10 Best Baby Pillows In India 2024 – Expert Reviews & Guide

10 Best Baby Pillows In India 2022 – Expert Reviews & Guide
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Sometimes new parents don’t understand what things they need to do to their baby to provide which can help in their proper growth. In the growth period of a baby, good sleep also plays a tremendous or significant role. It doesn’t mean that you should always put your baby to sleep in his/her cot. As a parent, you need to ensure that your baby takes a good and quality sleep. For this, you can buy a cushioned or fluffy mattress for your baby. But most importantly, you need to focus on the pillows.

As a parent, you need to provide proper comfort to your baby. Also, the right pillow is something an essential thing that you need to focus on to reduce the chance of flat head syndrome.

So now if you have come to know that you need to buy the right baby pillow, then there is some other thing also present that you need to know. In the Indian market, you will find out many types of baby pillows. But the main question is, what kind of baby pillow should you buy? Right.

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Best Buy Pillow For Babies Online in India

So, here in this post, we have added ten best baby pillows that any Indian parent can buy in India.

1. Kradyl Kroft Bio-Gen Foam Pillow

Kradyl Kroft Bio-Gen Foam Pillow - Best Baby Pillow in India

It sometimes happens that if parents don’t take care of the head support of a baby, then it can cause the flat head syndrome. For reducing the chances of this disease or the unequalness of the baby’s head, this pillow has a unique cut out.

That is why we have added Kradyl Kroft Bio-Gen Foam Pillow on the very first spot of this list. Also, it comes with a special foam to provide a great cushioned and comfortable surface for baby. The manufacturing company calls it Bio-Gen Foam. Not only this, but it is a bacteria-resistant foam too. It means this pillow can provide a soft and healthy surface for your baby.

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The company suggests that this pillow is perfect for newborn babies. But it is not necessary because you can use it for older babies as well. The size of this pillow is also ideal for a newborn baby, and it will fit well in the baby cribs as well. We know that different and bright colors can improve the sense of sight of a baby. To keep in mind this, the company provided twelve different color options for this baby pillow.

2. DearJoy Baby Elephant Pillow

DearJoy Baby Elephant Pillow

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On the second spot of this list, we have added a baby pillow, but it doesn’t look like a pillow. The DearJoy brand provided a baby pillow in the shape of a baby elephant. This baby pillow is quite big but seems a perfect one for all ages of babies.

And because of the unique design of this pillow, many parents purchased it and gave it a good rating as well. Even you can introduce this product to your baby as a brand new toy too.

The manufacturers suggest that you can use this pillow for multiple purposes. You can use it like a TV-watching pillow, back and head pillow for support, sofa-cushion, etc. The pillow quality is awe-inspiring because here, you will get a fluffy pillow. The surface of this pillow is also a non-toxic surface; it means it is not going to harm your baby’s sensitive skin. If you don’t like the elephant design, then there are two other animal characters present of this pillow.

3. Chinmay Kids Cotton Neck Support Pillow

Chinmay Kids Cotton Neck Support Pillow

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On the next spot, we have a cotton neck support pillow. In between this pillow, you will find out the hollow space. It means you can set this pillow around your baby’s head and neck. But don’t worry because it is not going to give a substantial feel to your baby. It is because the company provided a lightweight material in this baby pillow. It doesn’t mean that you will not be going to get a quality in this baby pillow. The company claims that they have used the polyester and fur fabric material to make this pillow. So, you can expect long-lasting and comfortable performance from this baby pillow.

If you want to use this baby pillow properly, then you should use it to put your baby on sleep. If you put your baby for sleep on a flat surface, then instead of doing this, you can put this pillow first to support your baby’s neck and head. But the best part of this baby pillow is that any parent can buy this pillow at a lower price.

4. The White Willow Memory Foam Baby Pillow

The White Willow Memory Foam Baby Pillow

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If you are looking for the premium quality of the baby pillow, then you should take a look at this one first. It is a premium quality of pillow because the company provided the memory foam to make this baby pillow. We know that memory foam can contain the shape of the sleeper’s body.

So, when you put your baby on this pillow, then it will easily obtain the previous shape. By doing this, it ensures better support to your baby’s neck and head.

For long-lasting use, the manufacturers provided an outer cover as well. This external or outer cover of this baby pillow has the stitches. Even you can remove this pillow cover for washing or cleaning purposes too. In the center of this pillow, you will be able to see the head shaping area to provide proper support to the head.



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If you liked the third number of the baby pillow of this post, then you are also going to love this one. It’s because this baby pillow also comes in the hollow design. So, you can hook it around your baby’s head. That’s why when you will put your baby for sleep, then this pillow will ensure to provide proper support to the head. And the manufacturers suggest that if your baby’s age is below 12 months, then you should use it for your baby.

In this pillow, you will find out a pure velvet material to provide a great experience to your baby. It also a very soft and fluffy type of baby pillow; this means it can provide support to the head part during sleep time. This baby pillow comes in the shape or character of a panda. In our view, it looks stunning, and for more look enhancement here, you will get a bright pink color as well.

6. A Baby Cherry Baby Pillow

A Baby Cherry Baby Pillow

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If you are looking for the traditional design of pillows for your baby, then you should try this one. If you like the first spot of the baby pillow, then you are also going to love this one. There are some significant similarities present between this and the first spot of the pillow. First of all, this pillow also comes with a circular hollow or cutout space in the middle. This hollow space works as a mold to provide proper support to your baby’s head.

In this baby pillow, you will not be going to find and advanced technology of foam, such as memory foam. The company provided a 100% organic and pure cotton material to improve the overall quality of this baby pillow. Remember, it is a washable baby pillow; this means you can wash it whenever you feel that it is going dirty. The base color of this baby pillow is white. But there you will find stars pattern printed on this baby pillow.

7. Circleday Memory Foam Pillow

Circleday Memory Foam Pillow

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In case if you don’t like to go with the traditional cotton pillows for your baby, then you should need to choose memory foam material. We are saying this because typical memory foam can remember the previous sleeper’s shape.

It means when you will use a memory foam pillow for your baby; then it will keep the shape of your baby’s head. And when he/she sleeps next time with this pillow, then it will automatically obtain the most comfortable shape.

For more supportive purposes, you will find out round but hollow space in the middle of this pillow. This baby pillow gained good ratings on the online stores because of its specifications. But remember if you have decided to buy this memory foam pillow, then it will cost you slightly high as compared to the standard or traditional type of baby pillows. If you want a different color option in the same material, you will find out three different colors are present there.

8. Kriday Cotton Soft Baby Pillow

Kriday Cotton Soft Baby Pillow

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If you want to buy a pack of baby pillows, then this one is only for you. This pack of baby pillow contains a total of three similar pillows. The only difference present in the section of the color combination of all baby pillows.

But the best part is that you can buy these baby pillows at a shallow price point. The material that you will get in these pillows is plush soft cotton. It means these baby pillows will be fluffy enough to provide the proper comfort to your baby.

Each baby pillow of this pack has a circular mold shape in the middle for better support. So, these baby pillows also help to reduce the chance of flat head syndrome as well. Three different color options make this pack of pillow more versatile.

9. My NewBorn Baby Pillow

My NewBorn Baby Pillow

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Again we have another circular shape of baby pillow on the ninth spot of this list. If you are looking for a circular shape of the baby pillow, then you should also need to consider this one. The size of this baby pillow is slightly small or compact as compared to other baby pillows of this list. In our view, it is a perfect baby pillow for your baby if his/her age is below 12 months.

The company is providing you this type of fluffy pillow at a very minimal price segment. But it doesn’t mean that you need to compromise in the quality section of this baby pillow. You will get good material according to the price point so that you can expect a far better experience from it. Also, the weight of this baby pillow is light, and when you put it around the head of your baby, then it will give a very lightweight feel to your baby.

10. Baby Pillow By Generic

Baby Pillow By Generic

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And in case if you don’t want anything extra or you are looking for the most straightforward baby pillow, then you should buy this one. Here you will get a traditional or typical pillow type of design. It means the company isn’t provided anything extra or fancy in this baby pillow. If your baby’s age is around 12 to 24 months, then you can use it as a main or primary pillow for your baby. It is a pillow that comes with the velvet material for better fluffiness and comfort. Not only this but the outer cover of this baby pillow build-up with micro fabric material for ideal uses.

The main attraction of this baby pillow is that here you will get a printed design on it. There you will find out two cartoon characters of Mickey Mouse cartoon show. If you love this cartoon show, then three is a standard version of this pillow also available. Other than the standard size there, you will get two different and small sizes that perfect for babies.

How to Choose Best Baby Pillow?

Babies are fragile and require top-notch care in every single manner. To make your baby feel comfortable, providing the best kind of pillow is necessary. It reduces the chances of reflux and enhances the quality of their sleep.

However, all the available baby pillows in the market are not perfect. Due to this, looking at the essential aspect can reduce trouble and help to select a comfortable baby pillow.

Let’s have a look –

Height of Pillow

Pillows come with different thickness options, and all of them vary in centimeters. Having too high a pillow means unnecessary pressure on the neck, and it can cause issues with posture.

Choosing less height seems reliable, but such pillows won’t be helping with comfort. So, you have to look for the right thickness, which gives your baby a slight elevation for the head.

Firmness Level

There are mainly three types of firmness levels, Low, Medium, and High. Medium firmness is considered as the best one because it will make your baby head sink in a little for comfort level.

And it provides a cushioning to the head for protection. Babies are soft, and their skull is also fragile and taking shape. Putting too much pressure in a specific zone affects the shape, that’s why you should choose the right kind of firmness level.

Use of Material

Memory foam is a material of choice in most cases, but if you want something safe, you can look for cotton made baby pillows.

You can consider other materials along with their properties to ensure the best type. Checking the pros and cons of a specific material will help you know which one is perfect for your baby.

Animal Pattern

Babies love to play with toys, and when they get something related to animals or funny cartoons, they appreciate it. You can pattern because they start learning from such small things. They will love to use pillows, and if you find that you are choosing a simple design, then you can get great covers for the pillow.

Additional Properties

There are properties like hypoallergic nature, breathability, thread count, and some other factors that play an important role in safety and usability. Make sure that you choose a breathable material that will give your baby a genuine use and better comfort level.

Choosing a low-quality baby pillow is bad for comfort, and it can cause several kinds of issues, so you have to be selective.


By checking customer feedback, it seems like an easy choice to finalize the best product. You can learn about the good and bad side of a product. This thing will save you time, and it also helps to narrow down the list.

You can learn about durability, comfort, quality, and other essential aspects with ease.

After considering all these aspects, finding the right type of baby pillow seems like an easy choice. Keep it in mind that pillows with extremely soft nature are not highly reliable because they will sink in and cause sweating. This thing seems discomforting to babies.

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Bottom Line

Are you looking for a baby pillow to provide a comfortable sleep for your baby? Then you should need to read this whole post. It is because here we have listed ten best baby pillow options, and each of them offering some different things to more comfort and support to the head.

After reading this whole post about baby pillows, you will be able to make a solid buying decision.

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