10 Best Baby Diaper Bags In India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

10 Best Baby Diaper Bags In India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide
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When you want to plan a short trip along with your small baby, then packing certain things for your baby is essential. You need to pack dresses, mittens, socks, diapers, medicines, and water bottles, etc. for your baby. Some parents miss out on packing the crucial things for their babies in a hurry. Some parents feel it is difficult to pack so many things in a bag. So, it will be helpful if parents get a good bag with many pocket-like spaces in it for packing many things. One such bag is trending in the Indian market nowadays, which is a baby diaper bag.

A baby diaper bag is a nappy bag that contains many compartments and pockets to store the essential things needed by your baby when you are taking a short trip. These are not big, but small enough to carry the essential items such as diapers, hand sanitizer, bottles, plastic bags, changing padsippy cup, etc.

You may think why we need to buy diaper bags to store such things and why not normal backpacks can be used to store such stuff? Diaper bags are specifically designed to hold your babies’ stuff in one place by providing you a lot of comforts to store all items in a sorted way. With normal backpacks, you can’t get the right pockets to store a hand sanitizer or a sipper. So, most of the Indians prefer to buy a diaper bag to store baby’s essentials.

Since there are many brands introducing diaper bags of different models with different features, you might get confused about what to choose for your needs. We have focused on this fact and came up with the top ten diaper bags that are trending in the Indian market. Try to have a look at these top items, which are popular based on customers’ positive reviews.

Best Buy Diaper Bags for Babies Online in India

Babies require a lot of things to take care of them carefully. A diaper bag is a crucial item that parents need to carry when they take their babies out. Buying the right diaper bag for your baby is an important task so that you can pack up all the things easily in it. So, this article provides you the top ten list of baby diaper bags in India.

1. Robustrion Baby Nylon Nursing Diaper Backpack

Best baby Diaper in India

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The first product in this article is the Robustrion baby diaper backpack. This is a backpack type diaper bag that can store many of your baby’s things such as water bottles, diapers, towels, baby’s milk bottles, etc. With multiple pockets present in this backpack, you can store all the items in a neat and organized way. You will not get confused about taking out any things from the diaper bag.

The diaper bag is coming with a lot of versatility features, as you can use the diaper bag in various ways as it includes shoulder straps. If you want to buy this diaper bag, then go through the features of it to consider buying the bag.


  • The diaper bag is manufactured in such a way that it is completely waterproof design. Even the milk bottle or water bottle leaks inside the bag, it is very easy to clean and safe to use. It is made using a high-quality oxford material and nylon
  • The diaper bag comes with a good design and large capacity to store all baby’s essentials
  • With many pockets, you can organize the items in a smart way
  • The diaper bag looks trendy and stylish to use for parents
  • It is available in different designs and elegant colors
  • With straps, you can use the backpack as a tote bag too
  • The bag dimensions are 42.4 x 35.6 x 3.8 cm and it weighs around 721 g
  • With wipes dispenser design on the outer side, you can get access to take baby wipes easily
  • All the exteriors compartments are zip-close designs to keep your baby’s things safely

2. Bey Bee Mama’s Bag

Bey Bee Mamas Bag

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The next product is from the startup company Bey Bee, working to deliver high-quality baby care products in the Indian market. Though it is a startup company, all the baby care products are high-quality products giving importance to the baby’s health and hygiene.

Here we are going to see its diaper bag coming with advanced features. The material used to design the diaper bag is of high-grade premium quality fabric to stand with great durability.

Here are some of its features.


  • The bag dimensions are 40.6 x 31 x 5.6 cm, and it weighs around 340 g
  • The tote bag comes with adjustable shoulder straps which you can adjust according to your need
  • The bag features a fish mouth opening design that is easy to open and access the things stored inside of it with great comfort
  • The bag includes many exterior zippered pockets to store the frequently required things such as a diaper, water bottle, tissues, etc
  • The bag features dry and wet compartments separately that are easy to clean
  • The bag is available in multiple colors from which you can choose your favorite one
  • The bag has attractive prints on the exterior side of it to give a stylish look for parents
  • The diaper bag is waterproof and washable

3. Baby Bucket Diaper Changing Bag

Baby Bucket Diaper Changing Bag

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The next product is from the Baby Bucket brand that provides you a diaper bag with a green giraffe pattern. The diaper bag is much convenient for new mothers to take out the necessary things for their babies.

With a great design and compartments inside the bag, one should buy this bag to carry the baby’s things safely. The bag comes with a lot of space and pockets to store things. It is better to read the features before buying this bag to get some idea about it.


  • The diaper bag has a larger capacity to carry all your essential things of the baby safely. You can hang this bag on your shoulders easily
  • The diaper bag is manufactured using top-quality material which is microfiber along with a polyester lining on the inner side
  • Apart from diapers, you can also store many other essentials of a baby in it
  • The bag dimensions are 38.9 x 38 x 5.9 cm, and it weighs around 499 g
  • As the material used is plastic and polyester, it is easy to clean the bag
  • The diaper bag is imported from Hong Kong
  • Here the dimensions of the changing pad are approximately 54cm x 29 cm
  • The diaper bag serves as a multi-use bag
  • The diaper bag features a printed design of green giraffe pattern

4. Baby Bucket Baby Diaper Nappy Changing Baby Diaper Bag

Baby Bucket Baby Diaper Nappy Changing Baby Diaper Bag

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In this product, you will be getting three items in totals such as a larger diaper bag, medium bag, milk bag, and diaper mat. With these three items, it is much easier for you to store various things. Since it is a 100% brand new and top quality bag, you can buy this product without worrying about the quality. Before buying this product, let us have a look at its features.


  • The diaper bag is a 100% brand new quality from the Baby Bucket
  • Here the diaper bag is made from the durable material
  • The diaper bag is imported from Hong Kong
  • Coming to the dimensions of the product, the large fabric bag is 38 x 16.5 x 28 cm, the medium bag is 25 x 11 x 2 cm, the milk bag is 46 x 27 cm, and the diaper bag is 21 x 7 cm.
  • The diaper bag is waterproof and easy to clean
  • It comes with a large removable pouch
  • It is easy to carry this bag in different situations, and you feel much comfortable carrying it
  • It is easy to hang this bag over the stroller, pram, pushchair or buggy
  • The bag offers enough storage space for the users

5. Motherly Babies Diaper Bag

Motherly Babies Diaper Bag

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The next product is from the Motherly brand that offers the diaper bag with great features. The diaper bag comes with various convenient features to store the baby’s essentials. In addition to storing the things, the bay also provides the anti-theft feature for the bag to store the crucial and expensive things.

The motherly bag has 14 interior and exterior pockets in it such as 2 insulated milk bottle pockets, 2 insulated spoon front pockets, 1 mesh pocket, 1 anti-theft mobile pocket, 1 tissue pocket, 1 water bottle pocket and 6 storage pockets in the interior side of the bag to store other essential gear.


  • The diaper bag includes a diaper bag, insulated milk bottle cover, diaper changing mat, and a pair of stroller hook
  • The product dimensions are 43 x 27 x 20 cm and the item weighs around 846 g
  • The bag is manufactured using an Oxford waterproof fabric that is easy to clean and use
  • The bag includes separate compartments for storing wet and dry things
  • Here the zippers, buttons, and rivets used to design the bad never rust
  • The bag features an extra anti-theft back pocket to store the expensive items in it
  • With the convenient tissue pocket design, it is easy to take out the tissues whenever needed
  • The shoulder strap is 5 cm wide that provides a great comfortability to wear the bag
  • The bag includes the wide insulated bottle partitions to store the big size bottles easily
  • The bag features a fish mouth opening that provides easy access to the stored things

6. Voroly Diaper Bag Backpack

Voroly Diaper Bag Backpack

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The next product is the Voroly Diaper Bag Backpack. Here the diaper bag comes with several features that attract the parents to buy this item. The diaper bag is designed with 14 separate pockets to store the various items.

With its attractive features, you may like to buy this product for storing the baby’s stuff. Here are the features that you need to know before buying this product.


  • The product comes with a 6-month warranty
  • The diaper bag has a large capacity to store various items such as diapers, milk bottles, clothes, tissues, toys, etc. Here the bag owns 14 separate pockets
  • The attractive design includes the 3 insulated bottle pockets to store the water bottles.
  • The bag features a back-zipper pocket that allows taking things from the diaper bag easily
  • The bag is manufactured using a waterproof fabric which is polyester material for easy maintenance
  • It is easy to clean the interior side of the bag when you find milk or water spilling into it
  • It comes with a portable belt to carry the bag easily
  • With adjustable shoulder straps, it is easy to carry the bag by adjusting the straps according to your need
  • The product dimensions are 27 x 21 x 42 cm and the item weighs around 630 g
  • The bag features a brilliant design to store laptops, clothes, and another baby’s stuff
  • It contains the side pocket to store tissues

7. Fisher-Price Diaper Bag

Fisher-Price Diaper Bag

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The next product that we are going to see on our list is the Fisher-Price Diaper Bag. Here the diaper bag looks like a travel bag, but it includes the features to store the baby’s things.

The bag is much spacious and it allows you to store the various things in an organized way. If you are looking to buy this model of a diaper bag, then have a look at its features.


  • The diaper bag includes 3 large pockets, 2 side pockets, and changing mat pocket
  • With the spacious travel bag design, it is easy to store the baby’s stuff in an organized way
  • The diaper bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, which you can adjust to your needs. It is versatile, as you can use it as a tote bag too
  • The product dimensions are 37 x 29 x 14 cm, and it weighs around 621 g
  • The diaper bag is manufactured using a durable material that is easy to clean
  • The diaper bag has strong handles that are easy to carry for parents
  • The company allows you to return the item within 10 days for return or replacement if you find any issues in the product

8. VISMIINTREND Waterproof Travel Diaper Nappy Bag

VISMIINTREND Waterproof Travel Diaper Nappy Bag

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If you are looking for some durable and long-lasting diaper bag, then buy this product VISMIINTREND Waterproof Nappy Bag. This diaper bag includes several features such as durable material, large storage space, stylish, and multi-function bag.

The diaper bag has a printed design over it that adds an elegant look to it. To purchase this bag, have a look at the features of it.


  • The diaper bag has 2 main compartment and 15 spacious pockets
  • The product comes with a side pocket to store an umbrella or water bottle
  • With the top grab handle design, it is easy to carry the bag
  • The diaper bag is waterproof, and the fabric is of premium quality
  • With convenient tissue pocket design, it is easy to store and access the tissues
  • The bag uses an exquisite and sturdy zipper that lasts longer
  • It features the dry and wet split pocket to store the dry and wet things separately
  • It comes with adjustable shoulder straps which you can change it to wear the bag comfortably
  • It features an anti-theft pocket to keep your mobile phones safe
  • The diaper bag is manufactured using an eco-friendly material free from chemicals such as lead or formaldehyde.
  • It is easy to clean the bag
  • The product dimensions are 46.2 x 28.6 x 5.9 cm and the item’s weight is 739 g

9. Unique Ideas New Born Baby Diaper/Mother Bag

Unique Ideas New Born Baby Diaper

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The next product is from the Unique Ideas brand. Here the diaper bag looks stylish with the unique design. Here the bags are mainly designed to fulfill the expectations of parents in the design of the diaper bag.

The product is manufactured using high-quality material with large storage space to store various things such as diapers, toys, bottles, wipes, accessories, and smartphones, etc. Let us have a look at its features before buying this product.


  • The product dimensions are 43.2 x 28 x 3.6 cm and the item’s weight is 481 g
  • The material used to design the bag is cotton and polyester, hence easy to clean and maintain it
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable, and hence, you feel comfortable to carry the bag
  • The diaper bag contains multiple spacious compartments and side pockets to store many things
  • It gives a luxury and elegant look when you carry it
  • With the convenient tote handles, they are easy to carry and go
  • The main compartment has a zippered closure and side pockets are best to store water bottles
  • It is available in different colors and designs on the outer side of the bags

10. The Baby Co. Diaper Bag

The Baby Co. Diaper Bag

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The last product on our review list is The Baby Co. Diaper Bag. Here the bag is best for balancing both fashion and function. The diaper bag is good enough to store all your essentials in a smart and organized way.

The bag is constructed using a durable, waterproof material and premium quality. The bag even serves as the best compliment to gift someone. Before buying this diaper bag, read the features given below.


  • The diaper bag looks stylish and attractive, as either dad or mom can carry it
  • The design of the bag is stunning, as it includes multilayer, insulated, and durable fabric
  • The bag is water-resistant and easy to clean the bag
  • The product dimensions are 45.7 x 35.6 x 5.1 cm and the item’s weight is 640 g
  • With multiple pockets, it is easy to organize items like diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. in a smart way
  • With three insulated pockets, it is easy to store water bottles
  • The backpack can be used as a tote bag by using the carry handle
  • The backpack is lightweight and easy to clean

These were the top ten products that are of top quality and reputable in the Indian market. If you are still confused about the product, then we have also provided the buying guide, which you can read to get some idea of choosing the right diaper bag.

Best Baby Diaper Bag – Buying Guide

If you are very much confused about how to choose the diaper bag for storing the baby things, here you will get some idea on it.

Let us have a look at the factors to consider before buying the baby diaper bag.


The first feature to see is the material. Most of the diaper bags are manufactured using a cotton and polyester fabric that are easy to clean for you. Also, the plastic used is of high-grade premium quality. You need to check the fabric is of high-grade one which helps to last longer.


This is another essential feature to consider while buying the diaper bag. Check whether the diaper bag has got adjustable straps in it so that you can vary the length of the straps for providing you a great comfort ability. Sometimes, the diaper bags are backpack models, in such a design too, look for the versatility of it. This means you can change the backpack by using the handle to wear as a tote bag.

Extra Pockets

The diaper bag that you choose should have spacious compartments and additional pockets in it. Ensure that you have separate compartments for storing wet and dry things. Also, the pockets that you have at the exterior side should have zippers or other locks to close them to prevent theft.

With advanced technology design, diaper bags are coming with anti-theft pockets to store expensive items. Since you need to store several things such as water bottles, tissues, diapers, mobile phones, sanitizers, etc. you need to check for extra pockets in the diaper bag. Check for insulated pockets design to store water bottles.


A diaper bag should look colorful and trendy in addition to having features. Check for the elegant look and printed patterns on the diaper bag to wear it casually. The diaper bag that you choose should add a luxury look so that you can take it for outdoor activities.


Check the normal size of the diaper bag, which is not too small or too large. As you need to carry various things inside the diaper bag, it should have enough space inside but not heavy to carry. Check for the medium size diaper bag, which is lightweight and durable.

Changing Pad

Check for the diaper bags having a changing pad that prevent the bags from getting collapsed with overall things. When you didn’t get the changing pad along with your diaper bag, you can buy it separately. Make sure that you check the size of the diaper bag before buying the new one to fit properly.

Waterproof and Maintenance

Since you will be carrying the water bottles and milk bottles inside the diaper bag, there is more chance to get wet inside due to the leakage of these bottles. So, your diaper bag should be waterproof to carry all such things. This will also help you to clean the diaper bag easily. Also, check for the washable diaper bag before buying it.


The pocket has zippers or rivets to lock it safely. Before buying the diaper bag, check the quality of the zippers or rivets so that you don’t have to replace them frequently.

Diaper Bag Checklist – Things to Keep

Being a mother is a 24-hour duty! A woman managing to do other work deserves applause. Are you planning a day out with your little one? Whether you are going for work or leisure, it is a must to stuff the baby diaper bag. Here are a few things that one should never forget to put in the bag. Make sure you pack all of these:

  1. Diapers:

It is a must to carry extra diapers in your diaper bag. Depending upon the time you’re going to stay out, you should carry it accordingly. Wet bottoms can cause irritation and infection to your baby.

  1. Baby wipes:

Baby wipes are other necessary baby hygiene accessories. Baby wipes make sure that your child is dry down there. Therefore, it avoids rash and other fungal infections.

  1. Diaper rash cream:

If, by chance, you miss to wipe your baby or change the diapers at a time, your baby’s sensitive skin is prone to rash and irritation. It can make your child cry for hours and hours. To make your outing peaceful, happy, and safe, make sure to carry diaper rash cream or ointment recommended by your doctor.

  1. Nursing cover:

Breastfeeding is a vital aspect to keep your child healthy and immunity sustained. Therefore, you should never miss it even when you are out. A nursing cover maintains your privacy while you breastfeed your baby. Some women suffer a lot of problems while breastfeeding outside. It doesn’t deliver adequate nutrients to your baby if you do not breastfeed properly.

  1. Toys:

Baby rattles are a must while going out. You cannot manage to entertain your child during a picnic or other work related outings. If your baby is a snuggly child, make sure you carry some baby toys to keep him/her entertained throughout.

  1. Plastic wrappers:

Our world is getting more and more aware of the protection of the environment. Therefore, merely throwing the diaper will make you unfit insight of people. Also, you are contributing to environmental pollution by doing that. Always carry a plastic wrapper to wrap the diaper before disposing.

  1. Baby clothes:

Babies tend to get more irritated when they are out. The provoking factors could be many. The primary reason why they spill food on clothes is it. Therefore, don’t forget to carry extra clothes in your baby diaper bag.

  1. Hand sanitizer:

After doing all the baby care activities like cleaning their bottom, changing clothes, and diaper, it is a must that you sanitize your hand to keep yourself away from germs.

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Baby Diaper Bag Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a standard bag for baby diapers instead of baby diaper bags? 

There is a lot of difference between a normal baby and a baby diaper bag. You will have several compartments in a diaper bag when compared to the standard bag. You can easily store a lot of things like diapers, wipes, baby milk bottles, a small box, and other things as well. If you think that you will be able to do all this with the help of a normal bag, then you can happily use it. But it is not going to be as comfortable as a diaper bag for carrying so many things along with you. 

What should I consider before buying baby diaper bags? 

When you are buying a baby diaper bag, you should understand that there are several things that you wish to carry in that bag. You should be able to make a list of what all you will need for your baby and then look for a bag that can accommodate all that stuff in it. Buying a smaller bag or too bigger one can be of no use. You should always get the size that you will need. Along with that, the material and straps of the diaper bag are also important. Padding straps make it more comfortable for you to carry. 

Is a backpack diaper bag good or the normal baby diaper bag is good for me?

You will be able to find both kinds of diaper bags in the market. The backpack ones are a bit expensive compared to the normal baby diaper bags. But if both father and mother going to care of the baby, then having a backpack diaper bag will be quite easy for the father to carry along with him. Also, a backpack diaper can be used by both males and females. A normal bag may not be very comfortable for the male. 

Can I wash the baby diaper bag if I accidentally spill anything on it? 

Usually, infant accidents are very common, and you need not have to worry even if you spill something on the bag. The material used in the making of these diaper bags is resistant to liquid. You may have a stain on the surface of the bag, but the liquid does not pass to the next layer of the bag. You need not have to worry about the things inside the bag. You can remove everything from the bag and wipe off the stains with the help of a wet cloth or a stain remover. Once you are done removing the stain, you can let it air dry and then start using it again. 

Which is the best diaper bag in the market?

It depends on your personal choice, which style, which model, color, and size you are looking for. One diaper bag cannot meet the needs of everyone, and hence you need to make a choice yourself. You should just consider the price and the requirements before you make a choice. 

The Bottom Line

These were the buying guide and top ten baby diaper bags, which will help you to choose the right diaper bag for you to store the baby stuff. The diaper bags given in the above list are of premium qualities that are well-known for their useful features. When you use any one of these bags, you will get a spacious place to store water bottles, diapers, tissues, clothes, etc. for your baby. You can use it as a backpack or tote bag based on your liking. The main feature of the diaper bag is to store various babies’ things smartly, and all of these products do the same.

Hence, you can buy any one of these diaper bags that are stylish and comfortable for you to carry for outdoor activities. We have also given the Amazon links, so visit the links in case of getting queries about the price of these products. Go through the products, read the buying guide, and choose the right baby diaper bag based on your needs.

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