10 Best Healthy Nutritious Summer Fruits to Eat

Why you should Eat strawberry
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Our body is made of 70% water. We have been studying this basic thing. Like earth our body’s major proportion is water. You cannot function without enough water. This is because water comprises 60% of the weight of your body. Among the many roles, water assists in nutrient absorption and detoxification. Experts recommend drinking water throughout the day. Water keeps the body hydrated and hence one should eat fruits that are rich in water in summers. Below are ten fruits to eat this summer for hydration.


Health Benefits of Water melon in summer

92% of watermelon is water. It has rehydration salts like magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium. These salts keep the body hydrated. They reduce dehydration chances.

Watermelons hydrate the body two times as effective as one glass of water after working out.

Use watermelons to make smoothies or fruit salads.


Why you should Eat strawberry

92% of strawberries are rich in water. This makes them good for hydration. Moreover, they contain potassium, folic acid, vitamin C, and fiber. The fiber keeps you full so that you don’t feel hungry.

The berries are also fat-free, sodium-free, low-calorie, and cholesterol-free.

Use strawberries to make smoothies or fruit salads.

Grape Fruit

Health Benefits of Grape Fruit

Grapefruits are 91% water. It has vital electrolytes that curb dehydration. It has high amounts of vitamin C and soluble fiber.

It also has vitamins A, E, K, and B-complex in small amounts. It also has folate, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and various phytonutrients.


Health Benefits of Musk Melon or Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is 90% water. It contains potassium. Potassium lost during sweating causes dehydration. Cantaloupe also has vitamins C, A, and K, fiber, protein, calcium, folate, iron, and calcium.

It promotes healthy hair and skin. It also reduces the risk of diabetes, obesity and heart attack.


Health Benefits of Peach

Peaches are 88% water. Hence, good for hydration during summer. They are tasty and juicy when fresh.

Peaches are rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

They contain vitamins C, A, and K, also have potassium, fiber, iron, folate, phosphorous, magnesium, and manganese.

These also help curb obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome.


Health Benefits of Pineapple

Pineapples are 87% water. This makes them perfect for summer hydration. It has nutrients like vitamins A and C. It also has calcium, thiamin, phosphorous, potassium, folate, manganese, and fiber.

They are low in fat and sodium. Moreover, they have bromelain proteolytic enzyme that has health benefits.

Pineapples also rid the body of harmful toxins.


Health Benifits of Oranges

Oranges are 87% water and are low in calories. But they have vitamins B, A and C. They also have magnesium, calcium potassium, niacin, choline, manganese, copper, and selenium.

You can have 1 to 2 oranges daily or a glass of orange juice.


Health Benefits of Eating Plum or Aalu bhukara

Plums are 85% water. They are great for summer. They have potassium electrolyte that keeps the body hydrated.

Eat a few ripe plums in a hot afternoon. Also add them to fruit salads and smoothies.


Health Benefits of Apricots

They are 86% water. Hence, they are suitable for a hot summer afternoon. They have sodium and potassium electrolytes that stabilize the body fluid level.

Add sliced apricots to salads or smoothies.


Health Benefits of Eating Apple Every Day Why you should eat apple a day

Apples are 84% water. They are perfect for summer and contain Vitamins B-complex and C. They also have potassium, calcium, and phosphorous.

Add diced pineapples to green salads or fruit salads. Also, eat it unpeeled during breakfast.

What are the summer fruits in India?

Summer Season Fruits in India
Mango. Mango is a great summer fruit as it helps the body fight the heat and prevents heat strokes in summer. …
Melons. Here comes on the best summer season fruits in India! …
Blackberries. …
Plum. …

By eating these amazing fruits you can enjoy your summer and stay hydrated.

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