8 Best Baby Grooming Kits In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide

8 Best Baby Grooming Kits In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide
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Babies are quite a joy to see around. They have that liveliness in them that makes it such a delight to see them. We all tend to think of the best for a baby so that they get to grow at an excellent peak. One thing that needs to be taken care of babies is the way they need to be groomed. Baby grooming is one of the essential things that help to provide their body with the right support for growing. As a parent or a mom, baby grooming is often the first thing in the mind.

If we look at baby grooming, there are quite a lot of things in it. Starting from hair trimming to the nail trimming, cleaning of the ears and nose to giving the baby a complete bath. As a new parent, it’s often quite difficult to know everything about the baby grooming. You have to do a lot of research and more to find the best grooming for your baby. But don’t worry, we have listed the best baby grooming kits for you so that you can find the best option.

Let’s find out the best baby grooming kit in India down below.

Best Buy Baby Grooming Kits Online In India

We here will discuss the best baby grooming kits in India with the best features and details about it. These baby grooming kits will help you to provide your baby with the best grooming options.

1. Mamaearth Complete Baby Care Kit

Mamaearth Complete Baby Care Kit

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Mamaearth is one of the renowned names in the baby care world for their excellent products over time. Their product line is quite trusted and helps to provide the babies with the best care and grooming feature. This complete baby care kit from them is an excellent choice for parents who are looking for a good baby grooming kit. This kit comes with baby lotionshampoobody wash, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent. All of the products in this kit are certified toxin-free, which soothes the babies’ skin and helps them stay good.

Mamaearth used 100 percent natural blend of essential and carrier oils which is safe for skin and gives the best care. It is Asia’s first certified toxin-free brand and comes with dermatologically tested products.

It is good for all kinds of skin like sensitive skin also. The products come in good packaging and have cartoon characters drawn in them to attract the babies. It has a green and white color tone for all the product vessels. The products are offered packed in a green colored bag, which is eye-catching and pleasant.

It is a completely natural and 100 percent safe product to use for your babies. Most of the times, parents are often locked in thoughts about the best option for their babies and this grooming kit comes as a perfect answer to them with their good product line.

2. LifeKrafts 4-in-1 Baby Grooming Kit

LifeKrafts 4-in-1 Baby Grooming Kit

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Occupying the second place in our list is the one from LifeKrafts with their baby grooming kit. This product is one of the top sellers around and is loves by parents and all and rightly deserves its place at the second number in our list.

This baby grooming kit has a 4 piece set, which is perfect for trimming and grooming. It has a nail clipper, scissors, tweezer, and file. It has a very cute baby bear case that contains all these grooming sets and can be easily carried around or stored in one place.

This grooming kit has been designed by LikeKrafts with optimum safety marks and comes with rounded tips and curved edges so that the babies don’t feel any pain in which grooming. It also has ergonomic handles which makes sure that the handles don’t slip off while using it.

Often when grooming a baby, the inherent fear in the mind of the parents is about hurting the child. For say, moments like trimming the nails or clipping it often causes fear to parents. With this grooming kit, you can be in full control while trimming and you won’t have to feel any fear. You can simply make the right trimming with it.

The materials used in making this grooming kit are quite premium and features stainless steel, which makes it rust-free and non-blunt. The handles are made with ABS plastic that will provide good strength and toughness. It’s a perfect option for young parents looking for grooming kits. You can also gift this to first-time parents.

3. Baybee Premium 2-Piece

Baybee Premium 2-Piece

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Taking the third place in our list is Baybee with this premium 2 piece grooming kit. This is a preferred choice for parents around due to their high-quality offering and certified products. This baby grooming kit comes with an EN certified stance, which makes it perfectly safe to use.

The certification in itself is a very strict measure and is only awarded to products that have optimum safety levels. It has a baby brush and a comb set that helps to groom the baby. The brush in itself acts as a perfect option to groom the hair of the baby right from the infant to the toddler.

The bristles are pretty soft, which provides soothing relaxation to the baby during hair brushing. It helps to brush the hair, detangle it, massage and stimulate the scalp of the baby with this excellent brush.

The comb, on the other hand, helps to cater to the hair needs of the babies. Babies’ hair is delicate and using any other comb would harm the baby’s scalp.

This comb has a plastic body that is designed using the baby’s need. It comes with a white, and blue color combination that is pleasant to the eye and babies will find it comfortable to use around. It comes in a beautiful box which can also be given as a gift to the couples expecting a child.

4. Kassy Pop Curated Just for You

Kassy Pop Curated

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Kassy Pop is the next one in our list of best baby grooming kits. This one is a complete 4 piece set that features all the essentials that a baby grooming kit needs to have. It comes with a nail clipper, tweezer, file, and scissors. It has an attractive packaging to start with that comes in a yellow and white color tone.

The case can be carried around with ease for grooming purposes. The kits, i.e. contents inside the box comes with optimum safety design. Since it’s a baby grooming kit, a major focus has been given to make it safe.

The kit comes with rounded tips, curved edges, fine blades, and ergonomic handles so that it can be used safely and efficiently. The design gives parents full control when they groom the baby as everything will be under control.

Kassy Pop has designed this grooming kit with premium material that features stainless steel design and abs plastic material for handles. The stainless steel blade makes it blunt free and rusts-free while the handles of the ab make it tough and durable. It’s a nice choice for couples or soon to be parents around. It’s a great utility piece for grooming babies, whether they are infants or toddlers.

5. KOOCHI KOO Premium Quality 8 Pcs


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Now at the fifth number in our list is the one from Koochi Koo with their premium baby grooming kit. This grooming kit is quite a lovely piece and comes with multiple options when compared to other kits. It has 8 pcs combination that helps to provide complete grooming options to the babies.

It has a diversified option like ear pick, scissors, clippers, file, tweezers, comb, toothbrush, and hairbrush. It has a special mini design that is made especially for babies so that they don’t get hurt during grooming. This grooming kit is pretty excellent and has a variety of options included with it. It comes with a high-quality build that is made with optimum safety measures.


It has top-grade stainless steel build and features latex-free and lead-free material. The grooming kit has BPA free plastic used in making it, which makes it easy for parents to choose for.

It has a portable design as it comes in a pack that can be easily placed or carried over. It is a nice option for parents who are looking for a complete set of grooming essentials in one kit rather than going for multiple buying of different kits. It comes with a vibrant pink and white color combination which babies find pretty adorable. It’s designed to be used for babies from the age group for 3 months to 24 months.



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At sixth in our list of best baby grooming kits is the one from Nirva with this impressive kit. This grooming kit comes with 4 devices in it in the form of tweezers, file, clipper, scissor. Nirva has designed this grooming kit with utmost safety obligations and has especially made rounded ends that will not harm the baby.

The nail clippers are designed with curve designs that can cut through the nails of the babies with ease. The scissors and tweezers are impressively designed and feature ergonomically built. It has a flexible design that helps in ensuring precise cuts and avoids any fatigue and cuts.


It has a compact shape and is pretty flexible. It comes with stainless steel material and has an ABS plastic build that helps to provide durability and sturdiness. It’s practically designed to perform nicely with the baby grooming aspect. It comes with nice packaging and has a picture of women on the front side.

It is perfect for parents who need a good grooming kit for their infant or toddlers. It is also priced reasonably well which makes it a good investment choice. The color combination for this one is off-white, which offers pleasant viewing to the babies.

7. Mothercare Deluxe Grooming Set

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At the seventh number in our list is from a trusted brand Mothercare which has been around for years. This brand has continuously offered great products to parents over the years in the form of baby grooming kits and other devices.

This grooming kit is quite nice and comes with deluxe packaging and no of sets within. It has seven different options inside this kit and comes inside a sturdy little bag. It features a soft nylon bristle-based brush that has rounded edges, which helps to provide a baby comfortable grooming. It has ergonomically designed products like nail clippers, nail scissors, and files that help to provide the baby with nice nail trimming.

The toothbrush included within this packet is impressive and comes with a soft brush which will accentuate baby’s gum and help to keep it healthy and fresh.

This pack also includes a thermometer and has nasal based aspirator for tending the temperature levels of the body and to help clean the nose of the baby. The entire package is much loved by parents due to its plethora of options and hard outer case which makes it good to carry around with you.

8. SGL Complete 4 Piece Plastic Grooming

SGL Complete 4 Piece Plastic Grooming

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Now at the closing of our list comes the one from SGL with its 4-piece plastic grooming kit for babies. It has a nice little design with a cartoon figure on the outside that helps entice the babies. This grooming kit features off-white color combination and has 4 different devices like scissors, clippers, file, and tweezers.

SGL Complete 4 Piece Plastic Grooming

The products feature stainless steel for rustproof design and are further supported by ergonomic handles that are made from ABS plastic. The handles are durable and long-lasting and help provide the parents with complete control while using it. It has a hygienic blade to cover up and comes with rounded tips that provide safety.

It is reasonably priced, which makes it a good option to consider for any parent. This grooming kit is designed for babies that are infant and till toddler. It’s lightweight and comes with a flexible clip that can be hanged to keep aside. It can be easily carried around for ease.

How To Choose The Baby Grooming Kits

In recent years, it has become a very challenging task to purchase the best grooming kits as there are hundreds of them available on the market today.

However, when you select it, you should be careful as they could do more good than harm if you choose a worthless kit. Here are some of the factors that could help you select the best.


The comfort of both the parent and the baby while using an accessory from a grooming kit is an essential benefit that the best grooming kit should offer. Of course, everyone knows that isn’t it right?

However, in recent years, we have found that even some of the well-known brands market few model grooming kits with good-for-nothing accessories. This is why you must read the customer reviews on each product, shortlist a few kits with all the accessories you need, and then select a suitable kit from the shortlist.

Potability –

The grooming kit that you consider to purchase should not be bulky or too small, however, it should be designed in such a way that it is easy for the user to pick each accessory from it.

Most commonly, grooming kits are available on fabric pouches, but, today we have plastic pouches with molds that could hold each accessory in it. Therefore, you must remember to purchase a grooming kit that is extremely portable.

Ease of use –

Grooming kits available on the market comes for kids of different ages, some of them are very small and some of them are comparatively larger. If the size of the accessories is not suitable for the baby, then it could make things more difficult and also could harm the baby while using it.

This is why you must consider purchasing a grooming kit with appropriate size accessories, which would make it easier for you to use it and reap the benefits.

Value –

There are different models of grooming kits available on the market today, some of them are made of high-quality material and some of them are made of poor material, we know some models that break easily just after a few weeks use.

Therefore, you must not neglect the customer reviews, read the customer reviews, and purchase a grooming kit that worth the money you pay.Going for a grooming kit from a reputed brand is the best way you could get a grooming kit worth the money you pay.

Baby nail cutter – must need accessory –

Most customers consider purchasing a baby grooming kit without actually considering what accessories should be included in the kit. This is not the right way to select a grooming kit, always consider purchasing a grooming kit with at least the maximum number of accessories you need. Your required accessories should surely have a nail cutter in it.

You might ask, why a nail cutter, do not neglect a nail cutter, a baby usually harms himself/herself with their nails growing up, cutting their nails regularly could keep them safe.


Baby grooming kits are essential for grooming of a baby. It’s something that every parent needs to get for their baby.

Every parent wishes to provide their baby with the best care and grooming kit is a great option to provide care for the babies. We hope this list provides you with the option that will help you get a good grooming kid for your baby.

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