0 to 6 Months Summer Born Baby Summer Care Tips | How To Take Care of Newborn Baby In Summer 2022?

0 to 6 Months Summer Born Baby Summer Care Tips | How To Take Care of Newborn Baby In Summer 2022?
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Summer is here and as we all know, some of the regions of India get very hot. And this heat can not only disturb us but also our little delicate baby. Our baby can face dehydration, overheating, diaper rash, heat rashes during such hot weather. Yes, we need to give the right care for the baby in summer. So Don’t worry guys. Just read ahead. Here are answers to all summer problems.

Today we will discuss how to take care newborn baby in summer 2022? (0-6 months). I will share with you some tips and questions that every New mom thinks of. Summer may be tricky weather for newborn babies. If you follow these tips & tricks, this hot season will become very easy-going and happy for you and your baby. 

So let us get started –

#Tip no 1 –  HYDRATION

How to keep hydrated a newborn baby in summer?

When your baby is between 0-6 months then hydration directly relates to breastfeeding. No matter how hot it is, you can only give breast milk to the baby. Yes… If someone in your house says that it is too hot, give the baby water. But no, don’t give water to your baby. Because water is a very common source of infection to newborn babies. Their immune system is weak now so they can easily get infected. About 44% of infants 0–6 months old are exclusively breastfed. Breast-milk is also an important source of energy and nutrients in children aged 6–23 months

Source: https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/infant-and-young-child-feeding

  • Mothers’ milk contains 70 – 80 % of water, by which the baby gets sufficient amounts of water.
  • Make your baby breastfeed as much as possible. Keep breastfeeding your baby every 2 hours. 
  • In summers, when baby sweats and pees, they become thirsty very frequently. So don’t get tired or irritated, they will get water from your milk only.

How to know if the baby is dehydrated?

Your baby gets dehydrated if you will not make them breastfeed frequently. And it can cause serious problems. So don’t miss this out. Now, how can you check if your baby is dehydrated? Notice these points.

  • Check if the baby’s lips and skin are not getting dry. Baby’s skin must be glowy. If not, then there may be a lack of water.
  • Check how many times the baby passes urine. The baby should pee at least 8 – 10 times throughout the day and 3  to 4 times during the night. If your baby pees properly 8 – 10 times a day then he/she is hydrated and his/her weight gain will also be good.
  • When you breastfeed your baby more often. Then you have to be more hydrated. As if mom is short of water, then the baby gets less water. So, you drink more and more water and juices.
  • You need to drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water or 3/4 Litres of water in a day. This keeps your and baby’s hydration maintained.

NOTE: It often happens, you will get thin milk (patla dudh) firstly and you think it is of no need and you express it. Don’t do this! Because breast milk is in two parts – foremilk and hindmilk. Foremilk is that which is coming in beginning, which helps you to meet the baby’s water shortage. You must feed the baby minimum of 15 minutes from one side then the other side. It will provide enough water and milk to your baby.

#Tip no 2 – Bathing

How often should we take a baby bath?

In the summer season, babies can sweat and due to humidity, their skin gets sticky. So you check your baby’s body temperature and take action accordingly. 

  • If your baby is a little weak, often gets sick, then you bathe the baby once in the morning and you can sponge your baby in the evening time.
  • Otherwise, you can bathe the baby twice in the summers but maintain the room temperature.
  • Use normal or lukewarm water. Water should not be too cold or too hot. Check once before.

For newborn babies, we have to take special care. We have to maintain proper room temperature. As they can get cold easily. So keep in mind after a bath, don’t put your baby immediately under the fan or AC. Avoid it for at least 15 -20 minutes.

#Tip no 3 – Massaging 

Which massage oil to use in summer for newborns?

In summers, the baby’s body can sweat and chip chip as well due to humidity. So you should use light and non-sticky oil which doesn’t irritate your baby’s skin.

  • I prefer coconut oil. Coconut oil is cool and non-sticky. And gets easily absorbed into the body. Use cold-pressed coconut oil for your baby.
  • You can also use olive oil. If it suits your baby’s skin. But please do a patch test first. If your baby’s skin gets red then do not use it.
  • Please avoid mustard oil and high fragrance oils. 
  • When we massage our baby, body temperature increases. And already the weather is hot. So you can massage only once a day. And make sure to wipe your baby with lukewarm water after massaging. Don’t skip to sponge or wipe, It can irritate the baby.

#Tip no 4 – Clothing 

How to dress your newborn in the summers?

I feel if we put the right clothes on our baby and maintain a cozy temperature this only can win the half battle from summer! Here are some clothing tips for your little munchkin which is important for newborn baby care in summer– 

  • As your baby is newly born, so delicate we have to keep our baby covered for some time. Do not over cover your baby. You can dress a baby in 2 layers. It will help you with weather changes also. You can easily add or remove one layer according to the temperature changes.
  • Use only Pure Cotton clothes. I know baby fashion is highly trending. But please don’t choose attractive or smart clothes for your baby. This will discomfort them. 
  • Your baby feels super comfortable in cotton clothes. Use only cotton swaddles, and cotton bedding also instead of silk nylon fabric.
  • Buy only light color clothes like white, light orange, pink, light blue.
  • Don’t use dark color clothes like black, dark blue, or red. It absorbs more light.

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#Tipo no 5 – Diapering

Avoid using diapers in summers. I have hardly used it. The baby may get rashes which can be so irritating this time. Use cotton nappies. 

  • If you need to diaper your baby, then choose the best quality diapers. Use cloth diapers I recommend.
  • Whenever you put on a diaper apply coconut oil or the best diaper rash cream before. It prevents rashes. 
  • Change diapers every 2-3 hours in summers.

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#Tip no 6 – Mosquito Protection 

Newborn baby care in summer from mosquitoes, how?

As you all know, we are already fighting with covid19. It has challenged our immunity system. The immune system is in the building stage for newborn babies. And mosquitoes come during summers. Dengue, malaria happens during this time. Keeping our baby safe from mosquitoes is a big concern. So how to protect a newborn baby from mosquitoes?

  • Always use an umbrella net mosquito. Or cotton bedding set with mosquito net. It’s very comfortable and portable also. As a baby spends most of the time sleeping in bed. 
  • Wear full sleeves clothes (cotton) for the baby. Choose bright color clothes only. As dark colors attract mosquitoes.
  • Do not use any roll-on or ointment on your newborn baby. It can cause allergies. Doctors highly advise you to avoid using it.

#Tip no 7 – Heat Protection 

Newborn baby care in summer from overheating, how?

As we are aware of this covid atmosphere, it is highly risky for our baby. As their immune system is not so strong. So please avoid going out unnecessarily with your baby.

  • If it’s necessary, then avoid stepping out between 11 – 4 pm. This time sun rays are very harmful.
  • Keep your baby hydrated before going out. Must carry formula milk or whatever you are giving to your baby in a bottle.
  • Protect your baby’s head from overheating with a cap or hat. Use good quality soft cotton hats.
  • Maintain room temperature between 25 – 28 degrees. Either you are using a fan, cooler, or AC temperature should not exceed more than this for the baby.  
  • To maintain or check on room temperature you can use digital clocks or room thermometers.

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IMPORTANT Signs that you should not avoid – You should check or consult the doctor.


  1. If your baby’s lips and skin are getting so dry.
  2. If the baby is passing urine less than 6 times throughout the day. 
  3. If the baby is not taking your feed.


  1. If your baby is sweating, their clothes are wet.
  2. Keep checking and maintain the proper room temperature and take action. 

So, covering up these tips for your newborn baby care in summer. I hope this information helps you. I wish you and your baby good health. Enjoy beautiful moments with your baby. Happy summer!

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