Health Benefits and medicinal properties of Plum

Health Benefits of Eating Plum or Aalu bhukara
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Plum fruit also known as aalu bukhara fruit in India. It has many health benefits and medicinal Properties. aloo bukhara benefits

Improving Digestive System:

Plum, mainly its skin is rich source of dietary fibres which aids bowel movements and proves effective in improving digestive system. It acts as mild laxative. It is always advised to consume plum without peeling the skin.

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Health Benefits And Medicinal Properties Of Plum

Antioxidant properties of Plum: Plum contains various phenols and Vitamin C which exhibits good antioxidant properties. PlumsHealth Benefits And Medicinal Properties Of Plum help in reduction of free radicals responsible for deterioration of eyesight. Consumption of plums reduces heart related risk by protecting cholesterol from getting oxidized by free radical.

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Health Benefits And Medicinal Properties Of Plum

High Vitamin C content apart from antioxidant properties also helps iron absorption. Health benefits of Vitamin C, apart from being essential nutrient in our diet, includes increasing immunity, useful in treatment of atherosclerosis. Health benefits of Vitamin C has been topic of research and its consumption has been recommended for good health. Consumption of Plum would provide various health benefits of Vitamin C.

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Health Benefits And Medicinal Properties Of Plum

Anti cancer properties of Plum: Research has found some evidence of plums having anti-cancer properties and protecting from the growth of cancerous cells and tumours.
Plum has been widely used in skin related beauty products. Plums extract makes skin look younger and fresher.

Health Benefits And Medicinal Properties Of Plum (Plum Fruit Images)

Plums are also a measurable source of oxalates, which when concentrate and crystallize causes problems in calcium absorption. Hence people with existing kidney or gall bladder problem are advice to avoid consumption of plum

FAQs Plum or Aalu Bhukara Fruit

What are the benefits of plums fruit?

Contain Many Nutrients, Plums and Prunes Are Rich in Antioxidants, Plums and Prunes May Benefit Heart Health

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