10 Best Baby Laundry Detergents in India 2024 (For Baby Clothes)

10 Best Baby Laundry Detergents in India 2022 (For Baby Clothes)
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We are very sensitive these days and choosing the Best Baby Laundry Detergents in India 2024can be totally justified. Since Indian parents always seek the best for their kids. When the new-born baby arrives, parents start stockpiling different products, including diapers, baby clothes, milk formulas, etc. Some parents get so excited that they want their kids to wear different kinds of clothes before their kids outgrow, and such parents really have a lot of laundries to do.

If you live in India, you might be aware of the numerous family functions that people have to attend after their new-born comes into the world. Baby Laundry detergents are a boon to the parents.

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The baby laundry detergent does not only cleans the baby clothes but also keeps their clothing super-soft and bright. Purposely, the baby detergents have a negligible amount of chemicals (some do not have), and hence they are best to use while washing the children’s clothes.

The use of regular detergents on the baby’s clothes can lead to a tremendous amount of harm to the baby’s skin since their skin is not used to the irritants and harsh chemicals. The regular detergents even contain the colouring substances which may not be present in the baby detergents.

As we all know, there are numerous products available in the Indian market. Choosing a perfect baby detergent for your baby’s laundry can be quite tedious as you might have a fear of getting a skin irritation on your baby’s supple and delicate skin. For the same reason, we have prepared this list of 10 best baby laundry detergents that are can be easily purchased in the Indian market.

Top 10 Baby Laundry Detergents in India

We have reviewed all the best baby laundry detergents in the best possible way. Please, go ahead and check the information provided by us so that you buy the best and safe baby laundry detergent for your loved ones.

1. Luvlap Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent

Luvlap Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent

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If you are searching for a detergent that can remove all types of stains from the clothes of your baby? If yes, then this Luvlap Baby laundry liquid detergent is formulated for you. The detergent effectively removes all kinds of stains as well as dirt from the baby’s clothes.

The little ones require more care, Luvlap products are basically created for the gentle skin of babies. This liquid detergent is totally non-toxic and made out of the organic ingredients. Plus, there are no artificial colours added in the detergent.

The detergent has a special formula that is intended to keep the bacteria and germs away from the baby’s clothes, as babies are more susceptible to infections. Additionally, the detergent has an Aloe essence that helps in decomposing the carcinogenic substances such as formaldehyde since no parent wants their kids to get exposed to the carcinogenic substances.

The Luvlap liquid laundry detergent is free from all the phosphates or fluorescence that are used in the regular detergents for the enhancements of colour and the whitening effect. These compounds have the tendency to cause allergic reactions to the baby’s skin. All the ingredients that have been used in the formulation of the Luvlap detergents are natural and have a mild/gentle effect on the skin of the little ones. Moreover, the detergent keeps the clothes ultra-soft due to the cationic softening factors that are present in it.

2. MeeMee Mild Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent

MeeMee Mild Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent

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Meemee mild baby liquid laundry detergent is the best solution for the new-born baby’s clothes. This liquid Laundry detergent has a mild effect, considering the delicate skin of the babies. The Meemee laundry detergent is created in such a way that it ensures a high level of safety standards for the kids.

The meemee detergent has a biodegradable nature and, therefore, friendly to the environment. Moreover, the anti-bacterial and the anti-fungal properties that are present inside this liquid detergent helps in maintaining good hygiene of the babies and protects them from numerous unfavorable bacteria and funguses; the Parents do not want anything else other than the protection of their little ones.

Additionally, the detergent does not carry artificial colours and harsh chemicals, and even without the chemicals, the detergent creates a magnificent whitening consequence and thus keeps the clothes as brilliant as were before.

The detergent is very effective in removing the stains from the clothes of the little ones and prevents the soil and dirt from sticking to the surface of the clothing material. After washing the clothes using this fabric, the clothes become free from all sorts of bad smells (odours). Plus, the detergent does not leave any kind of residue on the clothes after washing that helps in keeping the baby’s clothes new and super-fresh.

3. Mamaearth’s Plant-Based Baby Liquid Detergent

Mamaearths Plant-Based Baby Liquid Detergent

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The Mamaearth’s products are completely based on organic products. This baby laundry liquid detergent is distinctively created using the Bio-enzyme formula; the detergent is filled with the goodness of a plant-based formula, Bio-enzyme, this formula is super protective for the skin of the babies. The enzymes are known to the best cleaning agents; they help in breaking down the stubborn stains and provides a better cleaning of the clothes. The Mamaearth’s liquid detergent is biodegradable as well as mild on the clothes and the hands.

The detergent is capable of removing even the toughest stains; there is a unique citrus formula. And the citrus is derived from the citric acid-filled fruits; the detergent does not only kills the mould, mildews, and bacteria but is also helpful in disinfecting the clothes as well as removing the soap scums, tough stains of hard water, etc.

The detergent also comprises of the Neem extracts; the Neem is known to have the anti-bacterial properties which effectively kills the bacteria that arises from the spilt milk and food on the clothes. Unlike, other detergents, the Mamaearth’s detergent is suitable for different types of clothes, including the linen, cotton, and synthetic fabrics. Furthermore, the detergent does not dry out and the hands during the process of washing.

4. Pigeon Laundry Liquid Detergent

Pigeon Laundry Liquid Detergent

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Kids like to have fun while eating; they will run, dance, sing, and even play while you are feeding them; this leads to unwanted and stubborn stains on their clothes. The pigeon laundry liquid detergent lets you wash away even the harshest stains of from you’re the clothes of your kids.

The Pigeon liquid detergent is made using some plant-based components, which not only makes the detergent eco-friendly but also takes good care of your child’s skin. Furthermore, the detergent has a very mild effect on the hands and hence protects the hands from excessive drying.

The detergent leaves a very mild and pleasant fragrance on the clothes, the fragrance is intended to keep away the odours from the clothing. The pigeon liquid detergent is free from alcohol and is safe for your little ones, it does not cause any sorts of irritation on the delicate skin of children. Also, it does not contain fluorescents and phosphates. There are refills that are provided by the Pigeon liquid detergent; these refills come handy when there is an urgent need of the detergent, the refill packs can also be carried in the bags. The pigeon detergents are famous for the softening effect that they leave on the clothes after the clothes are being washed with it.

5. Mother Sparsh Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent

Mother Sparsh Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent

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If you are looking for a plant-based organic detergent, then this Mother Sparsh Baby Laundry liquid detergent is perfect for you. The detergent is composed using a unique formula with plant-extracts along with some essential oils; the combination of the essential oil and the plant extract turns this detergent into a super-safe product for baby’s clothes.  The essential oil that is used in this detergent is the of Eucalyptus leaves; this keeps away the bacteria and also gives a lovable smell.

The Mother Sparsh baby liquid detergent does a very effective removal of the tough stains, the bio-enzymes present in the detergent removes various kinds of stains such including the food leftovers. The spillage stains are very common in baby clothing.

This detergent is suitable for all the children, including the newborn. The skin of the newborn is very soft and sensitive, the Mother Sparsh detergent has been formulated without toxic colours that ensure to keep away the worries of irritation and patches on baby skin. 

As the detergent is biodegradable, it does not even cause harm to the environment. The biodegradable nature of this detergent prevents the problem of water pollution that occurs due to the cleansing agents. So, if you use this product, in a way you’ll be doing your part to save this planet.

6. Tiffy & Toffee Baby Laundry Detergent

Tiffy & Toffee Baby Laundry Detergent

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The Tiffy & Toffee Baby Laundry detergent comes with in-built germicidal properties. The germicidal properties perform an instant killing of the fungus and bacteria present in the clothes of babies. Funguses and bacteria can lead to numerous diseases in babies, so the baby laundry detergent should always be able to kill the micro-organisms.

The Tiffy & Toffee brand instructs the customers to dip the clothes in the detergent for a while so that the dirt and the soil present in the clothes loosen the bond from the fibres of the cloth and the washing becomes more effective and easy. You can even put this detergent inside the washing machine while washing the bulk of your baby’s clothes.

The pleasant aroma present in the detergent helps in reducing the unpleasant smell of the spilt milk and other food products. Moreover, the Tiffy & Toffee baby detergent has a special fabric softening properties that eliminate the need of the fabric softeners. Thus, by eliminating the step of post-wash treatment, the fabric softener also reduces the time that is required for washing and the clothes remain super-soft even after multiple numbers of washes. The anti-bacterial agents present in this detergent kills the mild E.coli and Staphylococcus species. The detergent is completely free from all sorts of dyes and chemicals.

7. Pigeon Liquid Laundry Detergent 

Pigeon Liquid Laundry Detergent

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What’s better than a dermatologically tested detergent for your baby’s soft and cute clothes? The Pigeon liquid laundry detergent is one of a kind. It is 100% based upon the plant-derived components that take care of the baby as well as mother nature. This detergent does not have any kind of brighteners, fillers, and dyes that can become a reason for irritation on the exquisite skin of children. So, if you want to protect your kids from any type of cloth-infection and irritation, then this detergent is best for you.

The Pigeon liquid laundry detergent is very tough on the dirty clothes but is squidgy on the hands washing the clothes. The detergent works perfectly and separates the dirt that may be stubborn as a mule. The detergent even consists of a very charming fragrance that remains on the clothes even after they are dried completely. Plus, this detergent can be used in all types of washers.

People can use the amount of detergent on the basis of requirement. The name pigeon suggests that the detergent is as soft as the feathers of pigeons. The efficiency of the detergent already removes a lot of stress from the mother’s head.

8. Himalaya Gentle Baby Laundry Wash 

Himalaya Gentle Baby Laundry Wash

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Himalaya is well-known for its baby care products, from soapsshampooslotionscreams, etc. they manufacture all of the baby care products, and for a good reason people love Himalaya products. Just like the other baby care products, The Himalaya gentle baby laundry wash is one of a kind. This baby laundry liquid wash is enriched with distinctive ingredients that not only confer anti-bacterial effects on the clothes but also detach the stains in a convincing way.

The Himalaya detergent is gentle on the hands and hence ensures the softness of your beautiful hands. It is completely made using the natural ingredients that have herbal actives, which is really appreciable. The detergent will leave behind a mild and loving fragrance after the clothes are washed.

The post-washing fragrance is appreciated by everyone who performs the laundry. Moreover, the Himalaya laundry wash has the goodness of the soapnut extract which makes it a good buy, the soapnuts are derived from the saponins and have a very good effect of cleansing and removing the toughest of the stains. Last but not least, the Himalaya laundry wash even has geranium, the geraniums are known to have numerous anti-microbial effects and ensure to give an ultra-sterilization to your baby’s clothing.

9. Morisons Baby Dreams Baby Laundry Detergent

Morisons Baby Dreams Baby Laundry Detergent

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Ideal laundry detergent does not only withdraws the dirt and spatter from the fabrics but also provides suppleness to the clothes. The Morrison Baby Dreams Baby laundry detergent is built in such a way that it fulfills all the criteria of ideal laundry detergent.

This detergent is based on the lime, the lime is known to have citric acid that is found to be very effective in the removal of the persistent marks and stains, and hence the detergent turns out to be an efficient cleaner for all kinds of the clothes. In spite of the tough action on the stains, the Morisons Baby Dreams detergent is found to be gentle on the skin. The softeners present inside the detergent keeps the clothes super-soft.

The fragrance that resides in the clothes after using this detergent remains on the cloth for a longer period as the detergent is composed using a concentrated formula. This concentrated formula cannot be found in other detergents and that is what makes this product a must-have.

10. Herbo Pest All Natural BlueOxy Baby Laundry Detergent

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When it comes to babies, there is no taking chance; you cannot even take any chances in the baby laundry detergents. The laundry detergent presented by the Herbo Pest All Natural BlueOxy is perfect for parents who want to take special care to their babies. This detergent is manufactured in such a way that it maintains good hygiene of the baby clothes.

Babies tend to get stains more as compared to the adults, for this reason, the Herbo pest baby laundry is specifically designed so that it can withdraw even the toughest kind of stains from the baby clothes. The detergent should also be capable of killing all the micro-organisms that is present on the clothes. The micro-organisms, if not killed, can cause various illnesses to the new-born.

The Herbo Pest all-natural BlueOxy baby laundry detergent is composed using the bio-degradable compounds; this makes the detergent environmental-friendly and unlike other regular detergents, it does not cause harm to nature. A distinctive feature of this detergent is that even though it does not contain any harmful chemicals, it still washes the clothes in a very effective manner. The dyes and toxic chemicals that are present in the other detergents can cause harm to your child’s skin. Need not to worry, and this detergent is free from all kinds of dyes and toxic-chemical substances.

Do I Need to Buy Special Detergent for Baby Laundry?

Taking care of a baby does not begin with nursing and end with a diaper change, there are still more important things to consider and to follow. While there are people who make a list of things to do and don’t do, it is good. But, we do not believe that those things that a person needs to do to care for a child could be listed. The same does for washing the baby’s clothes.

There are still debates going on today about whether a baby’s clothes need to be cleaned with a special detergent or regular detergent. While some believe, it does not matter what detergent you use, some believe, special detergent is the way to go.

So, what is best for the baby? Today, washing machines are efficient and they go get rid of the detergent easily while washing the baby clothes and this is what experts who support using a regular detergent for baby laundry highlight. However, are washing machines that efficient? Are you ready to take that risk? What if the harsh detergent stays on the baby cloth and triggers skin allergies?

To be frank, we would recommend every parent and guardian, at least till the baby is 3 or 4-years old, you need to consider using special detergent for baby cloth laundry. Remember, once the baby’s skin is developed and less sensitive, using a regular detergent might do not harm. But, before that, never use a regular detergent for baby clothes laundry.

Special detergent for baby laundry comes with comparatively better baby-friendly formula. Even there is some detergent left on the fabric, it would not trigger any allergies or skin issues. But, this does not mean that you could do the baby laundry carelessly.

How To Choose Baby Laundry Detergents

When parents think of their babies’ safety, a decent baby detergent is the utmost priority. While you might be thinking how challenging it would be to pick a baby detergent out of so many outstanding products, we are going to simplify it for you.

Let us look at a list of things that you need to check before buying a baby detergent in India:

Which kind of detergent do you find more convenient?

Mostly, there are three kinds of baby detergents- powder, liquid, and packs or pods. Let us look at each one of them one after another. You will be able to select one out of them at the end.

  • Powder:

First of all, the powder detergents are the most affordable ones. Secondly, they are eco friendly too. The powder baby detergent is most efficient in removing stubborn stains like blood tinge, muddy prints, and dirt or grime.

  • Liquid:

These are the most common types of detergents. They can effectively remove protein, ink, dirt, and grease. These detergents are ideal for pre-treatment. However, most of the people consider it safer than powder detergents.

  • Packs/pods:

Packs detergents, as the name suggests are packed in small polyvinyl packets that are water-soluble. They are portable enough and offer you both brightening and fragrance.

  • Make sure to check the ingredients present in it:

Kindly avoid the baby detergents that have ingredients like sodium borate, diethylene glycol, and ethanolamine. These ingredients can irritate baby’s sensitive skin. Also, it has the potency to damage reproductive, digestive, and respiratory organs if used chronically.

  • Consider your baby’s skin type:

All the babies have sensitive skin. However, some babies have an extra super sensitive skin. If your little one is one of them, make sure to be extra cautious while selecting a baby laundry detergent. These kinds of babies are more prone to develop a rash or other allergic reactions from the detergents. Make sure to pick a hypoallergic baby skin-friendly detergent.

  • Use a mild fragrance detergent:

Baby laundry detergents that have a very high fragrance can penetrate into your baby’s skin and respiratory tract to cause various grades of side effects. Make sure to eliminate the super high fragrance detergents & let your baby stay organically fresh.

  • Avoid using detergents with dyes:

This is the most dangerous element that can be present in a baby laundry detergent. The presence of high amounts of dye in the detergent can be readily absorbed by the skin. It alters the mechanism of body cells and turns them into cancer cells with due course of time. Make sure to beware of the hazardous dyes in baby detergents.

  • Stain removal efficiency:

Most of the baby laundry detergents mention the stain removal efficiency. But, you can always try different brands, experiment with all of them, and then decide your favorite one.

  • Check for HE compatibility:

Most of the high-efficiency detergents have a label in their packet. These detergents are exclusively designed for washing machines that use less water and foaming technology. It saves water as well as minimizes detergent use.

Baby Laundry Detergent Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a separate baby laundry detergent for my baby’s clothes?

Baby clothes are more delicate and soft than adult clothes. Also, the type of stains that it encounters is much different from regular clothes. Therefore, you require a special detergent for cleaning baby clothes.

Which baby detergent among liquid or powder is better?

Liquid detergents provide more all-around cleaning for baby clothes. It can remove everything from a poop to an oil stain. Therefore, we recommend trying a liquid detergent in the first place. However, it is your personal choice.

Cold or warm water is ideal for baby laundry?

Baby clothes and cloth diapers are prone to poop stains. These stains can be awkwardly stubborn when not removed early. Therefore, make sure to use warm water for easy removal of dirt. A temperature of 30-40 degrees celsius is enough for efficient cleaning.

How to clean the everyday dirt on baby clothes?

Start with scraping the stain after it appears to you. After that, start the pretreatment process. Next, add the clothes in the machine and treat with cold water. The addition of bleach will help in the removal of stubborn everyday stains as well.

How to keep the clothing fabric-safe while washing?

To keep your baby’s clothes safe, some of the instructions are given below. Make sure you follow them for enhanced results:
Pretreat baby clothes before laundry.
Do not use an excessive amount of detergent.
Make sure to separate the clothes according to their color and fabric before washing.

Are the steps of using a baby laundry detergent similar to the regular ones?

The two most popular differences of the baby laundry detergent from the regular ones are the fragrance and ingredients. It has a milder scent and lesser ingredients. The steps of using the baby detergent is similar to that of the regular ones. Make sure that you pretreat all the baby clothes for the removal of tougher stains. At first, you might experience some problems. However, regular practice will make you a pro.

What to avoid in baby laundry detergent?

Chemical substances can harm your baby’s extra soft and sensitive skin. It can also lead to allergies, carcinomas, and ill effects on the immune system. Firstly, it should be free from excessive scent. It can make the nasal mucosa of your child hyperactive. Secondly, make sure that it doesn’t have formaldehyde and phosphates.


The Baby laundry detergents might be underrated as most people do not understand the consequences of using harsh chemicals on their baby’s clothes until and unless the baby does not get any skin irritation. Waiting for the skin irritation to appear is not a smart choice, instead one should prefer buying a baby laundry detergent at the first place in order to avoid any kind of damage to the baby’s health.

Selecting a mild baby laundry detergent is very important; an Ideal baby laundry detergent does not contain any harmful irritation causing toxic-substances. You need to keep this in mind that children need very unique care even if it’s for the detergents. Nowadays, many baby laundry detergents have a distinctive organic formulation, which reduces the risk of any sort of infection and irritation on the baby’s skin.

Make the best use of the above information and choose the best laundry detergent that you feel will work perfectly for your baby’s clothing. We hope you understand the risks for purchasing a regular laundry detergent and go for the mild baby laundry detergents. Also See: 9 Best Baby Diaper Rash Cream In India 2022

Disclaimer : Please verify skin type, and other details. DailySyrup is just a platform to share information, doesn’t gaurantee the effectiveness of products as mentioned by the Brands. Check Disclaimer

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