8 Best Baby Safety Helmets In India 2024 (For Kids & Toddler)

8 Best Baby Safety Helmets In India 2022 (For Kids & Toddler)
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It is always a joy to see a baby play around. The way it learns to crawl and then walk, snoop around the house to explore new corners and also find its favorite place to sit and research on the new toy it has acquired. This is the age they learn a lot of new things, and it is also the growth time.

They learn to stand, walk, run and do some crazy gymnastic things with their legs when it is lying on the floor. With all these things happenings a parent, you are always worried about the baby’s safety.

As your baby is learning to walk, you will be worried if it falls, approach some things that it is not supposed to touch, and so on. But the greatest worry of all is its head. The head is so soft and vulnerable that even a small bump is dangerous to the baby. IT can bump its head into a table or when it falls on the ground backway and many such possible ways.

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As it is essential to keep baby’s head safe and understandably a parent cannot always keep a watch, the best way to do that is by using baby helmets. We have put a list of 8 such helmets for you, which will be helpful for you to decide which one is good on your baby’s head.

Top 8 Baby Safety Helmets Online In India

So here we are, we will be discussing the best available baby helmets in India, which will help you keep your baby safe from head bumps and injuries. These are based on the ratings provided by the customers.

Let us look into them.

1. DearJoy Baby Safety Helmet

DearJoy Baby Safety Helmet Best Baby Safety Helmets In India 2022 (For Kids & Toddler)

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DearJoy is the company that has got the parent a way to relax with the introduction of safety helmets for the babies. The helmet helps in avoiding or mitigating damage to the baby’s head by forming as a protective layer. You can relax yourself from the thinking that what if the baby bumps head onto the dining table or any other things in the house as if moves around. The helmet is designed to be compatible with babies aging 9 months to 5 years.

The size of the helmet is adjustable with a head circumference of 43 cm to 56 cm. The material used is very soft as it is made of cotton. It provides comfort to the soft head of the baby at the same time, making it safe for usage. It has ventilation provided, which means it does not cover the head completely but has small gaps from where the sir can ventilate.

DearJoy Baby Safety Helmet Best Baby Safety Helmets In India 2022 (For Kids & Toddler)

The filling in the helmet is special IXPE material to maximize shock-absorbing capability. It has an adjustable strap which ensures the helmet fits correctly on the baby’s head and does not move around. The helmet is also accompanied by kneepads, which is helpful to protect the knees when the baby is crawling around. The knees are also vulnerable as they are soft and in the growth stage.

2. OkBaby Soft Baby Helmet

OkBaby Soft Baby Helmet Best Baby Safety Helmets In India 2022 (For Kids & Toddler)

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The next one is from the Ok baby brand, which comes in a beige colour and making it safe for your baby to move around. The helmet looks like a military helmet and would suit your baby’s style. The helmet is suitable for babies of the age 8 months to 20 months and head circumference of 44 to 52 cms. The helmet comes with ventilation opening, making sure it does not sweat and proper air circulation happens. The style of the helmet is such that it protects the baby from bumps and falls.

The helmet is made of shock-absorbent reticulated polyolefin foam that protects the baby’s head by absorbing the shock at the maximum. The interiors of the helmet are made of sanitised material making it safe and hygienic to be used for the baby. The exterior is made of 10% polyester material is chafing-resistant.

The chin strap enables the helmet to be held tightly and making sure it does not move as the baby is in motion. The product is designed and manufactured in Italy, making it of superior quality and a durable one. On the front side, the small canopy extension makes it a stylish one for the baby. You can rest assured that the baby is safe from any head injuries or bumps.

3. KeepCare Baby Safety Helmet

KeepCare Baby Safety Helmet Best Baby Safety Helmets In India 2022 (For Kids & Toddler)

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KeepCare is a safety helmet that is similar to the first product we have talked about. It is an ultimate head protection gear that ensures your baby’s head is protected without any compromise. The helmet fits incorrectly on the head of the baby-making sure it does not move around when the baby is in motion. It will guard the baby’s head while it is crawling, walking or running. The helmet is suitable for babies of the age of 8 months to 60 months old. Th

e helmet has been designed by the experts, making it reliable. The material used is to ensure the softness or the fragility of the baby’s skin is safe.

The helmet is insulated with breathable cotton and specialized IXPE foam that absorbs shock when impacted. The cotton and 3D Air Mesh Fabric ensures there is good ventilation, and the material also makes sure no sweat is generated unnecessarily.

It is also weightless; hence the baby will not feel its presence and does make the baby feel uncomfortable. The chin strap is designed in such a way that the ears are kept out of the way and the strap is also adjustable to the size of the baby’s face. It will fit exactly as much required to that it does not move.

4. Liltoes Baby Safety Helmet

Liltoes Baby Safety Helmet

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Liltoes is the next one that is accompanied by the knee covers and is designed for safety at its best. The impact on the head if any is absorbed by the IXPE material that is a shock absorber.

The helmet is designed to avoid any damage or also mitigate the damage to the head when there is any collision or bump to the head. This is very much possible when the baby is either crawling, walking, running around in the house. You need not worry if the baby hits the corner of the table or bumps into the wall.

Liltoes Baby Safety Helmet Best Baby Safety Helmets In India 2022 (For Kids & Toddler)

The helmet’s circumference is from 43 to 56 cms and is adjustable from 8 to 60 months of age. The helmet is designed with very soft material, which is also ultra-lightweight, making it comfortable for the baby’s usage. There are gaps in the helmet, ensuring ventilation of the head is done.

There should not be any sweat formed because of which the baby might catch a cold. The material is also designed to absorb shock to minimize the impact of the bump or collision. As mentioned in the beginning addition to the helmet there is also a knee pad provided, which protects the baby’s knee as it crawls.

5. MIMISKU Baby Safety Helmet

MIMISKU Baby Safety Helmet

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Another one in blue from Mimsku is a safety helmet which is well ventilated and designed for safety and protection. As per the standard feature, the helmet protects, mitigates or avoids collision or bumps while the baby is playing, crawling, walking or running. The helmet is suitable for babies nine months to 5 years of age.

The product is durable enough for long usage. Ventilation is important because if the head sweats, there are chances of the baby developing cold and fever. So the helmet is designed with holes or gaps that act as ventilation to avoid sweating.

MIMISKU Baby Safety Helmet Best Baby Safety Helmets In India 2022 (For Kids & Toddler)

The material use as per standard is very soft to make sure there is no harm caused to the baby’s soft skin. It will make the baby feel comfortable and the ultralight weight of the material used keeps the baby free of any feeling that there is something on the head. The material used is 100% cotton and is soft for the baby’s skin. IXPE material absorbs all the shock hence keeping the baby safe from collisions.

6. Kradyl Kroft Baby Safety Helmet

Kradyl Kroft Baby Safety Helmet Best Baby Safety Helmets In India 2022 (For Kids & Toddler)

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Known as the Aristocrat model, the helmet from Kradyl Kroft is designed for the complete safety of the head. It has an adjustable strap that ensures the helmet fits on any baby’s head size ranging from nine months to three years of age.

The fabric used on the outside is cotton and also on the insides. The lining cloth s also made of 100% cotton and no compromise on the baby’s comfort or hygiene. The head size adjustable is from 43 cms to 56 cms.

Kradyl Kroft Baby Safety Helmet

The helmet purpose is to help avoid/mitigate/protect the baby’s head from collision or bumps while the baby is doing its daily activities. The baby needs to try new things like crawling, walking, running as it grows. The helmet thus makes sure there are no hindrances in the baby’s activity by protecting it.

The material used is soft and ultra-light weighted and provides the shockproof capability. It is also accompanied by various holes that act as ventilation to the head.

7. Baby Rae Qishun Baby Safety Helmet

Baby Rae Qishun Baby Safety Helmet Best Baby Safety Helmets In India 2022 (For Kids & Toddler)

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One more to be added in the list of blue is the safety helmet from Baby Rae Qishun. The helmet also has been provided with anti-slip socks to provide complete protection to the growing and learning baby. As per the standard features of the helmet, it is designed to protect and mitigate any bumps or collision to the baby’s head. The material used is ultra-lightweight and hence it does not provide any discomfort to the baby.

It is accompanied by the lightweight material, it is also fitted with the sweat absorbent and soft cotton material making it breathable. The IXPE lining can be dismounted to wash the cotton material so that you can keep it clean and hygiene.

The helmet provides great protection for babies of age 8 months to 24 months with the adjustable Velcro added on the rear side. It also has a chin strap to ensure the helmet fits in properly on the baby’s head.

8. Jadebin Baby Infant Adjustable Safety Helmet

Jadebin Baby Infant Adjustable Safety Helmet Best Baby Safety Helmets In India 2022 (For Kids & Toddler)

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Now comes the last in the list but the most colourful of them all. Jadebin introduces this colourful baby safety helmet with all the required features.

The helmet gives great protection to the baby with ventilation to ensure the baby’s head does not sweat. The foam in the helmet is environmentally friendly and is a very good shock absorbent. It has a chin strap to fit the helmet to with different sizes for babies between 8-60 months of age.

The helmet is also available in various colour to make it attractive. It is also lightweight to make sure the baby is comfortable when wearing it.

All the material used in preparing this helmet is made of 100% pure cotton, making sure it does not harm the baby’s skin as it is very delicate. It is also made of non-toxic material to maintain hygiene and safety.

How To Choose The Baby Safety Helmets in India? – Baby Helmet Buying Guide in India

Little kids and toddlers love to do adventure activities. It is equally necessary as it helps in the overall development of your children. Baby helmets are one of the most widely used baby sport gears in India. If this is your first child, you might find it tricky to get an ideal helmet for him/her.

Let us look at some wonderful tips that will help you in buying baby helmets:

Product safety qualification

Safety certification ensures the parents about the protection of their children. Either it is material safety or the build-up of the product, you need to check everything.

Therefore, to make your life easier, many responsible bodies like the Consumer product safety commission helps you in selecting a trustable helmet. It will assure the safety of your child’s skin and head as well.

Size of the helmet:

Next up is the size of the baby helmet. First, you need to determine the age of your child. Even in a similar age group, many children have head size variation. It is best if the helmet fits perfectly around your little one’s head.

Otherwise, your child will be uncomfortable during the entire play session. He/she would not be able to make the most out of their skilling time. Don’t forget to measure the head circumference of your child above the eyebrows. Most of the incorrect measurement helmets block their vision, which can lead to injuries while playing.

Enough ventilation:

Playing is no less than doing other strenuous activities like exercise. You need to run, jump, cycle, use muscle strength, and many more things for completing a play session. Kids are more mischievous than adults. Therefore, they sweat a lot. It is necessary to have proper ventilation of the helmet.

The accumulation of sweat and rubbing of the helmet can generate a lot of heat inside the helmet. It can give rise to infections and rashes if the ventilation aspect is not checked.

Comfort level:

Comfort is another fabulous aspect of baby helmet that should be considered. A baby helmet should be comfortable enough for your child to wear.

If the helmet of the baby is not comfortable, he/she would not be able to wear it always. To avoid spending extra money on buying the helmets, again and again, it is better to have it once in sound quality.


Your little ones are most excited about the playtime. They wait the entire day for this time to come. When it is finally the time, they cannot even wait until you secure the helmet properly.

Therefore, you should always go for a helmet that has easy adjustments. Few renowned brand helmets also come with a dial that ensures the proper fitting of the helmet.


Flatback of the helmet has various advantages- it protects their head from unwanted injuries. Also, the flat back helps the child to enjoy the tight security of the helmet. This feature is ideal if you regularly make your kid sit on the back seat of your bike.

Baby Safety Helmet Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can I start using the Safety Helmet on my baby’s head?

You can use a baby helmet between 4 and 6 months of age. That is a perfect age where the use of helmets should require giving proper shape to baby’s head and skull as they develop. After age 1, the head has started to build properly, so the helmet therapy has to work only before age 1.

What is the Baby Safety Helmet made of?

Baby safety helmets are made keeping in mind the delicate skull of the baby. Usually, the cotton and 3D air mesh fabric are used for making a baby safety helmet. Fabrics that are light in weight and give proper support to a baby’s head have been considered by manufacturers. So don’t worry about the baby’s comfort and safety. It is clinically tested that a baby safety helmet is an ideal option to mould the baby’s head in an accurate shape.

Is it necessary to use a Safety Helmet?

Some babies are born with a flat skull and it is necessary to give it a proper shape. While some will get flat heads due to lying in the same position for a long –duration of time. So, safety helmets help to mould the baby’s head or skull into shape. They are effective in use. Thus, it is necessary for the baby.

Which safety helmets are most popular?

Safety helmet comes in different designs and colours as per their range and quality. Most of them are built of good quality and have their popularity among customers. If you are looking for a Safety helmet and have in confusion, check mentioned helmet list.
KeepCare Baby Safety helmet
Liltoes Baby Safety Helmet
Kradyl Kroft Baby Safety Helmet
Baby Rae Qishun Baby Safety Helmet
Jadebin Baby Infant Adjustable Safety Helmet
DearJoy Baby Safety Helmet
OkBaby Soft Baby Helmet

Can the baby Safety Helmet be used as a Cycle Helmet?

The most safety helmet is as full-suited to cycling. If you want to use a helmet for a dual-purpose then good –quality safety helmet would be a better choice. As cycling helmet is made of breathable cotton material which is specially used for soft skin. So having the same helmet will give the right amount of padding to keep the child safe. Therefore, you can use a cycle helmet as a safety helmet for your baby.


Safety helmets are essential in this busy life of a parent. It is not always feasible to keep an eye on our kids while they are playing around. Hence these helmets provide us with a worry-free time when the kids wear it.

The list above are some of the best helmets available in the market place and they are rated based on users experience. We hope you can select one of them for your baby. Happy buying!

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