own advantages and disadvantages so you should look after such factors to avail more detail about the product for sure.

Carry Position

Carrying position is playing a crucial role when it comes to the selection of a versatile product. You can choose a versatile baby carrier because it can help you wear in a different position and make yourself get comfortable. Carrying it to the backside is also comfortable, and you can choose the front side.

Front carry and back carry are the most preferred methods, and they are considered as highly reliable due to the proper support to the back. You need to ensure that which type and which position you want to prefer to carry your baby. Some people buy a baby carrier for temporary and short time use so they should decide accordingly.

When it comes to feeding, the flat-lying position is quite supportive and it can help you feed your baby in an effective manner. Due to this, products with four different position options are highly reliable to consider.

Carrier Structure

Different manufacturers are using a different structure, and it plays an important role in carrying your baby effectively. There are several carrier structures to look after where the popular ones are wraps available in soft and hard structure carrier. You can find that wrap and slings are very lightweight and stretchable options which can help to hold a newborn with ease.

On the other hand, the soft structured carriers are mainly designed for old babies, and they are easy to carry with soft padded straps and other safety factors. Positioning is always effective with these options, and you are going to love the lightweight design, which can enhance usability. Hard frame structures are mainly for toddlers, so you consider it wisely.

Size and Fitting

Always ensure that you are getting the perfect size in all kinds because it can ease up the job and help with usability. Over time, size has been the major issue because babies grow very fast. So, getting a stretchable and adjustable baby carrier is perfect. The Indian market has many versatile options that can fulfill the need effectively.

Looking after the design, perfect fitting and the weighing capacity will help you understand that which one will fulfill your need. Wrap usually fits in need, but you can consider the type based on your height and weight of the baby. Adequate fitting is going to ensure the right purchase in an easier manner.

Easy to Clean Type

The fabric of such a product usually takes time to clean, and if you don’t want to face such issues, then you should consider the material wisely. Some brands based in India offer to wipe clean material, but it can be poor in term of build quality. You can check out the manufacturer and the features mentioned by them.

A product with higher durability, easy to clean material, and such other features can help to grab the best deal. You can choose products with buckles so that you can easily wear them and remove them without any problem. Meanwhile, taking a close look at the security and safety features will ensure the best product of all kinds.


No doubt, in the fact that material plays an important role, and if you want great durability, you need highly durable material. A product with sturdy built last longer and provides premium in-hand feel. The usability is not a major concern, and it is definitely going to save you money.

Most of the time, the durability of such a product is a major concern. You should check the quality of buckle, strap, and base material so that you avoid any risk. Meanwhile, you can check out the weighing capacity that it can hold without any problem. This method provides all the essential details about the product.

You can make sure that the material used is breathable and provides proper ventilation to the baby’s back. If the material is synthetic or leather, then it can make your baby sweat. You are also going to feel the discomfort after a couple of minutes of wearing the same. So, breathability is a primary focus of the material factor.


Among all the essential factors, you are learning about the product only but claiming that if everything claimed by the manufacturer is right or not, then you can check reviews. This method will give you a better idea of the quality and durability of the product. This will also help you learn about the pros and cons of a product in an easier manner.

After considering these aspects, grabbing the right product of choice seems like a better choice. You can take a close look at weather-appropriate, budget, nursing friendly, and a few other factors.

Baby Carriers Frequently Asked Questions

When should you stop carrying a baby in a baby carrier?

According to the experts, it is best recommended to stop carrying a baby in a baby carrier, when he/she reached the age of 1.5-years. Remember, most of the baby carriers are designed to carry babies within this age only.

Do carrying a baby in a baby carrier hurt my back?

Yes, of course, depending on your kid’s weight, it could put a lot of stress on your back. There is nothing to do about it, even if the baby carrier has a very efficient design, carrying the baby would put some strain on your shoulders and spine. The only way to prevent back pain is to limit the hours you carry the baby around.

Is it true that using a baby carrier too much could affect the baby’s growth?

Yes, while the most affected area could be the legs, it might not affect other body parts. Remember, the legs of a baby in a baby carrier dangle downwards with the thighs together, this increases the stress on the thighs. This stress on the thighs might reduce proper blood flow and affect the development of muscles.

Carrying the baby around for too long in a baby carrier is not good? Is there are a reason for such a warning?

Yes, you should not carry the baby around in a baby carrier for a very long time and not frequently. You should know the basic fact that for better muscle and body development, the baby should be free. Carrying the baby around in the baby carrier could affect such development. The most affected body parts are the legs and ribs.

Is there a specific type of cloth that the baby should wear while using a baby carrier?

No, there is no such specific information about cloth he/she should wear. A baby could wear anything based on the climate. If it is too cold outside, he/she should be wearing an elephant hood and booties. If it is too hot, thin fabric sleeveless clothing is the best. There is no specific requirement and no experts recommend such a thing.

Is it okay to carry a 3-month old baby in a baby carrier?

No, it is not okay to carry a 3-month old baby in a baby carrier. A baby should be at least 5-months old to be carried around in a baby carrier. Remember, the development of muscles, especially neck muscles start when the baby is at least 5-months old. If you carry a young infant in a baby carrier, they could break their neck.

Is there is any danger in using a baby carrier?

Yes, of course, while a baby carrier is one of the most useful travel accessories for babies. They have several hidden dangers that most people do not know. If the baby is too small, his or her neck could break, the nose and mouth could press on your body that could suffocate them, and many more issues. This is why you need to be extra careful while using a baby carrier.


Selecting the best baby carrier might seem easy, but it might be tricky based on the variety, size, the material used in manufacturing, and several other factors. We suggest you narrow down the list based on all the above-mentioned aspects and then finalize the right product of choice. This method will save your money as well as time.

In addition to that, looking after the reputed manufacturer and their reviews will come in handy to sort out more about a particular deal. We hope that this guidepost covers all the essential details that you should be looking after when you are heading toward the purchase of the best baby carrier in the market.

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